Abbyladdin is James Farina's genderbended Movie Spoof of "Aladdin (1992)" coming to YouTube, in the Summer of 2017.


Numbuh 5/Abigail Lincoln (Codename: Kids Next Door) - Aladdin/Prince Ali

Numbuh 2/Hoagie Gilligan Jr. (Codename: Kids Next Door) –  Princess Jasmine

Joy (Inside Out) - Genie

Cree Lincoln (Codename Kids Next Door) - Jafar

Pinocchio - Iago

Sparky (Frankenweenie) - Abu

Queen Elinor (Brave) - Sultan

Bradley/Numbuh 6 (Codename: Kids Next Door) - Rajah

Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas) - Peddler

Eric Cartman (South Park) - Gazeem the Thief

Valerie (Codename: Kids Next Door) - Prince Achmed

Asajj Ventress (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) - Razoul

Morgana (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea) - Old Jafar

Lightning McQueen (Cars) - Carpet

Olaf (Frozen) - Rabbit Genie

Dragon (Shrek) - Dragon Genie

Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny as Fingerbang (South Park)- Genie's Three Dancing Girls

Maurice (Codename: Kids Next Door) - Dancing Girl

Two Hungry Children as themselves

Anna and Elsa (Frozen) - Two Men watching Prince Achmed

Lady Maudeline Everglot (Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride) - Omar; Melon Seller

The Little Match Girl (Disney) - Boy wanting an apple

Skinner (Ratatouille)-  Farouk; Apple Seller

Dumbo - Elephant Abu

The Witch (Brave) - Old Man Genie

Dash Parr (The Incredibles) - Little Boy Genie

The Steve (Codename: Kids Next Door) - Fat Man Genie

Bonejangles (Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride) - Genie as TV Parade Host Harry

Emily, the Corpse Bride (Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride) - Genie as TV Parade Host June

Tigress (Kung Fu Panda) - Leopard Genie

Adult Nala (The Lion King) - Goat Genie

Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) - Parade Genie

Basil of Baker Street (The Great Mouse Detective) – Super-Spy Genie

Shifu (Kung Fu Panda) - Teacher Genie

Bo Peep (Toy Story) - Table Lamp Genie

Gypsy (A Bugs Life) - Bee Genie

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) - Submarine Genie

Evil Eva (Igor) - Giant Genie

The Cave of Wonders as itself

The Beldam’s Final Form (Coraline) - Snake Jafar

Giant Ursula (The Little Mermaid) - Genie Jafar

The Nightsisters (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and Teen Ninjas (Codename: Kids Next Door) - Palace Guards

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