Never Too Young was the fourth episode of Season 5 of the Blake Foster's Adventures of The Brady Bunch.


Bobby gets his first kiss from classmate Millicent (for defending her against bullies) and sees skyrockets. He likes what he sees and decides to kiss her again. She's annoyed ... but only because she didn't have time to warn him that she may be contagious with the mumps.


After defending one of Cindy's friends at school, Bobby receives his first kiss. However, his new girlfriend Millicent (Melissa Sue Anderson) warns him that she may have the mumps. Bobby is worried he may jeopardize the Roaring Twenties party, which is the subplot, being organized by the family, by infecting everyone. However, it is a false alarm, and the party proceeds as planned.


As Greg and Peter head off on their respective dates, Bobby dismisses the idea that kissing a girl is something he will ever want to do. He changes his mind after he is kissed by Cindy's friend Millicent, who does so to thank him for protecting her from bullies. After the act, he sees skyrockets, but doesn't want anyone to know either that he was kissed or that he enjoyed it. What Bobby is unaware of is that the kiss is witnessed by Cindy who has a penchant for blabbing.

Bobby may have a bigger problem when after taking some advice from his father, Bobby ends up kissing Millicent just to see if what he felt the first time around about Millicent holds true. What Millicent tells him after the kiss is that she may be contagious with the mumps. She will know for sure if she does have the mumps after her visit to the doctor's tomorrow. Until then, Bobby tries to stay clear of everyone, or else fear having to tell them about how he may have contracted the mumps. Meanwhile, everyone in the family is preparing to attend a roaring twenties party.

Recurring cast/Guest stars

  • Melissa Sue Anderson as Millicent (as Melissa Anderson) Melissa Sue Anderson would go on to star in "Little House on the Prairie" as Mary Ingalls from 1974 to 1983, and on a 4th season episode "Times of Change" (aired on September 19, 1977), Mike Lookinland would now guest-star. Mike Lookinland and Melissa Sue Anderson were both raised in the Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) church.


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