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A fairly large but relatively lightweight bird of prey, the African harrier-hawk (Polyboroides typus) has a distinctive small, pointed head, with a patch of naked yellow skin on the face which flushes red when the bird is excited. On the top of the head is a crest of feathers, which may be raised or lowered. The plumage is mainly grey, with neat black and white barring on the abdomen and thighs, though this is absent in some individuals. The wings are long and rounded, with distinct, broad black ends to the flight feathers, and the tail is black and relatively long, with a clear white or grey central band. Male and female African harrier-hawks are similar in appearance, though the female may be slightly larger than the male, while juveniles have brown plumage, blackish facial skin, a brown tail with four darker brown bars, and variable amounts of whitish, reddish-brown or dark bars or streaks on the abdomen. Adult plumage is not attained until about the third year