• Gabu (One Stormy Night) as Filk 
  • Aleu (Balto: Wolf Quest) as Princess Atta
  • Claudette (Alpha and Omega) as Dot
  • Jenna (Balto) as The Queen
  • Black Wolf (The Flight Before Christmas) as Hopper
  • Specs (The Flight Before Christmas) as Molt
  • Gin (Ginga anime) as Francis
  • Ben (Ginga anime) as Slim
  • Hakuro (Ginga anime) as Heimlich
  • Kate (Alpha and Omega) as Rosie 
  • Moss (Ginga anime) as Dim
  • Hiro (Ginga anime) as Manny
  • Reika (Ginga anime) as Gypsy
  • Stereo (Space Goofs) as Tuck and Roll
  • Tramp (Lady and the Tramp) as P.T Flea
  • Nava (Balto: Wolf Quest) as Mr. Soil
  • Eve (Alpha and Omega) as Dr. Flora
  • Akame (Ginga anime) as Throny
  • Tony (Alpha and Omega) as Cornelius
  • Wolf (Disney's Peter and the Wolf) as Thumper
  • Bear (The Fox and the Hound) as Bird
  • Harris, Hubert and Hamish in bear form (Brave) as bird chicks
  • Steele (Balto) and Buster (Lady and the Tramp: Scamp's Adventure) as The Fly Brothers
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