Song title

  • "太陽と月のロンド"
  • Romaji: Taiyou to Tsuki no Rondo
  • English: Rondo of the Sun and Moon

Uploaded February 11, 2010, with 372,000+ Niconico views







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PolyphonicBranch's ninth published work and one of his most popular songs. It was uploaded onto Niconico Douga on February 11, 2010 and since then it has reached over 300,000 views, entering the Hall of Fame.

In this song, Miku and Luka are in love with each other, but their fate is marked by death and their relationship has a love/hate basis. As the Sun and Moon, they are opposites, but they still can't help but feel attracted towards each other. The song heavily implies that they deeply love each other and that their feelings of love outgrow the feelings of hatred, to the point in which Miku claims she could die for Luka's sake and even if they are reborn they will meet each other again.

This song is featured in PolyphonicBranch's albums Heaven, with an extra Rin and Len version, and Dennou Ryodan -Cyber Brigade- (電脳旅団 -サイバーブリゲイド).

Succeeding versionsEdit

Rin and Len's version
Featuring Kagamine RinKagamine Len


Category Self-cover



Japanese Romaji English
廻る 廻る 二人の運命は Mawaru mawaru futari no unmei wa The fate of the two of us will twist and twist
朱と蒼の炎 交ざり合うの Aka to ao no honoo mazariau no The vermilion flame and the blue flame will be mixed together
見つめ合うのは魅かれ合っているからでしょう Mitsumeau no wa hikareatte iru kara deshou We gaze at each other. That’s because we’re attracted to each other
あなたの背中に決して消えない傷跡を残したい Anata no senaka ni kesshite kienai kizuato o nokoshitai I wanna leave an indelible scar on your back
一人泣いていたの Hitori naiteita no I was crying alone
この手を汚しても手に入れたい Kono te o yogoshite mo te ni iretai I wanna gain even if my hands get dirty
落ちる 堕ちる 二人の運命は Ochiru ochiru futari no unmei wa The fate of the two of us will fall and be fallen
殺したいほど愛しい あなたの横顔 Koroshitai hodo itoshii anata no yokogao I love your side face so much that I wanna kill you
燃える 燃える 私の衝動を Moeru moeru watashi no shoudou o My impulse burns and burns
あなたの冷たい唇でふさいで Anata no tsumetai kuchibiru de fusaide Cover it with your cold lips
私の心もっと 傷つけて強く Watashi no kokoro motto kizutsukete tsuyoku Badly hurt my heart more
憎しみがもっと 生まれるように Nikushimi ga motto umareru you ni So as to be consumed with hatred
そうすればきっと 一生忘れない Sou sureba kitto isshou wasurenai Then, surely I’ll remember for a lifetime
生まれ変わっても巡り逢えるの Umare kawatte mo meguriaeru no Even if we’re born again, we can meet again
堕落の味を知ってしまえば もう戻れない Daraku no aji o shitte shimaeba mou modorenai Once we taste the corruption, we cannot go back
まるで交わした刃喉に突きつけ合うように Yaru de kawashita yaiba nodo ni tsukitsukeau you ni As if we held blades to each other's throat
後ろから抱いてもいい? (後ろから抱いてほしい) Ushiro kara daite mo ii? (Ushiro kara daite hoshii) Can I hold you from behind? (I want you to hold me from behind)
あなたの弱さを感じたいの (私の弱さ感じてほしい) Anata no yowasa o kanjitai no (Watashi no yowasa kanjite hoshii) I wanna feel your weakness (I want you to feel my weakness)
死ねる 死ねる あなたのために Shineru shineru anata no tame ni I can die, I can die for you
私の命もらってください 全て Watashi no inochi moratte kudasai subete Please take my life and everything
消える 消える 私の炎は Kieru kieru watashi no honoo wa The flame of mine will go out, go out
突きつけられた銃ですら愛しい Tsukitsukerareta juu de sura itoshii I even love the gun pointing at me
神様お願いよ 他には要らない Kami-sama onegai yo hoka ni wa iranai Ah, god please, I don’ t need any other things
温もりをもっと 凍えそうよ Nukumori o motto kogoesou yo Just give me more warmth, I’m almost freezing
抱きしめてもっと 突き刺さるように Dakishimete motto tsukisasaru you ni Hold me harder so as to be pierced
朱と蒼の炎 紡ぎ逢っていく Aka to ao no honoo tsumugiatte yuku We’ll burn and gather the vermilion flame and the blue flame together
あなたが喜ぶなら…罪さえ背負うわ Anata ga yorokobu nara...tsumi sae seou wa If i can make you feel delighted ...I'll even shoulder sins
廻る 廻る 二人の運命は Mawaru mawaru futari no unmei wa The fate of the two of us will twist and twist
咲いた華は 散り逝く定めだから Saita hana wa chiriyuku sadame dakara As bloomed flowers are to fall and die
燃えて 消えた 過去なんて要らない Moete kieta kako nante iranai I don’t need the past
ただここで今 感じていたいの Tada koko de ima kanjiteitai no that burnt and disappeared
きつく絞めてよもっと 息が出来ないほど Kitsuku shimete yo motto iki ga dekinai hodo Strangle me harder so I cannot breathe
そうすればきっと 忘れられない Sou sureba kitto wasurerarenai Then, surely I cannot forget
太陽と月が魅かれあうように Taiyou to tsuki ga hikareau you ni Just like the sun and the moon that are attracted each other
生まれ変わっても 巡り逢えるの Umare kawatte mo meguriaeru no Even if we’re born again, we can meet again

English Translation by blacksaingrain


GUMI and IA's cover [3]

Featuring GUMIIA


Category VOCALOID cover
IA and Yukari's cover [4]

Featuring IA, Yuzuki Yukari


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