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In 1988 the western animation he freaked out at the biggest crossover ever made “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, but the oriental animation had his own hit with the anime “Akira”.

This year inspired by this two movies; the anime film who became a worldwide phenomenon by Katsuhiro Otomo and the post apocalyptic “2012” film with a COVID-19 pandemic and Neon Genesis Evangelion touch.

A group of characters was selected for fighting against giant creatures know as angels, but one of them called Victor it's about to discover the secret of a weapon under the name Akira.


In the year 1995, specifically the day November 22 an explosion occurred at Toontown center causing the arrival of new characters with an digital appearance, now this characters are called CGI characters and the event of that day is currently know as the third impact.

Now Toontown in the year 2019, 24 years after that cataclysm in the local bar at 9:00 pm.

In the lonely streets an anthropomorphic yellow dog is seen entering a subway bar, at the corner next to a jukebox a look like mexican young boy is watching indecisive the songs, down the stairs quickly another boy enters to the bar and then approaching to the jukebox kid he tells:

- Hey we have the clowns in the highway.

Then the boy starts to gaming with the jukebox and the owner of the bar he tells:

- Hey boy this isn’t a karaoke you know.

- C'me on dude, relax if you if it doesn't, I could give you something like a heart attack.

Said the friend of the boy

- Hey, I wouldn't drink that stuff if I were you, it could stunt your brain.

- How many times I'm gonna to tell you, at least he bring his money

- Then I won't tell him of the poison you give him

Meanwhile at the alley another member of the gang they check the controls of a red futuristic motorcylce.