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Agumon's Adventures Intro - Digimon: Digital Monsters Theme

Recap - Corpse Bride

We see multiple scenes from Corpse Bride with the Digimon, the duelists and the anthropomorphic animals from The Wind in the Willows (Cosgrove Hall) among the characters from this movie, as well as the Saurians led by Lord Dragaunus.

Victoria: What if Victor and I don't like each other?

Maudeline: As if that has anything to do with marriage.

Pastor Galswells: Young man, learn your vows.

Gennai (narrating): Previously on Agumon's Adventures...

Emily: You may kiss the bride.

Victoria: Who is she?

Emily (showing Victoria the wedding ring): I'm his wife.

Mr. Toad: I am Toad of Toad Hall! But you fellows may call me Mr. Toad.

Badger, Ratty and Mole: Ohhh, Toad.

Lord Dragaunus: It's the end for you, Digimon and duelists, including you, Agumon and Yugi Muto.

Agumon: Not this time, Dragaunus!

Yami Yugi: You have the chance to give up, or be destroyed!

Chief Weasel: Get them, you idiots!


Barkis: Can a hear still break once it's stopped beating?

Gennai (narrating): And now, the Digi-Squad and the duelists' adventures continue into the next destination.

Opening Credits

Don Bluth Presents

A Troll in Central Park

Original Songs by Barry Mann, Cynthia Well, Norman Gimbel and Robert Folk

Music by Robert Folk

Screenplay by Stu Krieger

Produced by Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy

Directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman

Kingdom of Trolls/"That's a Relief."

We saw a group of eight Digimon (short for Digital Monsters) from the Digital World, also known as the Digi-Squad, consisting Agumon (the leader), Gabumon, Biyomon, Tentomon, Palmon, Gomamon, Patamon and Gatomon (Tailmon in the Japanese version) and their first Digi-Squad members; four duelists from Domino City including Yugi Muto (second in charge of the team), Tristan Taylor, Joey Wheeler and Tea Gardner, entering a dark and gloomy place known as the Kingdom of Trolls in search of a new adventure as courtesy of their mentor, Gennai.

Joey: Why are we here, guys? This place gives me the creeps!

Agumon; Not to worry, Joey. I thought about a song which was something my old friend Tai and I made. Wanna hear it?

Joey: Sure. I guess.

Agumon (to the other Digimon): Okay, guys! Let's sing it for Joey!

Patamon: Right on! And a one, two and three!

Digimon: (singing): Digimon eat, and Digimon fight. Digimon, Digimon, fight, fight, fight!

Palmon: Singing sure is fun.

Agumon: And now, we try some solo appearances, starting with Tea.

Yugi, Tristan and Joey: Tea?

Tea: Oh, come on, you guys. I know I could sing along with these Digimon. (singing): Oh, give me a home. Where the buffalo roe.

Agumon: Okay. Maybe you did kinda give it a shot.

Tea: Why, thank you. I think.

Patamon: On second thoughts, what is this song?

Tea: Oh, this song is called Home on the Range.

Biyomon: How very nice, Tea.

Palmon: Mimi sung this same tune when she, the rest of the DigiDestined and we Digimon are on the Digital World, exploring around our planet before fighting and defeating Devimon.

Yugi: Palmon, you have a good memory.

Joey: Just like you told us about yourselves and your origins.

Tentomon: Do you suppose we might run into some creepy yet scary creatures, Gomamon?

Patamon: Yeah? Even if they're much more horrible than the Saurians, the Raptors, the weasels and worse of all; the aliens and their monsters?

Gomamon: Don't ask me, ask Agumon. He's the one who is leading us. After all, we're the Digi-Squad, aka Team Digimon?

Tristan: May I remind you that we're not Digimon?

Gomamon: Of course not, Tristan. You're on our side as Team Duelist or Team Domino, or in this case, as our first set of Digi-Squad members.

Biyomon: You got that right.

Agumon: Well, from the looks of things. I think we are officially lost.

Gatomon: Me too, Agumon. But right now, we got a lot of sightseeing of this troll world to do.

Agumon: Alright, we can resume our mission.

While wondering around, the Digi-Squad and the Duelists came across two trolls guarding an entrance to a spooky castle. And on top of the doorway, there was a sign saying "No Flowers Allowed By Order Of The Queen".

Yugi: Wow! It seems like this kingdom have a queen.

Palmon: Now how would someone this cruel like this queen do something like that to forbid flowers to grow? Everyone likes flowers, I know I do.

Gabumon: That's because you're a plant-type Digimon, Palmon.

Then through the gates of the doorway, there was a lovable little troll with red hair on both his head and top of his tail, a green long-sleeve shirt, orange pants, brown shoes, a purple hat, a white shirt beneath the green shirt (all with stripes), a blue bow on his tail, and a green colored thumb. The troll snickered only to get back to his home after seeing the troll guards sleeping on a job. The Digimon and the duelists sees the troll in a suspicious way.

Patamon: Say, what do you think of that troll with a friendly look on his face? He doesn't look so scary.

Agumon: I say that we follow him, and see where he is going in such a hurry.

Yugi: Good idea, Agumon.

As all of our heroes follow him, the friendly troll did his best to hide his secret from his own sinister kind. They all dashed by some creepy birds with one of them squawking at them. The troll stopped to catch his breath, and after halting to let the marching trolls go by, he runs through the bridge and stops to hide himself from more marching trolls. Then all of a sudden, some gruesome dogs came out of nowhere and began to attack, chasing the troll as well as our heroes.

Agumon: Hurry, run!

They ran as fast as they could until the dogs crashed into some barrels. The troll, the Digi-Squad and duelists have bumped into another troll who is a guard while they weren't watching where they were going.

Troll Guard: Hey! Watch yourselves!

The troll got up after his green thumb accidentally touched the ground with one glow and made a flower with a friendly look on its face grow, thus revealing it to be his magic thumb. The troll guard became confused as he saw something on the ground.

Troll Guard: Uh, say, what was that?

The troll guard started to laugh as the friendly troll, with the help from our heroes hid the flower behind him.

Troll: Oh... (chuckles) For a minute, I thought I saw one of them...uh...uh...uh...flower things. (chuckles) That's a relief. I sure hate to tell the queen. Oh, well. (starts leaving) Have a rotten day.

The friendly troll waved bye-bye to the troll guard, and our heroes did the same thing.

Gomamon: Yeah! Thanks for not ratting on us!

Troll Guard (singing): I'm a bad troll. A very bad troll. La, la, la. La, la, la, la, la...

As soon as the troll guard leaves still singing his song about being bad, the friendly troll's thumb began to glow again, and he hid it behind him quickly. Then his case began to shake due to the flower which went into it after being grown.

Meeting Stanley/Flower Trouble

Later, the troll was on his way home when he, the Digital Monsters and the duelists stepped on an alligator which caused them to scream and jump in fright as it tried to eat them. They have made it on the ground, and the troll picked up his keys to unlock to door to his house. But before he could open it, he heard the sound of feet stomping from the other troll guards. He's afraid he might get caught in the act, but the other trolls were busy with other plans of their own. When the friendly troll opened the door, some flower with the same friendly looks on their faces as the other one from before are happy to see him home as the other one went in.

Troll: Hello, my pretties. Hello, hello, hello! Daddy's home, and he's got some new friends along with him. (chuckles) Hey, wait a minute! I never seen anyone like you guys before. What are your names?

Agumon: I'm Agumon, and these are my friends right here...

Gabumon: I'm Gabumon.

Biyomon: Biyomon.

Tentomon: Tentomon.

Palmon: Palmon.

Gomamon: Gomamon.

Patamon: Patamon.

Gatomon: And Gatomon.

Yugi: And we're the humans from Domino City, Japan on Earth. I'm Yugi Moto, and these guys are...

Joey Wheeler: Joey Wheeler.

Tristan Taylor: Tristan Taylor.

Tea Gardner: And Tea Gardner.

Agumon: Each of us are all known together together as the Digi-Squad, and the Duelists. But you'll know us only eight of us as Digimon.

Troll (gasping): Digimon? And, uh...duelists? Oh, wow! That's stupendous! What are you doing here this time?

Yugi: We're on duty to protect Earth, the Digital World and the rest of the universe from the Saurians and the Raptors, whose masters are Lord Dragaunus and Bad Rap.

Agumon: This edition, we came here to your world as being send by our mentor, Gennai.

Tentomon: We followed you to your home only to know you have something friendly like you.

Palmon: And I tell you are collecting flowers which are very cute and pretty like me.

Troll: Now that you introduced yourselves to me, I think I should introduce myself to you. I'm Stanley. And will you please share this secret with me?

Gabumon: Sure. What is it?

Stanley: I'm growing and keeping some flowers and anything that grows in my house for my friendly stuff. Well, it's my hobby that is. I don't want to get exposed by the other trolls or even worse, the queen.

Gatomon: Is this queen of yours human like our friends from Domino City?

Stanley: No. The queen is a troll herself, just like me. She's forbidden flowers, and if she finds out about me keeping flowers secretly here in my house, she'll turn me to stone for punishment.

Gomamon: Why, that's terrible.

Stanley: But...(chuckles) Since you're on missions to defend this Earth, or this Digital World and the rest of the universe from this Lord Dragaunus and Bad Rap, won't you prevent me getting caught in the act and under arrest as part of your duties?

