• Kathryn Beaumont ... Adult Kiara as Alice (voice)
  • Heather Angel .... Adult Nala as Mathilda (voice)
  • Bill Thompson ... Uncle Max as White Rabbit/Louis as Pat the Dodo (voice)
  • Ed Wynn ... King Julian as Mad Hatter (voice)
  • Jerry Colonna ... Maurice as March Hare (voice)
  • Richard Haydn ... Kaa as Caterpillar (voice)
  • Sterling Holloway ... Rafiki as Cheshire Cat (voice)
  • Verna Felton ... Zira as Queen of Hearts (voice)
  • J. Pat O'Malley ... Phil and Mason as Tweedledum and Tweedledee/Colonel Hathi as The Walrus and Buzzie the Vulutre as The Carpenter/Mother Oyster (voice)
  • Joseph Kearns ... Tantor as Doorknob (voice)
  • Larry Grey ... Zazu as Bill the Lizard/Bagheera as Card Painter 1 (voice)
  • Queenie Leonard ... Lady Kluck as A Bird in a Tree/Gloria as Snooty Flower (voice)
  • Dink Trout ... Nuka as King of Hearts (voice)
  • Doris Lloyd ... Kala as The Rose (voice)
  • Jimmy MacDonald ... Mort as The Dormouse (voice)
  • The Mellomen ... King Louie and The Sheriff of Nottingham as Card Painters 2 and 3 (voice)
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