Actors Cast Grease (CoolZDane Style)


  • John Travolta ... Danny as Danny (voice)
  • Olivia Newton-John ... Sawyer as Sandy (voice)
  • Jeff Conaway ... Baloo as Kenickie (voice)
  • Barry Pearl ... Louis as Doody (voice)
  • Michael Tucci ... King Louie as Sonny (voice)
  • Sid Caesar ... Jeremy as Calhoun (voice)
  • Kelly Ward ... Robin Hood as Putzie (voice)
  • Jamie Donnelly ... Mrs. Brisby as Jan (voice)
  • Dinah Manoff ... Gloria as Marty (voice)
  • Didi Conn ... Tigress as Frenchy (voice)
  • Stockard Channing ... Terk as Rizzo (voice)
  • Eddie Deezen ... Bagheera as Eugene (voice)
  • Edd Byrnes ... Timon as Vince (voice)
  • Frankie Avalon ... John Worthington Foulfellow as Teen Angel (voice)
  • Sha-Na-Na ... Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy, Dizzy and Lucky as Johnny Casino and the Gamblers (voices)
  • Dennis C. Stewart ... Nick Wilde as Leo (voice)
  • Annette Charles ... Angie as Cha-Cha (voice)
  • Eve Arden ... Sarabi as The Principal (voice)
  • Dody Goodman ... Miss Bianca as Blanche Hodel (voice)
  • Skipper, Private, Kowalski and Rico as The T. Birds (voices)
  • Destiny, Mrs. Jumbo, Lady Kluck and Nellie Brie as The Pink Ladies (voices)
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