Achilles the Shark is a guest who hails from the oceans of the world and appears in the tenth episode of The Animal Show. He speaks in an English accent. He tells Stinky and Jake about sharks and how sharks eat in the ocean.


  • "Well, this is a long way from the ocean, but it doesn't look too bad. It's a nice place for a swim."
  • "Don't tell me you're afraid of sharks."
  • "As I was saying, sharks are very popular. Oh, especially with some smaller fish."
  • "Those fish eat the other animals that live under our skin."
  • "Oh, arr. We sharks are very proud of our teeth. Nice, aren't they?"
  • "Oh, that's seafood. Or as the sharks would say, 'we see food, then we eat it.'"
  • "Oh, there's no denying it. Sharks aren't dangerous. I think our biggest problem is our appetite."
  • "They find all kinds of things inside sharks: license plates, fishing nets, gas cans, plastic bottles, and lightbulbs."
  • "Oh, you're welcome. See you by the sea sometime."

Voice Actor

  • Mak Wilson
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