A Muglox's Life is a movie spoof of the computer-animated film A Bug's Life.


Flik- Mirmo (Mirmo Zibang!)

Princess Atta- Rima (Mirmo Zibang!)

Dot- Mulu (Mirmo Zibang!)

Thorny- Yatch (Mirmo Zibang!)

Axel and Loco- Sazo and Hanzo (Mirmo Zibang!)

Cornelius- Darkman (Mirmo Zibang!)

The Grasshoppers- Warumo Gang (Mirmo Zibang!)

P.T Flea- Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory)

Francis- Buck Douglas (Fireman Sam: Alien Alert!)

Hopper- Cuddles (Happy Tree Friends)

Thumper- Doraemon (Doraemon)

Aphie- Papii (Mirmo Zibang!)

The Queen- Saria (Mirmo Zibang!)

Tuck and Roll- Splatter and Dodge (Thomas and the Magic Railroad)

The Flies- Mini-Doraemons (Doraemon)

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