Joey: Hey, anything for a lovable little troll like you, Stanley.

Tristan: So in that case, we'll make sure you won't get exposed.

Stanley: Oh, thank you. I knew I could count on all of you. (laughs)

But a scent from the flowers went high in the air lonely to get the not-yet-seen queen's attention. Way up inside a tower of the castle, there was another troll wearing a crown which is the husband of the queen. In other words, he is the king. And along with him were Rocksteady and Bebop, members of the Foot Clan organization in New York City on Earth run by the Shredder (secretly known as Oroku Saki) and Krang, and enemies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who fought them yet again and again. It is revealed that as part of their plot to destroy the Digi-Squad and the Duelists for the Saurians and the Raptors, these two muscle-bound mutant animal villains were sent by their masters to the Troll Kingdom to be hired by the king and queen as their royal advisors, just like they are now. While the three creatures were minding their own business out the window with the king singing a happy song, the voice of the queen startled them.

Queen: Llort!

Llort (bumping his head): Ow!

Queen: Llort?

Llort (annoyed): What is it?

Queen: What is that awful smell?

Rocksteady: Oh, jeez, Llort! Your wife's going to be ticked when she finds out what that aroma really is.

Behop: Yeah! (snorts) You know what happens when she gets angry.

Llort: Don't worry, Rocksteady and Bebop. I'll explain this to her. (to Gnorga): Nothing, just something from the swamp, my dear! (chuckles)

Queen: That I wouldn't mind. But this smells like... (groans): Oh, honeysuckle!

Rocksteady: Uh-oh! I think we spoke too soon.

Bebop: What do you mean, "we", horn-for-brain?

Rocksteady: For Shredder, Krang, Lord Dragaunus and Bad Rap will take that as a no.

Bebop: Yeah, right. But additionally, where are those Digimon and their friends, especially that dinosaur-like rookie?

Back on the ground, Stanley and our heroes are shocked when the scent has been rising.

Gomamon: Somebody up there, but who could've known all about us?

Gatomon: There's no time no time to find out why.

Agumon: Hurry, guys, so we can get inside and close the door!

As soon as the Digi-Squad and the Duelists went inside the house with him, Stanley closed the door to prevent the queen's forces (and unknowingly Bebop and Rocksteady) from finding them and went in breathing happily.

Tea: This place is beautiful. Did you do this all by yourself?

Stanley: Yes! Even though the flowers always come up from the ground.

Palmon: I like the dirt, especially when it's between my toes.

Stanley (to the flowers): Shhh! I have something for you. (pulls a watering can out of his case) Ta-da! Fresh September morning dew from the outside. (tastes a water dew which was dripping from the spout to make sure it's just right)

Stanley began watering each and every one of his flowers, and then he grew some more with his green thumb.

Stanley: Dew just for you. (chuckles)

After putting the watering can down, Stanley then jumps backwards onto the ground and lies down next to one of his flowers.

Stanley: You know, Violet? What this garden needs is a big rosie-posie... (turns to an empty spot) ...right there. Right there in the middle, and I am just the "Sweet William" (chuckles): I mean, Stanley, to do it.

Stanley flicks his green thumb to make another glow. He is ready to put his rosie-posie in the middle of his flower bed.

Patamon: Now this we gotta see!

Stanley: Watch.

Stanley puts his thumb on the ground, and the big rose started to grow under his spell.

Stanley: Ahh, that's nice.

But then suddenly, the rose began to keep growing. Stanley gasps, and so did the Digimon and the duelists who watches in surprise.

Stanley: You're going too high! Oh, please, stop, stop! Oh, my goodness!

Agumon: You heard Stanley? Do as he order you to do! STOP!

But there is no stopping the rose this time. It reached the top of Stanley's house, making the window smash open. After one of the shutters fall, the giant rose bloomed, and it looked so beautiful. Then came a voice, which appeared to be that of yet another troll.

Troll: Would you look at that?

The other window shutter break off as well. Outside, some troll guards were looking at the giant rose with suspicious looks on their faces when a falling window shutter landed on top of the leader, their captain, hitting his head and making him roar in pain.

Troll Guard 2: Flower! Uh-oh!

Troll Captain: Come with me!

The troll captain and his guards went down to Stanley's house where the green-thumbed troll and our heroes were, and they caught them red-handed, prompting them to look at the captain.

Troll Captain (to Stanley): You did this? Right under the Queen's nose?

The two troll guards grab Stanley by his arms, and the others seized the Digimon and the duelists as well.

Joey: Hey! What's the deal!?

Tristan: What do you think you're doing?

Biyomon: The important question is "what are they going to do with us!?"

Troll Guard 3: Silence! You are all under arrest and violation of the Queen's law!

Troll Guard 4: And the captain's speaking, so wait until he's finished before you can talk.

Troll Captain: I hate flowers.

Stanley gulps as the troll captain continue to speak.

Troll Captain: And for your crime, you and your strange-looking new friends are going before the number one flower hater in the land...

He pokes Stanley in the belly, before finishing his sentence with his last word of who is the queen of the troll world.

Troll Captain: Gnorga!

Digi-Squad and Duelists: Huh?

Agumon: Gnorga? Who's Gnorga?

Troll Guard: Oh, you'll see, lizard boy! You'll see. (laughing wickedly)

♪ Gnorga: The Queen of Mean ♪ /The Trolls' Court

We cut to the next scene where two groups of troll guards are guarding a door which leads to the bed chambers of their queen Gnorga. The unseen troll herald blows his trumpet with the flag dropping down from it, saying "Gnorga, Queen of the Trolls." And then, after the trumpet is lifted away as the camera zooms in slowly, the door opens wide to reveal the queen herself in her bed chambers singing her song as the other troll guards on the inside began worshiping her with their assistant tune.

Gnorga (singing): ♪ In my kingdom... ♪

♪ No flower shall grow. ♪

A monstrous venus-flytrap was about to eat a fly, but it fainted because of Gnorga's smelly feat.

Gnorga (singing): ♪ No face shall smile. ♪

♪ No star shall glow. ♪

Gnorga gets to the courtroom, and there before her were Llort as the judge and Rocksteady and Bebop as court clerks armed with their guns like executioners. As Llort opens his scroll to do some judging, the turtle stops for Gnorga due to how tired it is. After her song ends, Gnorga laughs as Stanley and our heroes are in a cage for their judgement.

Troll Guards: Stone! Yeah, turn them to stone! Give them what-for!

While the troll guards continue to cheer their demands, Rocksteady and Bebop looked at the Digi-Squad and the Duelists, then starting to remember. It's obviously that they are certain to know all about the Digimon from the Digital World.

Bebop: Hmm? Who do we have here? Those Digimon: Digital Monsters, or should we call them the Digi-Squad as being known throughout the universe.

Rocksteady: Maybe, but they're not only ones. Those four must be humans including that spiky haired twoip. Looks like we have finally found those puny Digimon and their new comrades.

The trolls continue to cheer until Rocksteady yells out a command to make them stop before he and Bebop will present the case of the court.

Rocksteady: SILENCE!

The troll guards quiet down to listen to Rocksteady and Bebop.

Rocksteady: The supreme court of Queen Gnorga and King Llort is now in session.

Bebop: And we have a case to present to you all, the Troll Kingdom vs. Stanley and his new buddies!

As the trolls again start demanding Stanley, the Digimon and the duelists to be turned to stone, Gnorga smacks the turtle in the rear only to tell it to sit still as she gets ready to think of a punishment for them. This action will prompts the troll guards to be quiet again, and startles Llort and the mutants.

Gnorga: Be still.

Bebop (chuckles): I like the way she treats that toitle.

Rocksteady: Yeah. I sure wish it be one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Toitles we have nearly fought on the orders of Shredder and Krang. But in the end, we were beaten many times anyway.

Bebop (whispering): Let us be quiet, Rocky. Llort is beginning to speak to those prisoners of ours.

Llort (to Stanley): Stanley, uh, because you have repeatedly...repeatedly...

Gnorga (encouraging Llort with adding more words): Disobeyed?

Llort: I am getting there, dear. (to Stanley): Disobeyed and...uhh...uhh...and violated... (chuckles) ...the code of proper troll behavior... (looks at the duelists and the Digimon) well as making new friends only to get them to share your little hobby with you...

Rocksteady: Your Majesty? Before you continue with the verdict, may we inform you of who those new prisoners are?

Bebop: He's right. They don't look troll at all.

Llort: Why, uh, yes. Please, tell me, who are they?

Bebop: Those strange creatures are called Digital Monsters from the Digital World, or Digimon for short, under the name Digi-Squad. And those are their own new allies at their side, human twoips called duelists from Domino City, Japan on Earth. Two of those groups must be their leaders, Agumon and Yugi Muto.

Llort: Digimon and duelists? Why, that's what you told me about before. But... (chuckles) I wouldn't mind hearing again.






Llort: Hmm? I see. (clears throat and then turns his attention to our heroes). Um, uh, Digital Monsters or Digi-Squad, and, uh, Duelists? It seemed that I don't want to be too hard on you, but the reason why you were brought here along with Stanley, is that you are also charged with interfering with Saurian Overlord Dragaunus' plan to conquer the Earth, and even beaten them as well as some of his helpers including Bad Rap of the Raptors, who is also wanting to rule your world, Alien Mephilas and his fellow aliens and monsters, and the Chief Weasel from the Wild Wood. So, in favor of them, and even the Shredder and Krang's Foot Clan organization, it's about time that you're goin' to share the same punishment as Stanley too. So, uh...

