The Parody Wiki

Bodi as flik

Darma as Princess atta

Nuzzles as dot

Maid Marian as the queen

Mr. snoodle as alphie


And tails as dot’s 2 boyfriends

Jenna as dr. Flora

Andy panda as Cornelius

Tramp as mr. soil

Ruff Ruffman as Thorny

Tai lung as hopper

Pete as molt

Fat cat as thumper

Scratch and grounder as axel and loco

BoCo as P.T. Flea

Mushu as Francis

Zaptor as dim

Etno polino as slim

Ferdinand as heimlich

Talking Angela as gyspy

Talking Tom as manny

Lola bunny as Rosie

Timon and pumbaa as tuck and roll

Buzz buzzard as thud the big fly

Dragon as the bird

Dronkeys as Baby birds

Cecil and Arthur as fly brothers

Nick Wilde as woody (in outtakes)

The Backyardigans as blueberry troop kids

Various vultures as flies at the circus

Mime as mime bug