Coolzdane Animal Style of Powerpuff Girls


  • Cathy Cavadini...Marie as Blossom (Voice)
  • Tara Strong...Angel as Bubbles (Voice)
  • E.G Daily....Young Nala as Buttercup (Voice)
  • Tom Kane...Thomas O'Malley as Professor Utonium (Voice)
  • Jennifer Hale....Duchess as Ms Keane (Voice)
  • Tom KennyTiger as The Mayor of Powerpuff Girls (Voice)
  • Miss Kitty as Miss Bellum (Voice)
  • Scar as Mojo Jojo (Voice)
  • Tom Kane...Shere Khan as Him (Voice)
  • Jim Cummings...Ratigan as Fuzzy Lumpkins (Voice)
  • Zira/Adult Kiara  as Sedusa Ima Goodlady (Voice)
  • young Vitani as Princess Morbucks (Voice)
  • Jeff Bennett...Cat R Waul as Ace and Warren T Rat as Big Billy (Voice)
  • Fidget as Little (Voice)
  • Tom Kenny...Kaa as Snake (Voice)
  • Rob Paulsen.....Oliver and Scamp as Brick and Boomer (Voice)
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