Opening Cat The Little Arabian Princess 2 Return to The Sea


  • Jodi Benson ... Jasmine as Ariel (Voice)
  • Rob Paulsen ... Aladdin as Prince Eric (Voice)
  • Tara Strong ... Shanti as Melody (Voice)
  • Samuel E. Wright ... Timon as Sebastian (Voice)
  • Cam Clarke ... Simba as Flounder (Voice)
  • Kenneth Mars .... Zeus as King Triton (Voice)
  • Buddy Hackett ... Wilbur as Scuttle (Voice)
  • Pat Carroll ... Gravitina as Morgana (Voice)
  • Clancy Brown ... Abis Mal as Undertow (Small Size) (Voice)
  • Blake Mclver Ewing... Louie as Chubby Boy In Blue Suit (Voice)
  • Justin Schuttle... Mowgli as Handsome Boy (Voice)
  • Diane Michelle .. .Alice as Blond Haired in Orange dress (Voice)
  • Max Casella and Stephen Furst ... Bagheera as Tip and Baloo as Dash (Voice)
  • Pian and Panic as Cloak and Dagger (No Voice)
  • Frank Welker ... Tramp as Max (Voice)
  • Emily Hart ... Jenny Foxworth as Mer-Girl (Voice)
  • Rene Auberjonois ... Kronk as Chef Louis (voice)
  • Kay E. Kuter ... Pacha as Grimsby (voice)
  • Edie McClurg... Flora as Carlotta (voice)
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