Stanley and our heroes are in big trouble for it as Llort continue to discuss on how to punish them.

Llort: We have no choice but sentence you to uhh...

Gnorga (adding in determination): Stone.

Stanley, the Digimon and the duelists gasp in shock when they hear what Gnorga's going to do to them while she laughs sinisterly. This also horrified Llort and the Foot Clan mutants.

Bebop and Rocksteady (shocked): WHAT!?

Llort (also shocked): A stone?

Gnorga (correcting Llort): Turn them to stone (laughing as she turns on her black or purple thumb's glow) BE STILL!

As demonstration of her evil power, Gnorga tries to turn her turtle into stop to make it still, but only its shell gets stoned after the turtle makes a quick escape. When the turtle runs into a cloth, it was in its underwear as it sighs in relief.

Bebop: Queen Gnorga, are you serious?

Rocksteady: Don't you mean to turn only Stanley to stone, because you are trolls?

Gnorga: Oh, yes! I almost forgot, Rocksteady and Bebop. Perhaps, I should do away with Stanley. Only you and I have other plans on those pathetic Digi-whatever you call them, and those duelist scums on their side.

Llort (afraid and curious about Stanley): With our number dwindling yearly, dearly. I mean dearie... About Stanley, do we really want to be turning him into, you know, into... (stammering):

Gnorga (furious about Stanley): He is kind, he is good, he is gentle. And he's giving a bad name for trolls EVERYWHERE!

Getting up from the stoned shell, Gnorga snarls with anger as she goes to Llort, Behop and Rocksteady and impaled her staff on the ground next to her, making the three even more afraid.

Rocksteady: Yikes! You almost stick us!

Llort: Yes. I know, lovelums. I truly agree.

Gnorga: I won't have him growing anymore of those things!

Llort: Flowers?

Bebop and Rocksteady: Flowers?

Bebop (snorting): Hey, what's the idea knowing about "flowers"?

Rocksteady (growling): Don't you know your queen hates them? They're trash!

Llort: I know how she feels about and hates them. So what?

Rocksteady: You've just made a big mistake, Llort! And that's how you're making Gnorga even more mad!

Gnorga (silencing the Foot Clan mutants): Be quiet!

Rocksteady and Bebop whimpers as they did what Gnorga ordered them to do.

Gnorga: You don't have to worry about how I felt. If you two get involved with me and my trouble with those disgusting flowers again, I'll turn you to stone too! Do you understand!?

Rocksteady and Bebop (shivering): Y...yes, ma'am.

Gnorga (to Llort): Now, about Stanley... (grabbing Llort and pulling him down): Stone him! And feed all of his friends to my monsters! They deserved to die!

The troll guards cheered for the execution of Stanley, the Digi-Squad and the duelists.

Rocksteady: No, ma'am! I disagree and protest! It was our job to get rid of those Digimon and those human twoips for the Saurian and the Raptor Clans! We are teleported here by the Shredder and Krang at Technodrome to do so.

Bebop: I'd say we shall blast them all with explosions, while you turn Stanley to stone for good.

Rocksteady: May you leave them to us!

Llort: No, no, no, Rocksteady and Bebop. We cannot do any execution by either turning to stone, feeding them to the monsters, or even blasting them.

The Digi-Squad and the Duelists looked confused with a few thoughts in their mind: Why wouldn't King Llort have them be punishable by death, and why is he caring about them and Stanley more than his queen's ways as if he is protecting them?

Llort: I have a better idea.

Bebop: Oh, yeah. Of course, why didn't you say so in the first place?

Rocksteady: Same from me, too.

Llort (deciding a different sentence for Stanley and our heroes): Why not make an example of them? I know a place: Rock and steal, nothing grows. (chuckles) Nothing! Creatures more troll-like than we are. Think of it for them, it would be worse than stone, it will be slow, it would be painful. Just think about what they would say about you in the newspapers. Why, it's a shoe-in for the tabloids.

Gnorga sneers and agrees with Llort's idea to exile Stanley and our heroes. She began to make her thumb glow with purple light again, and unleashed purple-colored lightning bolts.

Gnorga: DOOOONE!

Under Gnorga's spell, the cage Stanley, the Digimon and the duelists are in began to turn into a cocoon, and Gnorga sends it flying to another place out of the Kingdom of Trolls as she laughs sinisterly.

Bebop and Rocksteady: Happy landings! (laughing sinisterly)

The cocoon is sent to Earth (the home world of humans, animals and insects and formerly the Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures) and into the city of New York. Stanley is heard groaning painly as if he and our heroes are feeling uncomfortable in the cocoon that started poking them. Stanley, Agumon and Yugi peek their heads out, and finding out where they're going to be crashed, they screamed before sucking their heads back in. The cocoon bounced all over the place giving Stanley and the two squadrons of our heroes some bumps.

Stanley: Oh! Ow! Ohh! Oh, please, stop!

The frightened troll cries as the cocoon then rolls through the flower bed and into the bush.

A Dangerous Tour of New York City/Safe Inside The Cave

Once inside the bushes, the cocoon is hanging by vines tied to the branches when Stanley started slamming it around to free himself, only to injure himself and our heroes by he stops and groans. Inside the darkness of the cocoon...

Gomamon: Ow, that hurts!




Agumon: Stanley, why not you, me and Yugi come out first, then the others will go next.

Palmon: Good idea, Agumon. Gentlemen, first.

Yugi: Well, we should punch some holes. It's stuffy in here.

And so, Stanley is the first to free himself from the cocoon. This time, he rips through the top of it. Then Agumon breaks through the left bottom side, and Yugi did the right bottom side. They looked then looked on in surprise.

Yugi: Whew! It's good to be out in the fresh air.

Agumon: Everyone, we'll put you out of here; one at it time.

Digi-Squad and Duelists: Okay!

Stanley groans as he squeezed out of the top hole of the cocoon, and while Yugi and Agumon pull out their fellow Digimon and Duelists from the other holes, the friendly green-thumbed lost his balance and hits the ground from behind, making some autumn leaves fly up and fall down.

Agumon: This is it, come on, guys.

Now freed from the cocoon, the Digi-Squad, the Duelists and Stanley then crawled out of the bush. When they did so, the troll and the heroes gasps with surprise as they unknowingly look around at the same beautiful area flower bed with some pebbles or rocks. But Stanley felt unhappy for he thought that this place Gnorga has sent him is very gloomy to him.

Stanley (sad): Rock and steel. (picks up a rock) Rock and steel. (flips the rock away) Nothing grows.

Agumon: Wait a minute, Stanley! I think you need to get a little closer. Do you see what we see?

Stanley (looking up): Wha...

Stanley did what Agumon told him, and then realize that there was a mistake after an acorn fell on his head. The kind-hearted troll was amazed as he rubbed his eyes to find out something different. He is now happy with surprise and joy.

Stanley: Wait a minute! I think there has been a mistake here. Look! Look at all the green things. Grass, leaves, flowers. What a place. Why, it's wonderful! I'm going to like it here!

Palmon: Agree, Stanley. Looks like heroes aren't the only ones who make mistakes. Villains make mistakes also, and now we're in a wonderful place, everything going as good as can be.

Gabumon: Too bad that Lord Dragaunus have us banished here back to Earth for the second time as a stupid choice.

Patamon: If it weren't for us, Earth would've be lost to him and Bad Rap.

Gabumon: And neither would the entire universe of countless galaxies and planets.

Palmon: But on top of that, just who are those two creatures beside Queen Gnorga and King Llort?

Biyomon: Must be a rhino and a warthog, but they don't look like they were champion, ultimate or mega-level Digimon.

Gomamon: And how come they are called "Rocksteady" and "Bebop"?

Yugi: We know who they are.

Tentomon: You do?

Yugi: Yes. We have more knowledge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Foot Clan.

Agumon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Foot Clan?

Gabumon: Who are they?


Biyomon: Technodrome?




Yugi: We learned the news of how these fighting turtles saved not only New York, but the rest of the world and the universe too.


Palmon: The point is, why in the universe are Bebop and Rocksteady are assisting Gnorga?

Gatomon: I'm not so sure, Palmon. But I can bet that they and the rest of the Foot Clan are in partnership with the Saurians and the Raptors as well.

Yugi: That explains it. Those guys are as much more stubborn as we are.

Tristan: They don't even know when to stop, do they?

Yugi: No! They never even learned a lesson just yet.

Agumon: Tentomon, are we back here in Domino City or Tokyo? It looks different, or a bit the same.

Tentomon: According to my research, we are in New York. One of America's State's in North America, and one of this country's cities too.

Yugi: And those turtles and their master Splinter, once known as Hamato Yoshi at the time of being a member of the Foot Clan academy in Japan, who taught them in martial arts, are still living here; but only in the sewers.

Tristan: Wow, you're like Sherlock Holmes' scientists. Did you guys figure that out by yourself.

Joey: Of course they did, Tristan! That what makes this bug-like Digimon smart.

Tentomon: Actually, I can think of other things than just being smart. Like relaxing on a small beach and figure a way out of being trapped in a small room with no exits, but that's just me.

Tristan: Joey and I are just trying to say how great you are, Tentomon.

