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NatureRules1's movie spoof of Alice in Wonderland.


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  1. Opening Credits
  2. Adeleine is Bored ("In a World of My Own")
  3. The Run of the Hare ("I'm Late")
  4. Adeleine Meets A Lemur Doorkeeper/The Bottle on the Table
  5. The Arrival of Adeleine ("The Sailor's Hornpipe"/"The Caucus Race")
  6. Adeleine Meets the Meerkat Brothers (How D'Ye Do and Shake Hands)
  7. "The Kangaroo and the Koala"
  8. "Old Father William"
  9. A Squirrel with a Ladder/"We'll Smoke the Blighter Out"
  10. A Garden of Talking Flowers ("All in the Golden Afternoon")
  11. Adeleine Meets a Boa Constrictor/"How Doth the Little Crocodile"
  12. More Ups and Downs for Adeleine
  13. Adeleine Meets the Cheshire Serval ("'Twas Brilling")
  14. The Mad Tea Party (Part 1; "The Unbirthday Song")
  15. The Mad Tea Party (Part 2; The Hare Arrives Again)
  16. The Great Barrier Reef
  17. Adeleine Gets Lost ("Very Good Advice")
  18. "Painting the Roses Red"/The Cards' March/The Lion Queen of Hearts
  19. The Cheshire Serval Appears Yet Again
  20. Adeleine's Trial/"The Unbirthday Song (Reprise)"
  21. Adeleine's Flight/The Finale
  22. End Credits