(Jasmine reaches the case and opens it.)

  • Jasmine: Okay, Ariel. Let's go!

(Suddenly, Fairy Godmother pops out and punches her so hard that she falls off the conveyer belt.)

  • Fairy Godmother: Take that, Arabian hussy!

(Ariel pops out of the case looking very angry.)

  • Ariel: Hey! No one does that to my friend!

(She leaps at Fairy Godmother and the two are in a struggle. She throws Ariel to the ground and tears her arm with her wand)

  • Fairy Godmother: Your Choice, Ariel. We can go to Japan together or in pieces. If she fix you once she can fix you again. Now get in the box!
  • Ariel: Never! 
  • Fairy Godmother: Fine!

(She raises her wand and prepares to blast Ariel, but just then, flashes out of nowhere temporarily blind her and we see Jasmine and the other females carrying the cameras from the other suitcase using them to blind Fairy Godmother. Jasmine runs behind her and lifts her up to stop her from getting away and makes her drop her wand)

  • Jasmine: Gotcha!
  • Fairy Godmother: Idiots! Children destroy females! You will be ruined! Forgotten! Spending eternity rotting in some landfill!
  • Ariel: Well, Fairy Godmother, I think it’s time you learned the true meaning of “playtime”. (She points in another direction.) Right over there, girls!

(Ariel, Jasmine and the other females carry the Fairy Godmother over to where Ariel was pointing and the treacherous fairy begins screaming in horror while Jasmine is still holding her.)

  • Fairy Godmother: No! Nooo! Noooooo!!!

(Fairy Godmother is now seen motionless in a boy’s backpack and the owner of the backpack, a boy named Billy, notices her.)

  • Billy: Look, Naveen! A big, ugly lady doll! Ooh, she needs a makeover.

(When Billy puts Naveen next to her, she nervously tries to escape. Naveen comes to life as well.)

  • Naveen: Hello. You’ll like Billy.

(When he turns his face, Fairy Godmother sees to her horror that half of Naveen’s face has been drawn on.)

  • Naveen: He is an artist.

(Fairy Godmother sadly whimpers while still on Billy’s backpack, realizing that her dreams of being in a museum have been dashed and she is now going to have her face drawn on for the rest of her life by a little boy. Ariel smugly waves goodbye to the manipulative fairy.)

  • Ariel: Happy trails, Fairy Godmother.
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