Joey: Yeah, we know you do more than just being a know-it-all. That's for sure.

Tentomon: Maybe, but you duelists have more knowledge of this world from one dimension and time to another than us Digimon or Izzy, one of the DigiDestined kids.

Stanley: Then why not we are to have a look around this place? I bet there's something more to us than meets the eye.

Agumon: Okay, Stanley. Come on, guys! It's time to have a tour of the city!

Patamon: Alright!

Tea: Yeah!

Suddenly, just after Stanley placed his hat back on, a growling sound was made and it startles Stanley and our heroes. They carefully walked backgrounds until they bumped into a dog which is right behind them. Stanley, the Digital Monsters and the duelists turned around and looked up to see an angry and hungry blue-colored dog.

Stanley: Oh, hello.

But instead of saying hello back, the dog tried to eat Stanley and our heroes who then quickly dodge it.

Stanley (yelling indistinctly): No! (screams)

Agumon: Hurry, run!

Stanley, the duelists and the Digimon runs off, and the dog chased them to try to catch them. Then it's fellow dogs that were walking with their owners, including one resembling Charlie from All Dogs Go to Heaven which is also created by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman of other animated movies, joined it to chase after them.

Stanley (panting): Uh-uhh!

As the dogs are still in pursuit of them, Stanley, the Digital Monsters and the duelists jumped up onto a gate and up a tree to lose them. But as they continue to run for their lives, they bumped into a squirrel carrying nuts. Upon seeing Stanley and thinking he is the one who caused him a great mess, the squirrel got so mad kicked one of its acorns. Stanley tried to make it happy by offering it one of its remaining nuts, but this wouldn't make the squirrel un-angry. The squirrel chases Stanley and our heroes, and forces them to jump off the tree and into a salad bowl on which a waiter was carrying for a customer of a fancy restaurant. Stanley peeked out to see what's going on, and screamed when he sees someone and hide back into the salad. The waiter brought the salad to the customer who is very hungry and began to prepare it for him. First, the waiter added some vinaigrette to the salad which went on Stanley and Gomamon's heads.

Stanley (wiping the vinaigrette off his face): Ohh!

Gomamon: Hey, watch where you're pouring that stuff, pal!

Then, the waiter is adding some pepper to the salad, while the customer watches in delight.

Customer: Yum-yum.

Stanley and Gabumon peeked their heads through the leaf vegetables when the falling pepper tickled their noses. And then...

Stanley and Gabumon: Ahh...ahh-ah...AH-CHOO!

Agumon: Hey, watch it, dude!

Gabumon: Sorry about that.

Last but not least, the waiter tossed the salad with Stanley and our heroes in it, and scooped it onto the customer's plate. After slurping, the customer puts a napkin around his neck and used a fork and knife to enjoy the salad. But he accidentally poked Stanley in the butt, causing him to scream in pain, knock the plate onto the customer's face and run. The Digimon and the duelists also start to run after him, and after passing through some people, they ran out of the restaurant. Fatigue, Stanley, the Digimon and the duelists made it out, but they were exhausted as they were almost out of breath, or even ran out of solar energy like the Ultra Warriors from the Nebula M78 in the fortieth galaxy who previously assist them in their battle with Mephilas, Zarab, Yapool, Baltan, the Saurians and other aliens and monsters along with the Raptors and their monsters on Planet Thra, the home world of the Gelflings, Podlings, the Mystics and the Skeksis.

Biyomon (exhausted): Guys, I don't think this is something very exciting and lovable in our life.

Gatomon: And they say America is a place where wishes or dreams come true. I mean, New York City.

Joey: That was a comment based on the words from the book called "James and the Giant Peach", written by Roald Dahl and adapted into a movie by Tim Burton for Disney with not just live action, but stop motion animation too.

Tentomon: Stop motion animation, huh? Was it Rankin/Bass' Animagic?

Joey: No, it was a different stop motion technique that shows how different movements of those puppets were different from many others worldwide. Sort of, that is.

Patamon: Beyond that, how come all of America still have its dangers besides freedom?

Gatomon: I wish we knew, Patamon. Well, it's not a very swell country at all.

Stanley and our heroes were going on the street to cross after looking both ways, until a motorcyclist came by and scared the heck out of them, thus almost ran into them. While trying to cross the street, they were almost about to become road kill by the cars driving by. Stanley, the duelists and the Digital Monsters panicked and safely went back onto the sidewalk. They were safe when a skateboarder came by and chased them until they landed on their backs on his skateboard. The skateboarder did one of his tricks until he was knocked off by Stanley and our heroes, having lost one of his shoes. As the surprised skateboarder watches in surprise, they went for a wild ride on his skateboard with Stanley having a shoe on his head. Stanley couldn't see a thing with the shoe on his head until it's too late. He, the Digimon and the duelists went into a river and frightened some ducks. One of them was dragging them along with the skateboard. Somewhere, a frog was minding its own business until he heard a scream from behind and looked that Stanley, the Digimon, the duelists and the duck were coming this way so it skedaddled before it got hit. Stanley has been screaming like heck until the duck bumped the skateboard with a rock, and made him and our heroes jump off it, slam under a bridge and landed on a lily pad. The shoe made a splash and caused some waves that made Stanley, the Digimon and the duelists go into a hole under the bridge.

Stanley: Stop!

But the wave blasted Stanley and our heroes through the hole, and after slamming into a root, they slid down into a weird looking cave resembling a briar wood patch, but without thorns. Stanley grew sad as he, the duelists and the Digital Monsters got up.

Stanley (sobbing): What a place. Oh... (taking off his soggy hat) It's worse than home. (wiping his face with his hat) I...I don't like it here. (squeezes some water out of his hat) bit. (sobs again and puts his hat back on his head) All I wanted was a little patch of green.

With another glow of his green thumb, Stanley made a patch of grass appear.

Stanley: There. There's my patch.

He feels the grass and it's perfect for him to make a comfy bed. He went on it to get some sleep.

Stanley: I'm safe in here, and I'm never going out of this cave... (sniffles) ...ever again.

After a few more sniffles, Stanley sadly goes to sleep, while the Digimon and the duelists felt very sorry for him.

Yugi: It looks like we're all okay to be safe here inside this cave, but Stanley will not get used to it.

Gabumon: That is why he is upset.

Gomamon: Poor Stanley.

Biyomon: Seems so.

Agumon: Let him be, guys. He'll get over it...I hope.

Joey: Now that Bebop and Rocksteady are still with Queen Gnorga and King Llort just to help them, while the Shredder and Krang are at the Technodrome, is there anything that the Turtles could do to beat them again this time?

Yugi (thinking to himself): If only they are responsible to protect this universe, then I believe they will.

Tail's Tale

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/The Shredder's Message

Meanwhile, somewhere in the sewers of New York City...

Agumon's Adventures Eyecatch #1

Agumon's Adventures Eyecatch #2

Gus and Rosie/Stanley's Friendship with the Squirrel

The very next morning, the sun was shining over New York City, and in one of the buildings which is an apartment, there were two people. One is a man, and the other is a woman. They were husband and wife, and they are in a tight schedule.

Man: Hillary, have you seen my brief case?

Hillary: In your hand, dear.

Inside the apartment and right in the living room, the man, whose name is Alan, was very foolish even though he didn't look where his brief case was and laughed.

Hillary: My, this triumph certainly has you rattled.

Alan: Nobody's cooperating! I will have to work a miracle to win it.

Hillary: Hmm. Cloud or Stripe? Man: Just the regular miracle would do.

We cut to a single room where two kids were getting ready for a new day from which the Big Apple has in-store for them. The boy is named Gus, and the little toddler girl is Rosie. They were Alan and Hillary's children. Gus is hoping to spend some time with his dad in Central Park while Rosie plays with their toys.

Gus (putting on his red shirt): And then, Dad and me are gonna sail my boat. And then we're going to have ice cream and I'm gonna have double chocolate.

As soon as he got his red shirt on, Gus then gets annoyed with Rosie when he saw her playing with the remote control of his toy boat.

Gus (snatching the remote from Rosie and scolding her): Hey, Rosie, don't t touch that! Only me and Dad get to go.

Rosie (wanting to go with Gus): Go, go.

Gus (refusing to take Rosie with him): No, Rosie! You stay here. This is just for me and Dad.

In an instant, Gus picks his toy boat up, making motor boat sounds as he heads to the living room to ask Alan if he is ready for their big exciting day. However, by the time Gus finally made it, what he didn't realize is that his father had some other plans in mind.

Gus: Ready to go, Dad?

Alan (finding one of his shoes): Finally.

Gus (jumping with joy): Great!

Dad: You're not coming.

Hillary: Your father's off for a meeting, honey.

Gus: But you promised you take me to the park.

Alan: Oh, now. You know I have an important case to prepare for. The park will have to come later.

Gus (outraged): Later, later. (stomping his foot on the floor) It always has to be later! (slamming his toy boat to the floor and running to Alan) Why can't we do what I wanna do? I wanna do what I wanna DO!

The furious Gus pulls at his father's shirt to force him to take him to Central Park, but a nanny, who Alan and Hillary hire, picked him up only to be their babysitter while carrying Rosie.

Alan (opening the door and coming out of the apartment): Now, I'll see you all tonight.

Hillary: Your father works very, very hard to make our life nice, children. Now you have to learn to appreciate that.

