Cast Opening Ladylan


  • Ming Na ...Lady as Mulan (Speaking Voice)
  • Lea Salon....Lady as Mulan (Singing Voice)
  • BD Wong ...Tramp as Captain Li Shang (Speaking Voice)
  • Donny Osmond....Tramp as Captain Li Shang (Singing Voice)
  • James Hong ...Jock as Chi-Fu (Voice)
  • Pat Morita...Thomas O Malley as Emperor of China (Voice)
  • Eddie Murphy...Bartok as Mushu (Voice)
  • George Takei....Danny as First Ancestor (Voice)
  • Miguel Ferrer... Shere Khan as Shan-Yu (Voice)
  • Harvey Fierstien..Pigelt as Yao (Voice)
  • Jerry Tondo...Tigger as Chien Po (Voice)
  • Gadde Welker...Winnie The Pooh as Ling (Voice)
  • Frank Welker..Pooka as Cri Kee, Phillip as Khan and Diablo as Hayabusa (Voice)
  • Chris Sanders...Spike as Little Brother (Voice)
  • James Shingeta...Dodger as The General (Voice)
  • Miriam Margolyes...Sour Kangaroo as The Matchmaker (Voice)
  • Soon Tek-Oh..Trusty as Fa Zhou (Voice)
  • Freda Foh Shen...Georgette as Fa Li (Voice)
  • June Foray...Rita as Grandmother Fa (Voice)
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