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Sixteen was a troublesome saddletank engine.


Sixteen lived with several other engines at a steelworks, where his job was to take trucks of slag to a place called the "tip". Sixteen wanted to go past the "DANGER" board and managed to do so one rainy day, blaming the incident on the trucks. His fireman was told to reverse him, but before he could do so, Sixteen tilted and landed on the ground on his side. He was rescued and sent to the sheds in disgrace, but luckily for him he was purchased by a preservation group in the Midlands and now works on their railway.


  • Home:
  • Train Built: Steamie
  • Appearance:
  • Numbers: 16
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliations: Bad
  • Allies: Troublesome Trucks
  • Enemies: Other Engines