The Parody Wiki
  • Terk: Ha so your the girl cub crazy.
  • Melody: I’m not as crazy as you are put me down (looking at the monkeys as they let go of her feet and she landed on her head) you cut that out (shaking her fists up).
  • Terk: cool it girl (picking her up by her loincloth while melody angrily punches the air) unwind yourself doo doo de doo doo no come on let’s shake cousin (grabbing melody’s hand).
  • Melody: What do you want me for?
  • Terk: word has grap my royal ear (placeing her down) have a banana (shooting one in her mouth) that you wanna stay in the jungle.
  • Melody: stay in the jungle I sure do (with a banana in her mouth).
  • Terk: good then old queen terk that’s me can fix it for you. Have two bananas (shooting two bananas in melody’s mouth) so we got a deal.
  • Melody: yes ma’am i’ll (swallowing a banana) i’ll Do anything to stay in the jungle.
  • Terk: well then. I'll lay it on the line for you.