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Africa Series (Madagascar) (NatureRules1 Version)- Poster.png

Genderswap's movie spoof of the Madagascar franchise.


  • Bo Peep (Toy Story) as Alex
  • Molly (Bubble Guppies) as Marty
  • Susan Murphy (Monsters vs Aliens) as Melman
  • Derek Dietl (Monsters vs Aliens) as Gloria
  • Sailor Moon as Skipper
  • Raye (Sailor Moon) as Kowalski
  • Rini (Sailor Moon) as Private
  • Chibi Chibi (Sailor Moon) as Rico
  • Stella (Over The Hedge) as King Julien
  • Penny (Over The Hedge) as Maurice
  • Heather (Over The Hedge) as Mort
  • Buttercup and Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls) as Mason and Phil
  • Elena Rivera (Coco) as Zuba
  • Hector Rivera (Coco) as Florrie
  • Woody (Toy Story) as Gia
  • Tigress (Kung Fu Panda) as Vitaly
  • Minnie Mouse (Mickey Mouse) as Stefano