A Very Creepy Halloween Feast is the 177th episode of Rosemary Hills that features a crossover with the characters from The Care Bears Movie 4: The Ghoul School. It was released on October 28, 2015.







  • In this Halloween episode, Milly and her friends wearing costumes.
    • Milly is Mexican Dancer
    • John is prince (similar to Prince Derek from The Swan Princess)
    • Tevin is rapper
    • George is Johnny Bravo (with yellow hair)
    • Mina is belly dancer
    • Miranda is Mel from Zinba
    • Leo and Leah are Dexter and Dee Dee
    • Monica is Belle
    • Emmy is angel
    • Max is firefigher
    • Mary is Elastigirl costume from The Incredibles
    • Carl is doctor's costume
    • Millie Jacobs is Kim Possible costume (Kim Possible's outfit from Season 1)
    • Charlie is elephant costume
    • Jimmy is ringmaster's costume
    • Tricia and Kathy are swimsuits (similar to Raye and Serena from Sailor Moon Super S: Beach Blanket Bungle)
    • Lisa is conductor's costume (a orchestra conductor)
    • Patti Johnson is Sally Spacebot costume
    • Melanie is Bo Peep costume
    • Kara is costume similar to Princess Aurora
    • Paula Schaeffer is belly dancer's costume
    • Becky and Sandra are cheerleader costumes that bare their bellies
    • Ken and Jim are Chip and Dale costumes (Chip and Dale from the Rescue Rangers, Ken as Chip and Jim as Dale)
    • Wendy is Cinderella costume
    • Jeff is Fred Jones costume
    • Linda is Arabian princess' costume
    • Susie is Sailor Mercury costume
    • Joey and Elaine are cowboy and cowgirl costumes (Elaine's cowgirl costume bares her belly button)
    • Jill is Mulan costume
    • Amy is Moana costume
    • Keith is Ash Ketchum costume
    • Jill Wayland is Zoe Drake costume
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