Gus: Hey, Mom. Would you take us to float my boat?

Hillary: Oh, Gus, honey. I have an open house on Park Avenue today. But Maria's here.

Gus: Yeah. Cooking and cleaning.

Hillary: Oh, good gracious. I'm late. Now... (kissing Gus) a good boy, please? And keep an eye on Rosie. Goodbye, baby.

Hillary closes the door behind her as she leaves home, and lets Maria the nanny to babysit Gus and Rosie. Gus sighs with boredom.

Gus: Aww, who needs them anyhow?

He moves away to go to his room. Later, while Maria does some vacuuming, Gus puts a sign saying "private keep out" on his and Rosie door before going back in.

Gus: "Private Keep Out" and stay out, Maria. (slams the door) Hey, Rosie, wanna go with me.

The still determined Gus chuckles while Rosie nods her head upon her older brother deciding to take her with him after all. Outside, the still vacuuming Maria stops at the children's room and listens to make sure how Gus and Rosie are doing. But Gus kicks his ball at the door, and started with surprise by that bang, Maria sighs with relief as she believes that they are doing okay and continues vacuuming. As soon as Marina is gone, Gus and Rosie, with only the toy boat and a bottle of milk in their hands, sneaked quietly and left the apartment. The next scene shows the traffic reminding the people about their safety when crossing the street, then the driver of the car or truck stops it by putting on its breaks along with other drivers. And down the street, Gus and Rosie, along with their stuff in their wagon, go to Central Park to have some fun without their parents. Rosie saw some colorful balloons and grabbed them. And then, as they lifted her up from out of the wagon, she bumps into Gus and he looks at his sister flying in surprise.

Gus: Rosie? (running up to Rosie and dropping the wagon) Rosie!

Gus jumps to catch Rosie, and then falls on the ground with his sister landing on him. The boy gets up with an annoyed look on his face as the toddler girl cooed to say she is sorry. The balloons then fly away to the sky, and Gus and Rosie then resume finding some spot to play. Elsewhere at the bridge where Stanley, the Digimon (also known as the Digi-Squad) and the duelists (still in Stanley's size and not yet ready to grow back to their normal sizes) are in, a squirrel was catching a nut to have for breakfast. The nut fell in the bridge and hits Stanley on the head, making him and the Digimon team with their duelist allies wake up.

Agumon: Good morning, everyone!

Other Digimon and Duelists: Good morning.

Patamon: Hey, Agumon. Are the troubles from last night are over?

Agumon: Yep. I know last night didn't go very well as planned, but today is a new day.

Yugi: I sure hope those crazy dogs won't come back again, will they?

Tentomon: Let's not worry about those dogs. We need to make sure if the Saurians, the Raptors or this Foot Clan are not appearing and launching a whole set of disasters on this city.

Agumon: Yeah! For we Digimon, with you guys on our side, will keep fighting for justice and peace for its important.

Yugi: Yeah. We know.

As Stanley gets up, he finds a nut on him and wonders why it fell in the bridge. Looking up to see the squirrel trying to find its nut, Stanley had an idea, so he used his green thumb to makes a beanstalk grow with him on it so he can give the nut back to the squirrel.

Gomamon: Stanley, what are doing?

Stanley: Oh, I'm going up to give this nut back to its rightful owner.

The stalk brings Stanley up to the opening where he and our heroes fell into, and gleefully bids the squirrel hello with laughter while returning its nut to it. While the squirrel pulls it head out, a toy boat went by, startling it away. And on the other side of the river, Gus and Rosie came along. Gus puts his toy boat in the water, and Rosie holds the remote control.

Rosie: Boat.

Fiddling with the controls on the remote, Rosie made the boat splash water in Gus' face and went off

Gus (wiping off his face): Bleeh! (looking back at Rosie) Rosie!?

Getting up, Gus walks over to Rosie and tries to take the remote away from her little hands when a butterfly came along. After Gus manage to snatch the remote from her, Rosie sees the butterfly.

Rosie: Butterfly.

While Gus plays with his boat, Rosie picks up her doll resembling a troll and tries to catch the butterfly.

Rosie: Butterfly! (laughing)

The more happier Rosie chases the butterfly all the way to the bridge as she jumps into the water onto a frog and gets out of the water while catching it.

Rosie: Butterfly. (giggling)

As Rosie wanders off leaving her doll under the bridge, the same squirrel comes back still searching for its missing nut. Stanley peaks out of the hole of the bridge and sees Rosie's doll lying and then the squirrel's missing nut came roll from behind it with the squirrel still searching for it due to its eyes being covered until they have widened to see Stanley. Stanley was surprise and happy to look at the squirrel. Stanley giggles and waves hello to the squirrel, but the it's still confused that it couldn't find its nut. Stanley picks the nut up and gives it to the squirrel.

Rosie Mistakes Stanley for her Troll Doll/Gus Goes After Rosie

On the other side of the bridge, Rosie was still having some fun with the butterfly.

Rosie: Butterfly!

The squirrel thanks Stanley by giving him a thumbs up and Stanley did the same thing. Stanley tells the squirrel to wait here while he goes back into the bridge to show him something. Rosie still playing with the butterfly laughs with joy. Stanley brings some nuts up for the squirrel while Rosie chases the butterfly and slides down onto the balcony startling the squirrel. The squirrel stays away from Rosie as she picks her doll up but got distracted by the butterfly. Right behind her was Stanley carry the nuts for the squirrel. Stanley trips and fell dropping the nuts as Rosie picks him up instead of her doll. Rosie was going back to Gus while the same frog jumps into the water for a swim. It bumps into Stanley thus seeing him as a doll and got surprised. Rosie was getting out of the water but Stanley got stuck to some rocks under the water. Rosie tries to pull Stanley out as the frog laughed to see how ridiculous he looked. Rosie finally pulls Stanley out of the water. As they both looked at each other, Stanley screams and runs back into the bridge. Meanwhile, Gus was playing with his toy boat, mis-understandingly hearing Stanley's scream as if he is Rosie.

Gus: Rosie?

Rosie (jumping into the water again and going after Stanley): Troll.

Hearing a splash, Gus turned and found out that Rosie wasn't behind him.

Gus: Rosie? (turning to Rosie in the water and becoming horrified) ROSIE! (taking the toy boat off the water and running after his sister) Rosie, get out of the water!

Ignoring Gus' calls for her, Rosie gets out of the water and goes into the hole where Stanley ran in.


Without ever getting hurt, Rosie discovers a slide inside the hole and decides to use it as an option to get to Stanley.

Rosie: Troll.

And with that, Rosie slides down into the cave where Stanley and our heroes are, and she bumps into the troll, knocking him into the water. This action also knocked down the Digi-Squad and the duelists aside.

Gabumon (hitting the ground): Oof! Now what was all of that for, anyway?

Agumon: Hey, look who's here.

Palmon (blushing): Ahh, It's a girl.


Tristan: Wow! You're a one little toddler, aren't you.

Gomamon: Wait, there's something not right. Is she a disguised spy for the Foot Clan, the Saurians or the Raptors?

Yugi: No. She's a real human like us. (going to Rosie) Sorry, kid. Our buddies didn't know much about you.

Agumon: Yeah, it least you could let us introduce ourselves as soon as Stanley come out.

Joey: Yeah, right.

Rosie Meets Stanley/♪ Absolutely Green ♪

Back in the cave, Stanley gets out of the water and carefully takes a look of Rosie, the young sister of Gus. Rosie walks up to him with a smile on his face as the Digimon or Digital Monsters (also known as the Digi-Squad) and the Duelists observe her.

Yugi: What do you know. This girl is to be pretty and friendly to Stanley .


Agumon: Biyomon, she kind of reminds me of Kari when she was so young.

Biyomon: Now what makes you say that?

Agumon: I remember her when she and Tai were, along with the rest of our other human friends, all known in one team as the DigiDestined. That's what?

Tentomon: Well, that explains everything on why Kari was acting so weird after Tai and Matt were fighting one time.

Stanley was happy to see Rosie as he puts his hat on which is filled with water, making the girl laugh. Rosie walks up to Stanley.

Rosie (pointing at Stanley): Troll.

Startled, Stanley flees, and as he went hanging upside down, he sees that Rosie feels left out when he ran away from her.

Stanley: Uh, that's right. I am a troll. You better believe it.

Palmon: Before you let this troll identify himself. We need to be first to introduce ourselves.

Agumon: We're Digimon, short for Digital Monsters and also known as the Digi-Squad, from the Digital World. I'm Agumon.

Gatomon: And I'm Gatomon, Agumon's second in charge of this team.

Biyomon: I'm a pink bird, and my name is Biyomon.

Tentomon: And I'm Tentomon, an intelligent bug-type Digimon.

Gabumon: My name is Gabumon.

Patamon: I'm Patamon.

Gomamon: You'll get to know me as Gomamon.

Palmon: And me, Palmon, the flower girl.

Yugi: And the rest of us are humans like you. I'm Yugi Muto.

Joey: The name is Joey Wheeler.

Tristan: I'm Tristan Taylor

Tea: And I'm Tea Gardner.

Yugi: All four of us are from Domino City, Japan and currently associating with these Digimon as their Digi-Squad members.

Stanley: Uh, I'm Stanley. What's your name?

Rosie (waving her hand): Hi.

Stanley: Oh, you don't uh, you don't say much, do you?

