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  • komorebi (music, original Japanese lyrics)
    noir (English lyrics)
    sakimori (illustration)
    noizm (movie)




It's a wonderful thing.
I heard and saw stories about love of different people in my daily life, and I wrote a song from my thoughts on love.
How do you think about love?

— Author's comment

The lyrics were written in Japanese first, then a translator made the English lyrics for Luka English.


English (英語歌詞) Original Japanese Lyrics (日本語原詩)
It is not a desire それは、欲望じゃない
Not a blind belief 盲信じゃない
It is not a dependence 依存じゃない
Not obedience 服従じゃない
It is not a compromise 妥協じゃない
Not control 支配じゃない
Not an evaluation 品定めじゃない
Not a calculation 打算じゃない
Not an investment or exchange 投資でも、取引でもない
It's not a service And not for a status サービスでも、ステータスでもない
Love is Loveとは
The soul and hope that dwells inside a seed, 種子に宿る魂と希望、
Each woven part of a fabric, 編みあがる機織物の一目一目、
The heat and glimmer of a wavering light, ゆらめく燈火の熱と光、
The brilliance that two pairs of stars emit and force they have on each other. 二組の星の放つ輝き、及ぼし合う引力。
Awe-inspirigly beautiful, sublime, and mysterious. 気高く、崇高で、そして神秘(mysterious)。
A sensation. それは感覚。
The dazzling sparkle of a snowfield, まばゆい雪原のきらめき、
The sound of a stream that dampens the ground, 地を潤す小川の音、
The resilience of a bud, wet from dew, 露にぬれる新芽の弾力、
The sent of flowers blooming in gardens beyond our reach. 天庭に咲く花の香り。
A touch. それは感触。
Overlapping voices, eyes meeting time after time, and uncountable sighs. 声の重なり、視線の重なり、ため息の重なり。
Feeling someoe's warmth after stroking their hair 髪を撫で、熱に触れる感触。
And feeling their arms embracing you. 包み合う感触。
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