A Rabbit Named Bugs Bunny (formerly "Bugs Bunny in The Curse of The Were-Harrasment") is a 2018 Academy Award winning fan made film Directed By Don Bluth and it premieres this summer on YouTube.                                              
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A Rabbit Named Bugs Bunny

Kana: 絵l歩諸兄風見かずき

Romaji: E Pow Shoke Kazami Kazuki

Director: Don Bluth

Producer: Makoto Shinkai

Music: Oliver Wallace(Element GardensGardens)

Presented by: MGM Pictures

Published by: Sentai FilmWorks

Opening Theme: Merrily We Roll Along 

Ending Theme: Rainy Veil (Performed by Ariana Grande and Nathan Skyes) 


Don Bluth and Makoto Shinkai (The Director and Producer of Your Name) presents a new feature. An Annual Summer Dance Party, a competition will win a golden Oscar trophy. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are cashing in by running a summer security and humane pest control business " Bugs & Daffy's Pest Patrol ". 


•The title " A Rabbit Named Bugs Bunny" is a parody from the title "A Boy Named Charlie Brown".

• Bugs Bunny served us some 3- part cartoons like " A New & Improved Angelic Howl I, II, and III'"     
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Bugs served his 3- part story "Angelic Howl" in the Japanese poster of "A Rabbit Named Bugs Bunny"


• the chase scenes and a final battle is like a parody of "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit"


Magnus Scheving as Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Sylvester, Yoshihiko Ochi (Were-Harrasment), Slats

Dee Bradley Baker as Daffy Duck

Rachel Ramras as Amane Suou, Tamaki Hirooka, Mifuyu Sakurai, and the other classmates

Julianna Rose Mauriello as Galilea Torres

Alison Sumrall as Miia (Yoshihiko's Date)

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