• Narrator: One of the years' most enchanting stories is about to bloom. Now Don Bluth, the director of An American Tail (TheCartoonMan6107 Style), takes children of all ages on a wonderous, and spectacular fantasy adventure, that will delight and surprise you. "A Mouse in Central Park." It all begins when a loveable little mouse named Mickey...
  • Coco LaBouche: I won't have him grow any more of those 
  • Dr. Robotnik: Flowers?
  • Narrator: banished to Central Park by an evil queen.
  • Mickey Mouse: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
  • Coco LaBouche: "It feels delicious to be so vicious, I'm Mrs. Toad, the Queen of Mean."
  • Narrator: There he accidentally comes fact to face with a little girl,
  • Michelle Tanner: Mouse.
  • Narrator: and her brother Blake Foster.
  • Blake Foster: Who's there?
  • Mickey Mouse: I'm Mickey Mouse. What's your name?
  • Michelle Tanner: Michelle Tanner.
  • Mickey Mouse: Watch this.
  • Narrator: Together they share a remarkable journey as they experience the incredible magic of Mickey's amazing special powers.
  • Mickey Mouse: You gotta have a dream.
  • Coco LaBouche: After them!
  • Narrator: Until the evil queen discovered all the fun they were having.
  • Blake Foster: Hang on, Michelle.
  • Mickey Mouse: We beat the Coco LaBouche.
  • Narrator: Now you, too, can enjoy the wonder and enchantment of a friendship that grows and blossoms in a movie that will make your heart sing. "A Mouse in Central Park." When you believe in yourself you can do anything.
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