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  • "ACUTE"

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"ACUTE" is a song about a love triangle between Miku, KAITO, and Luka. The two girls fell in love with KAITO, but they both made a promise to not confess their feelings to him. However, Luka and KAITO fell in love and started a relationship behind Miku's back. Miku later found out about it by coincidence, being afraid that she will be left behind, and feeling betrayed, she went to KAITO's home and confessed her feelings about the situation, telling him that she is afraid that she will be left alone and that she at least wants KAITO to hold her the way he holds Luka. KAITO felt sorry for her and did as she wished for that night.

After the events that occurred last night, Miku felt that KAITO truly loved her and that Luka had brainwashed him so that he will love her and not Miku. Miku wanting to "fix" everything and let to KAITO be free, she decided that she will pretend to be engaged to KAITO without his knowledge.

The couple (Luka and KAITO) notice that Miku began to act strange. Along with remembering events that never happened, like KAITO getting her an engagement ring, one of the weird changes in Miku's behavior was that she didn't seem to care about cute things like she used to, but instead liked and felt safe when near knifes.

KAITO, feeling guilty about the situation, called Luka to his house and told her that he embraced Miku. Luka was shocked but understood that KAITO wasn't the one to blame. Though she still felt responsible for Miku's sudden change. Right after that, Miku called Luka to find out where she was. Luka, knowing Miku's situation, was hesitant to answer but Miku told her that she shouldn't act like that in front of KAITO because she could worry him. She then asked her why are they together without her. Luka felt even more guilty and started to cry when KAITO suddenly embraced her, causing her to drop her phone. As he held her, he took the blame for Miku's behavior. KAITO and Luka eventually decide to help Miku return to the way she was before.

Miku, feeling betrayed, grabs a knife and goes to KAITO's house where Luka was staying. She tells Luka that if she continues to see KAITO, everyone would hate her and that Miku herself would have to take some actions. KAITO tried to tell Miku that it's him to blame. That despite the fact that he knew he shouldn't have chosen either of them, he needed Luka to be beside him and that all of Miku's hatred should be directed at him. In a fit of rage, Miku attempts to stab Luka but KAITO, who recalled his father stabbing his family to death with KAITO being the only one to survive, took the blow with his last words being "I love you," which were also his fathers last words.

Realizing what she had done, Miku tells Luka that she was going take everything she loved, stabbing herself immediately afterward. Not wanting to lose the only people she ever cared about, Luka calls an ambulance, saving both KAITO and Miku.

After Miku wakes up in the hospital, both girls apologized to each other while KAITO waited outside of the room in a wheel chair, wishing for both of them to be happy.

This song has entered the Hall of Legend. It is featured in the album Vocalocluster. It's also featured in the game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f.

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Singer + Color
Luka All
Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
冷たい部屋を 揺れ動く感情 tsumetai heya o yure ugoku kanjou
鋭く抉(えぐ)る 濡れた矛先 surudoku eguru nureta hokosaki
花火の様に 燃え上がる瞬間 hanabi no you ni moe agaru shunkan
互いを焦がし 焼け跡を舐めあう tagai o kogashi yake ato o name au
優しく… yasashiku…
このままでいいと思ってた 逃げ出した夜の中で kono mama de iito omotteta nige dashita yoru no naka de
雨音が窓を打ち鳴らす 後悔に苛(さいな)まれた amaoto ga mado o uchi narasu koukai ni sainamareta
私だけを見てほしいなんて 素直に言える訳もない watashi dake o mite hoshii nante sunao ni ieru wake mo nai
歪んだ愛の結末には 何が見える? ■■ yuganda ai no ketsumatsu niwa nani ga mieru? ■■
闇が深まり 放たれる欲望 ■■ yami ga fukamari hanatareru yokubou ■■
今この場所で 応えて欲しい ■■ ima kono basho de kotaete hoshii ■■
誰かの影が 見え隠れしている ■■ dareka no kage ga mie kakure shite iru ■■
怯える様に その胸に体を埋(うず)めて ■■ obieru youni sono mune ni karada o uzumete ■■
いつだって知りたい事情は 最新のカンケイだろう itsu datte shiritai jijou wa saishin no kankei darou
カラカラと鈍い音をたて 歯車は廻っている kara kara to nibui oto o tate haguruma wa mawatte iru
飽きもしないでアナタを信じ 慣れた作業がくるくると akimo shinai de anata o shinji nareta sagyou ga kuru kuru to
確かめあったつもりになって 誤魔化される ■■ tashikame atta tsumori ni natte gomaka sareru ■■
突然のベル 絡み合う友情 ■■ totsuzen no beru karami au yuujou ■■
嘘を重ねて 微笑んだまま ■■ uso o kasanete hohoenda mama ■■
苦し紛れの 言い訳に縋(すが)れば ■■ kurushi magire no iiwake ni sugareba ■■
錆びたココロは ゆっくりと麻痺していくだけ ■■ sabita kokoro wa yukkuri to mahi shite iku dake ■■
冷たい部屋を 交差する感情 tsumetai heya o kousa suru kanjou
今この場所で 応えて欲しい ima kono basho de kotaete hoshii
悪魔の声は 突き刺さり消えない akuma no koe wa tsuki sasari kie nai
仮面の裏を さあ引き剥がして kamen no ura o saa hiki hagashite
闇が深まり 戻れない愛情 yami ga fukamari modore nai aijou
鋭く抉(えぐ)る 濡れた矛先 surudoku eguru nureta hokosaki
花火の様に 弾けて消えるまで hanabi no youni hajikete kieru made
互いを焦がし 全てを燃やしてく tagai o kogashi subete o moyashiteku
優しく… yasashiku…


Len, KAITO, and Gackpo's Cover [3]

Featuring Kagamine Len, KAITO, Camui Gackpo


Category VOCALOID cover
Len Appends' Cover


Featuring Kagamine Len Append (Power, Cold, Serious)

hibikineneku, rellie(illustration)

Category VOCALOID cover

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A novel based on this song was released on July 26, 2014 from PHP Institute, Inc. The succeeding story, ReAct, was also novelized on November 27, 2014. [7]The cover of the novel


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