Patamon: Of course she doesn't, Stanley. She's a baby.

Palmon: Or a toddler.

Biyomon: She might be able to learn by going to either day care or school when growing up.

Rosie: Troll.

Stanley (correcting Rosie): No, Stanley. Can you say "Stanley"?

Rosie: Troll.

Stanley: Forget it.

With a sign, Stanley then tries to think of something else, and in no time, he has an idea.

Stanley: Hey. (chuckles) I can...I...I can grow things. Do you wanna watch me? Uh...get a load of this.

The friendly troll flicks his thumb to make it glow green, and makes a playful flower grow to entertain Rosie. The flower takes Stanley's hat off his head and puts it on its head to be silly.

Biyomon (laughing): Oh, boy. Looks like that flower sure likes to wear your hat so much, Stanley.

An annoyed Stanley tries to get his hat back form the flower, but it dodges him. And with a groan, Stanley manage to grabs his hat. Turning around, the flower looks on with a frown as Stanley put the hat on his head, and start a dance-like walk while holding on to it. Taking advantage of this, the flower snatches the hat away from Stanley again and wears it again. Rosie laughs at the point where she is enjoying this little fun, and Stanley pulled up his sleeve as if he were about to hit his own flower as another effort to steal back the hat he always treasured.

Rosie: Flower.

The flower dances around, kicking some autumn leaves which uncover an old ladybug with a white moistash, until Stanley sneaks behind to gives it a strangle-hold to its neck. The flower gags and groans as the ladybug walk up Rosie's troll doll. After letting out a playful giggle, Rosie look down to the ladybug and becomes scared.

Rosie (gasping): Bug!

The girl attempted to move her doll, but she startle the ladybug into flapping its wing a bit and then walk toward her.

Rosie: Eew!

A disgusted and frightened Rosie crawls away from the ladybug, but it kept coming at her without leaving her alone. The Digi-Squad, Stanley and the flower notice the incident.

Stanley: Uh-Oh!

With a frown and without talking, Stanley orders the flower to take care of the bug, and then gets his hat back as it went to help Rosie. As Rosie went up the slide which she use to enter the cave, the flower pick up the old ladybug and takes it to the other side of the platform. It gives the insect a gentle push with a soft kick while crossing his arms, and it walks away.

Tentomon: Now what's so scary about a ladybug? It's not dangerous, it's harmless.

Patamon: Except for some bugs including spiders, mosquitoes and fleas.

Gatomon: We know your concern, you guys, but Rosie is a baby. She doesn't understand anything just yet.

Tristan (sighing): So says a white Egyptian cat.

Gatomon: I heard that!

Rosie walks back to Stanley, and when the green-thumbed troll turns around to see her, she kisses him on the nose. Then the sound effects of a train whistle is heard, followed by the chirps of the birds as Stanley becoems surprised, then flap his wings a few times, and he laughs. His laughter went louder, Stanley jumps up in the air with green sparkle dust boosting him from his feet and he goes flying all over the place. Finally, as Stanley falls down with more laughing, he landed back on his patch of green.

Rosie: Troll.

Stanley: Oh!

The Digi-Squad, Stanley and Rosie all laughed, and the flower jumps into her arms.

Stanley: I knew it! I knew you'd like that, I knew it! Oh, we're a lot alike, you and me. My mommy read me stories about humans, before she put me to bed, but you are the first one that I have ever met in person.

Joey (outraged): Hey! We were the first ones in person to me you before she met us! How could you exclude us Duelists, Stanley!?

Tea: Come on, Joey, don't be upset. Stanley also hasn't met a human being as a baby you know.

Yugi: Besides, he's only joking.

Stanley (bowing down to Rosie): Howcha do?

Rosie: Troll.

Stanley: Yes, yes. Oh, but I'm not like other trolls. I'm...I'm different. You know I mean, um... I like beautiful things... Ha! Like flowers.

Rosie: Flower.

Stanley: Yes, flowers. Oh, please tell me and the Digi-Squad your name?

Rosie: Rosie.

Stanley (gasping in surprise): Rosie? (talking to the flower) Did you hear? Rosie. Oh, yes. I like it a lot.

Palmon: I like that name. It makes me to think of something to do about flowers like those ones.


Stanley (chuckles as the flower then walk away): I like you a lot, too. Oh, and I'm..I'm so sorry about the place being such a mess. (sighs) It doesn't have to be, you know? Oh, no. (laughs) It could be so beautiful.

Palmon: You're going to like this, Rosie. I know I am.

Stanley: So you are, Palmon. (giggling) It could be cozy for Rosie. Cozy for Rosie. Rosie, watch this.

Holding up his green thumb in the air, Stanley lights it up with a flick and began to sing the song about everything that has to do with his favorite color.

Gus Enters the Cave/Rosie Needs A Bottle

Outside of the bridge, Gus has been using the stick to make the hole big enough and it fits him perfectly. He peeks through the hole with his boat in his arm and continues to get after Rosie.

Gus: I'm coming, Rosie!

Back inside the cave, Stanley and our heroes gasped as they heard Gus' voice calling out for Rosie, and the flowers become shocked with worried looks on their faces. They thought Gus is about to enter and harm them.

Stanley: Uh-oh! Oh, oh! Who's that? I better hide. I better hide!

Gatomon: Hey, don't forget about us!

Stanley, the Digimon and the duelists jumped into the flowers after they have formed into a bush. Stanley shivers with fear, and then shushes three of the other flowers as they dosed their lights, and so did with some other ones. As Stanley and our heroes stay in their hiding spot, Rosie turns around and walks over to see her brother coming to get her. Gus squeezes through the hole and then slides down screaming thus dropping his boat. Gus enters the cave landing on his belly while Rosie ducks down and then Gus toy boat breaks landing very hard on the ground.

Gus (horrified): My boat!

Rosie gets up to look at Gus, and is very happy to see her brother again.

Rosie (giggling): Gus!

Rosie laughs with joy as Gus looks at the inside of the cave with a confused look on his face. Rosie then runs up to him and gives him a hug.

Gus: Rosie. How did you get down here? (outraged) Don't you know you could've killed yourself!? My boat got broken thanks to you!

Agumon: Huh? Someone's out there talking to Rosie. I got it!

Patamon: What is it

Agumon: He must be her brother, and his name is Gus.

Tea: Let's save that conversation for later, Agumon. Because we have bigger problems.

Yugi: Huh?

Tea: Like one of Stanley's flowers is going to sneeze and blow our cover.

Of course, Tea is correct for she, the other duelists and the Digital Monsters looked at the yellow flower who is beginning to sneeze, much to the surprise of the purple flower and the red flower.

Yellow Flower: Oh, no. Ahh! Oh, no!

Red Flower: Shhh! Quiet!

Yellow Flower: I think...

Red Flower: Snuffy, don't!

Snuffy: I can't help it.'s my...hay fever!

Red Flower: Then just hold your breath.

Snuffy did her best, but she couldn't do it anymore.

Purple Flower: Oh, no. Here it comes.

Snuffy: Ahh! AHH-CHOO!

In a flash, Snuffy stupidly lets out a very large sneeze, releasing sparkly gold dust.

Tentomon: Oh, dear!

Hearing a sneeze, Gus and Rosie look back to see this incident.

Gus: Who's there?

Rosie: Troll!

Stanley, the flowers and our heroes are shocked as Rosie blows their cover, but only to show them to Gus, and the purple flower brings Snuffy back in.

Stanley: Oh, uh, no! Oh, je-ow..oooohhh. Wait! (looks back to our heroes)

Palmon: Do you have any other great ideas, Stanley?

Rosie (going into the bush of flowers): Troll.

Stanley screams as Rosie pulls him out, forcing the Digital Monsters and the duelists to come out.

Tentomon (panicking with worry): All right, all right. We give up, just don't let you brother harm us, please!

Rosie: Troll mine.

Stanley laughs and gets tickled.

Stanley: Hi.

Gus (surprised and confused): Who are you?

Stanley: Um, I'm Stanley.

Rosie: Troll! Stanley: I'm a troll.

Flowers: And he's a good troll!

The flowers dance and sing around Gus, until the boy couldn't stand anymore and reach his breaking point

Flowers: Troll, troll! And he's a good troll.

Gus (snapping): Stop saying that! He can't be a troll because there's no such...things as troll.

Calming down for a moment, Gus looks down with a confused and surprised look on his face and then goes back to being annoyed.

Gus: Uh-oh. Talking flowers. (brushing off what he believes serious and trying take Rosie) This is weird. Rosie, we better go home now.

Stanley: Go? You mean "leave"?

Gus: Yes, whoever you are. (turning to the Digi-Squad and the duelists) And I don't even know the two groups of you guys either. But you don't like like Digi-whatever you call yourselves or duelists. So that's why Rosie and I need to go back home to our apartment

Patamon (protesting): But you can't go! You just got here!

Stanley (grabbing onto Gus' leg): You're gonna take Rosie away from me?

Gus (furious at Stanley's persistence): You got it, spaceman.

Stanley: Oh, no! Don't go, please? I beg of you!

Gus (shaking his leg to force Stanley to let go): Let me go of my foot!

As Stanley and Gus struggle over Rosie, the flowers run away and Rosie begins to cry while watching the argument.

Gus: Get away from me, you mutant!

Stanley: Oh, please!

