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Adventures in Spaceland is the first episode of The Spacebots. It was released on September 13, 1986.


Part One:

  • (Outer Space scene, zooming sound of the space ship is flying)
  • Soleil Spacebot: Look out, sir!
  • (Sam Falls off the Ladder, but Soleil catches him)
  • Sam Spacebot: Thanks, ma'am. You saved my life.
  • Soleil Spacebot: Gosh! I didn't know that I saved you from falling. (Sam gets off of Soleil's arms and stands up) Pleased to meet you. I'm Soleil Spacebot.
  • Sam Spacebot: Oh, hi, Soleil. I'm Sam Spacebot. And thank you for saving me.
  • Soleil Spacebot: It was our pleasure. They don't call me Miss Sunshine for nothing!

Part Two: