• Fairy Godmother: Medusa's Coming.
  • Aladdin: Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!
  • Fairy Godmother: Astrid, look at me. I promise you'll come out of the box. Now go! Go!

[Aladdin closes his eyes, took a deep breath and jumps into the box, followed by Fairy Godmother and Rain while Ariel run to their glass cabinets just in time before Medusa enters the room, holding a camera whilst humming]

  • Medusa: It's showtime!

[She places Fairy Godmother, Aladdin and Rain, which they feel depression, on a table which has a western town model on it before turning to Ariel]

  • Medusa: (chuckles) Money, baby. Money, money, money. (evil chuckle) And now, the main attraction.

[When Medusa places Ariel besides Rain, she sees that Ariel's arm is gone]

  • Medusa: (gasps and shouts) No! Her arm! It’s Gone! Oh, what am I gonna do? Oh, I know. I know.

[She picks up her phone and dials frantically]

  • Medusa: Come on, come on, come on, pick up the phone.

[A woman's voice answers the phone]

  • Woman: Hello.
  • Al: It's me! It's Medusa! I got an emergency here!
  • Woman: Well, I'm busy.
  • Medusa: Yes, we're all busy, but... Look, it has to be tonight.
  • Woman: What? You've got to be kidding me.
  • Medusa: All right, all right! But first thing in the morning.

[She left the room.]

[Elsewhere, a car pass by a house. Jasmine run out of some bushes towards a mail box. She gestures to Cera who's covered in leaves. She runs to Jasmine but as he did, the leaves fell off her except one when she reaches her. She shrugs with a sheepish chuckle. Gidget, Brenda, and Miss Piggy run out of the bushes to Jasmine when Piggy slips, rolls forward and her jewels falls off, spilling her jewels out on the pavement]

  • Miss Piggy: Uh, all right, nobody look til I get my jewels back in.
  • Jasmine: Good work, ladies. Two blocks down, and only 19 more to go.
  • Cera: What?!
  • Other females: 19?!
  • Brenda: Are we gonna do this all night? My things are killing me.
  • Hiccup: Come on, girls! Did Ariel give up when Angelica had me strapped to a rocket?
  • Other females: No.
  • Jasmine: No! And did she give up when you threw her out of the back of that moving van?
  • Brenda: Oh, ya had to bring that up.
  • Jasmine: No, she didn't! We have a friend in need, and we will not rest until she's safe in Darby's room! Now let's move out!

[She moves on and the globe spinning behind her change to turn black and white as it's in a broadcast on Medusa's TV]

  • Announcer: And that concludes our broadcast day.

[The TV turns static.]

[Ariel turns to Aladdin angrily and open her glass case to jump down to confront him]

  • Ariel: What is your problem?! Look, I'm sorry I can't help you guys. Really, I am. But you didn't have to go and pull a stunt like that.
  • Aladdin: What, you think I did that?
  • Ariel: Oh, right, right. Yeah, my hand magically came off and you just happen to be the first to notice.
  • Aladdin: You callin' me a liar?!
  • Ariel: Well, if the boot fits...
  • Aladdin: Say that again.
  • Ariel: If the boo-T fits.
  • Aladdin: Okay, mermaid.

[Rain whimpers as Aladdin lunges at Ariel and began to fight him]

  • Aladdin: How do ya like that?! Take it back! TAKE IT BACK!
  • Ariel: Don't think just 'cause you're a guy I'm gonna let you take it easy on me! (yells)
  • Fairy Godmother: Aladdin, Ariel, you stop this at once! I don't know how you loses your hand but fighting about it isn't helping anything.
  • Ariel: If I had both my arms...
  • Fairy Godmother: Well, the fact is, you don't, Ariel. So I suggest you just wait until morning. The cleaner will come, fix your arm...
  • Ariel: And then I'm outta here! [Rain lowers her head sadly by Ariel]
  • Ariel: Oh, no, no. Rain. Don't take it that way. It's just that Darby...
  • Aladdin: Darby, Darby, Darby. That's all she ever talks about.

[He walks away with a arm on Rain, leaving Ariel alone with sad sighs.]

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