Biyomon: You guys, look at Rosie!

Stanley (looking at Rosie): Aw!

Both Stanley and Gus stopped fighting to turn around and see Rosie feeling very sad and depressed. Not only she is just crying, Rosie screamed too.

Stanley (coming to Rosie and putting his hat back on): Oh, now look what you have done.

Agumon: Don't blame Gus, Stanley. Rosie is not upset about her brother being mean to her.

Palmon: It's something else she's unhappy of.

Agumon: Hey, Gus. If you don't know about us Digimon or duelists, we'll explain about ourselves and purposes later.

Yugi: Right now, we just need to make your sister stop crying.

Stanley: Aw, gee. No, no. Don't cry, don't cry. Rosie, come on. Oh, what would we do to make you stop?

Rosie (stops crying): Boddle.

Stanley: Boddle?

Joey: Hey, that's right. (whispering to Tristan): Babies drink milk from bottles only to calm down whenever they're upset.

Tristan (whispering): Never mind the details, Joey! Rosie need something to drink!

Rosie (began crying again): Boddle!

Stanley: "Boddle"!? What is "boddle"!?

The animals thought of plan to help calm Rosie down, then the bird said it knows where to find a bottle and tells the animals to follow it. They followed the bird all the way up to the hole of the bridge and go to the hill where Gus and Rosie's wagon is. The bird shows them the bottle in the wagon and are happy that they know a way to cheer up Rosie.

Agumon's Adventures Eyecatch #3

Agumon's Adventures Eyecatch #4

Gnorga's Misery Amusement/The Old Soft Petal

Meanwhile in the Land of Trolls, King Llort and Queen Gnorga were relaxing together in their bedchambers with the Foot Clan mutants, Bebop and Rocksteady polishing their room. As the camera moves up toward the door to the chambers with two troll statues and torches of fire, Llort is heard singing with Gnorga getting unbearable to listen to it.

Llort (singing) La, da, da, dee...

Gnorga: Llort, you idiot. Hush up! Hush up, hush up, hush up, hush up!

Inside the room...

Llort: Dee, da, da, da. 

Using her beam of purple light from her finger, Gnorga turn on a television set which turned out to be a crystal shard.

Gnorga: HUSH UP!

Bebop: Heh! At least we get to watch some television.

Rocksteady: There will be a message from Shredder and Krang, we hope.

But Llort continue to sing as Gnorga changes through some channels until she stops at a TV show which is parody of The Smurfs.

Bebop: Oh, boy! The Slurps, my favorite!

Gnorga: We are not watching that!

Bebop: Well, excuse us, your ladyship.

Rocksteady: It's just one scene from whatever episode we could have watched.

As Gnorga continue to changing more channels, they stop at a scene from Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (known in Japan as Giant Robo), a science-fiction TV show which was produced by Toei Company.

Blue Alien (laughing): I identify myself!

The crystal shard shows a scene of an evil alien called Emperor Guillotine, master of Big Fire or the Gargoyle Gang, as he is seen in the series' first episode, Dracolon: The Great Sea Monster.

Blue Alien: I am Emperor Guillotine from the Planet Gargoyle. And my purpose? Ha ha! I have come to conquer the Earth. Now feel the power of the Emperor!

The next scene shows Emperor Guillotine's flying space saucer as it fired an energy blast at one of the fighter jets and then did the others with more.

Gnorga: My, how very delicious this is. But... (chuckles) It's a wrong story.

Afterwards, Gnorga's crystal shard shows more static. Until then, Gnorga gets up to hear a child crying with a happy look on her face.

Gnorga: What's that?

Llort: What's what, lovelums?

Gnorga: Sounds like...someone in pain.

Llort: I don't hear anything.

Hitting his own powdered wig that he wears as a judge for court, Llort hold his breath to avoid choking in the powder.

Rocksteady: That's why you have been too busy fiddling with your wig, Llort.

Gnorga laughs sinisterly,and shushes her dog while it's been making growling sound nibbling on its bones. Tehn she saw who is on the crystal shard, and she becomes amazed.

Gnorga: Why, it's a baby crying.

With a growl, Gnorga's dog gets off her bed to find out what she is talking about, holding its bone. The crystal shard shows the blonde-haired girl crying. It was Rosie, who is in Stanley's cave along with her brother Gus, and our two hero teams, the Digi-Squad and the duelists.

Gnorga: Oh, she sounds so miserable.

Llort, Bebop and Rocksteady get to the shard while Gnorga's dog began to nibble on its bone.

Gnorga; You see, Llort, lovely? Life does have its unsuspecting joys. I just love to see a helpless creature suffer.

Gnorga laughs as she hits Llort, causing his wig to release a cloud of powder that engulf both the king and queen of the trolls. After coughing a bit, she resumed laughing.

Bebop: Hey, Krang said that he enjoys seeing both animals and people suffer.

Rocksteady: Yeah, I guess Gnorga is beginning to sound just like him.

Gnorga's dog finishes nibbling on it's bone, and then it bites Llort on the leg. The troll king screams in both pain and panic, and then becomes annoyed as he then started ordering the dog to release him.

Llort: Stop attacking me! Why do you always have to attack me? Down!

Gnorga: Oh, poor little child.

Llort: Sit! Stay! Sit down!

Gnorga's dog lets go of Llort, and leaps back into her arms as the queen happily goes back to bed with the king whimpers to express his dislike to the pain. The mutants take the advantage to insult Llort's agony.

Bebop (chuckling): Bozo.

Rocksteady: Yeah! (snorting) Bozo.

Back at Stanley's cave in Central Park, the animals lend Rosie her milk while Gus is so furious with her.

Gus (storming off): Okay, now drink your stupid bottle! And then we go home!

Rosie begins to drink her milk, but although she got what she wants, the little girl still feels sad.

Stanley: Oh, bottle. (laughing) Of course.

Rosie lets out a quiet whimper.

Gabumon: I don't think it did the trick for her.

Agumon: Maybe she wants to be cheered up.

Purple Flower: Come on, Dolly. Show us your smile.

The purple and red flowers stick together to show Rosie how to give a big smile while they laugh. But nothing is making her smile.

Red Flower: Hey, this is serious.

Snuffy: Ah, step aside, chumps. I'll show you how to make the kid smile.

Snuffy, the yellow flower who was having a hay fever, does some somersaults to try and cheer Rosie up and then she falls over.

Red Flower: Hey, what are you doing?

Snuffy (laughing): You'll see. (laughing)

And with that, Snuffy begins to dance as the purple and red flowers watch her.

Red Flower: Hey! (laughing) I got it! The old soft petal. Come on, follow me!

Purple Flower: Oh, boy.

The flowers join together to dance around the still unhappy Rosie only to make her happy again. Rosie watches while drinking her bottle, and Stanley, the Animals, the Digimon (also known as the Digi-Squad) and the duelists clap their hands to enjoy the entertainment.

Gatomon: Hey, this is swell!

Yugi: Tell me about it, Gatomon! It may be no different dance.

The flowers then started tapping on their knees, and stretching their arms while dancing. And then they carried Rosie's bottle to each other and try not to spill any milk, even though it's a bit heavy. The flower fell on its back with the bottle on it, and it got up kicking the it a bit. Rosie sad face then turns into a smile and laughs while Gus tries to figure a way to fix his boat with an annoyed look towards the flowers. Rosie enjoys the flowers dancing. And back in at the Kingdom of Trolls, Gnorga's Crystal Shard shows the flowers cheering Rosie by finishing their dance.

A Crying Spell on Gus/Saving the Children and Themselves

As Rosie laughs and claps with joy after watching the dance of Stanley's flowers, at the Kingdom of Trolls, Queen Gnorga is not very happy with that moment and growls in massive anger. The mutants, Bebop and Rocksteady, minions of Krang and Oroku Saki; better known as the Shredder, back away from her as if she is going to explode like a bomb.

Bebop: Hey, how come the flowers with faces get to make the little twoippette laugh.

Rocksteady: Oh, I guess you can't just let a little bundle of joy get all teary eyed.

Gnorga (turning back to Llort who is kneeling down): Worse than death. Slow and painful. Does that look like misery to you?

King Llort, Gnorga's husband, remained silent and hardly says a word back to her, but the queen decides to force him to speak up by acting very nice and gentle.

Gnorga: Tell me, does that look terrible to you?

Llort (finally speaking): It looks nice, very nice. Don't you think so, snooksipoo? (giggling)

Gnorga: Yes, I think so. That's exactly what's wrong... (grabbing Llort and pushing him away with her belly while moving back to her rage mode) YOU MORON! Punishment isn't supposed to be nice. It's supposed to be punishing!

Gnorga furiously throws her spear, and it lands on the floor with its pointy thing jabbing Llort's hat, but misses the startled Llort.

Rocksteady: Nice shot!

Gnorga glares back at her crystal shard and walks around, very angry with her disabled plan to turn Stanley to stone and to have our heroes killed for Lord Dragaunus.

Gnorga (concerned about Stanley): I should've turned him into stone like I wanted to in the first place!

We cut to the shard which shows us Stanley helping Gus out with his boat by touching it with his magic green thumb while Llort is heard grunting as if he is trying to remove Gnorga's spear off the ground. Then it also reveals an image of the Digi-Squad.

Gnorga: And furthermore, Lord Dragaunus is expecting those blasted Digimon and their Digi-Squad to be destroyed by us! But how come I never do it for him?

