Jimmyandfriends's movie-spoofs of "3-2-1 Penguins!: Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn"


  • Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls) as Jason Conrad
  • Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) as Michelle Conrad
  • Muriel Bagge (Courage the Cowardly Dog) as Grandmum
  • Fix-It Felix Jr. (Wreck-It Ralph) as Zidgel
  • Jimmy Neutron as Midgel
  • Archibald Asparagus (VeggieTales) as Fidgel
  • Fozzie Bear (Muppets) as Kevin
  • Gregorio Cortez (Spy Kids) as Mr. Conrad
  • Ingrid Cortez (Spy Kids) as Mrs. Conrad
  • Various Cartoons and Muppets as Vaccumm Ailens
  • Dee Dee (Dexter's Laboratroy) as Miss Achmetha as Vacuum (Singer Puppy Songs cameo)
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