Bebop: You should've have, Gnorga. But what did we tell you last night?

Rocksteady: As courtesy of the Foot Clan, it is us mutants who are assigned to terminate those Digimon and anybody else who help them out.

Bebop: You want Stanley. We want those preys of Lord Dragaunus.


Bebop and Rocksteady tremble with fear.

Llort (still trying to pick up Gnorga's staff): Perhaps, perhaps you're...overreacting, lovelums. It can't be as bad bad good as all that. I know that place. It''s rude, really! Look!

Gnorga turns around to look at the shard after he helps her take her staff off the floor, and ducks only to hope he doesn't get hit on the head. On the shard, Gus is amazed to see some vines growing to repair his boat through Stanley's magic.

Gus: What's happening to it?

Stanley: Oh, well you have to wait.

Palmon: That's right. And besides, patience is a virtue, you know?

Gus (outraged): Wait!? Wait for you to wreck it even more!? It looks stupid!

In a furious fit, Gus falls on his back with his boat, which then reappears, growing plantlike legs. We then cut back to the trolls and the mutants where Gnorga becomes delighted to see how Gus' anger gets to be.

Gnorga (smiling): Why, he's more troll-like than Stanley. He's rude. He's smart-mouthed.

She shakes Llort's head and pushes him away as she goes to her chest while laughing sinisterly.

Gnorga (opening the chest): I adore him. (searching for something through her stuff in her chest) And I'm going to send him a little something... (now appearing in a raincoat, holding an umbrella) ...that will finish our Stanley, and those Digital Monsters for now and FOREVER!

The determined Gnorga then walks up to her crystal shard to cause something terrible as Llort crawls to the chest. And as Gnorga laughs, Rocksteady and Bebop walks up a bit cautiously to Llort.

Bebop: Uh, what exactly are you going to give Stanley, ma'am?

Gnorga: Oh, you'll see, Bebop.

And after letting out another laughter, Gnorga cleared her throat and began to cast an evil spell on Gus in order to get rid of the Digi-Squad and Stanley.

Gnorga (chanting): "The boy will cry a sea of tears. The wind will blow them well. Thunderbolts to strike their hearts, and drown them in a SPELL!".

The purple lightning flickers a bit as Gnorga's spell began to take effect on Gus while she laughs. The mutants, along with Llort, are watching Gnorga's dirty trick in action, but they were not used to be seeing it for the first time in their lives outside the Earth.

Rocksteady: I didn't know she could use a spell. Maybe because she's a witch instead of a troll ,or just both at the same time.

Bebop: Gee, that's a relieve. I think.

Gnorga resumed laughing as her spell continue to be cast on Gus when more purple lightning bolt strike around her, Llort, Bebop and Rocksteady, making pyrotechnic explodes by hitting the floor. Back at Stanley's hideout, Gus is still fuming when he feels very strange and starts to cry, getting the attention of the Digimon and the duelists.

Yugi: Gus?

Biyomon: What's wrong? Why are you crying?

Stanley: Hey, come on, come on. It's not so bad. I think it looks great. (chuckling) Floradorable.

But suddenly, water then goes under Stanley, and the good troll then looks down onto the floor and gasps. Gomamon also saw what's happening and become horrified.

Gomamon: Hey, guys! We've got trouble!

Digi-Squad and Duelists: What?

Gus cries even harder and makes a huge wave from his tears, pushing Stanley and our heroes toward Rosie with Gus' boat floating to them. And to make matters worse, the whole wave from Gus' tears then went rising, flooding Stanley's cave and engulfing everyone including himself.

Yugi: That's no ordinary sad emotion, that would be a tidal wave!

Agumon: We got to help Gus and Rosie!

Gabumon (standing on a rock which he already got on): Guys, I'm just letting you know. My fur's gonna get wet and I'm gonna stink. (jumps back into the water)

While the Digi-Squad swam harder than they can, Gus landed on another rock after being pushed by one of the waves, and as the boy kept crying uncontrollably and helplessly, Stanley hears and recognizes a familiar laugh as he and Rosie hold on to Gus' toy boat.

Stanley: Gnorga.

Rosie coughed out some of the water that she had sucked in.

Tea (frustrated): That wicked old witch who threatened us? So this is her doing!

Biyomon: Apparently, she's back to where she wants to do, destroying all of us for Dragaunus!

Gus (temporarily free): What's happening!?

Stanley: It's Gnorga! She's put a curse on you!

As Stanley keeps holding onto Gus' boat, back at the Troll World, Gnorga is calling out for Stanley through her telepathy and the crystal shard.

Gnorga: That's right, you happy sap! We are finally gonna get rid of you and the Digital Monsters once and for ALLLLLLL! (laughing)

Gus struggles to fight Gnorga's curse and stop his crying while Rosie safely lands on a rock. As Stanley, the Digimon and their friends get on Gus' boat to reach her, Rosie becomes scared as she then hold onto her troll doll.

Stanley: No, don't! Do you maybe you can think you could stop now? Huh?

Tentomon: The more you cry, the worse it even gets!

Rosie screams as the wave pushes her off the rock and back into the water.


Stanley: Rosie! Rosie, hold on!

Tristan: Hang on, kid! We're coming for you!

Stanley and our heroes reach to Rosie, but her boat is not big enough. Not wanting to let his own flood of tears drown everyone including her own sister, Gus jumps in to help them. Stanley pulls Rosie up with Gus' help as she comes up coughing and leans on the boat, pushing Stanley up by accident.

Gus: Stanley, do something!

Stanley courageously thinks of an idea and then uses his green thumb to save him, his two friends, and our heroes. He touches the boat with his thumb. As it goes over the waves, the boat becomes big and has sails thus perfect for all fifteen of them to fit as they climbed into it for safety.

The Dream Boat/♪ Welcome to my World ♪

When we last off, Stanley manage to turn Gus' toy boat into a gigantic boat in his, the Digimon (also known as the Digi-Squad) and the duelists' efforts to help him and Rosie avoid Gnorga's evil spell that was cast on the boy to drown everyone. Rosie is the first to climb aboard the boat while Gus is helping her out, the Digi-Squad and the duelists swim up to the boat and does the same.

Tentomon: Gosh, that was scary.

Yugi: We've beaten Gnorga with those mutants. This first battle with them is over.

Agumon: Is everyone okay?

Other Digimon and Duelists: Yes.

Agumon: Good.

As Gus get on his boat, he looks into a reflection on a puddle and realizes he's not weeping anymore.

Gus (catching his breathe): Hey, I'm not crying anymore. I've stopped. How's that happened?

Stanley (also catching his breathe): Why, I believe you believed in saving your sister so much. (the flowers climbed up Stanley and went up onto Gus' giant toy boat.) that for...for just a moment there, your...your power was stronger than Gnorga's.

Agumon: In other cases, Gus, it may be more powerful than that of the Shredder, formerly known as Oroku Saki.

Gus: It was?

Stanley: Yeah! Oh, sure! That was a good deed. I believe there is no end to what you can do if you set your mind to it. Why, I keep thinking when I find my patch of green, I will invite every good troll to come over and live with me. They'll do good deeds, and they'll have green thumbs.

Rosie: Green thumbs!

Stanley: Just like me.

Gomamon: Hey, Palmon. You remember that time when Ogremon changed into a new leaf and went on our side after we helped recover him when he got hurt?

Palmon: He did used to serve Devimon, but his heart is as good as gold. And Joe and Mimi helped recover him, not just us.

Tea: Who's Ogremon, you two.

Palmon: He's a champion-level Digimon, as well as former rival and current ally of a lion-type Digimon in the same level; Leomon. But you don't have to be more curious about them or the others.

Gomamon: It's a long story, Tea. But we'll tell you all more about them some other time, okay?

Agumon: By the way, Gus. We almost forgot to tell you about ourselves.

Yugi: You see? These Digimon, and us duelists, their first selected Digi-Squad members, are on missions to save the universe including our world from many villains.

Agumon: All villains of the universe, including the Saurians, the Raptors and now the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' arch-enemies, the Foot Clan.

As our heroes continue to explain about their origin, we fade to a flashback showing us the attacks of the Saurians.

Gatomon: Before now, the Saurians and their master, Lord Dragaunus, previously destroyed the Mighty Ducks' home planet Puckworld and attacked Little Tokyo where the Samurai Pizza Cats live.

Then we cut to scenes of another villain team, the Ninja Crow Clan with their commander, Seymour "The Big" Cheese.

Agumon: Even so, they join forces with Seymour "The Big" Cheese, a rat-like prime minister and surpreme leader of the Ninja Crow Clan of Edoropolis to share their own schemes.

The next scene shows the Digimon, then the Mighty Ducks and the Samurai Pizza Cats facing the Saurians and their battles.

Agumon: We team up with the large ducks and cats in cyborg samurai armor whose leaders are Wildwing Flashblade and Speedy Cerviche, and beat them almost more than a couple times.

More scene shows the Saurians finding and attacking the Digital World, and the Digimon trying to fight off the Hunter Drones.

Gabumon: But later, two months after we got back home to the Digital World, the Saurians found our planet and send their giant robots called Hunter Drones to terrorize our kind.

Gomamon: They seemed mistakenly teleport us Digimon back to your world rather than deleting us while invading our Digital World to get revenge.

Biyomon: We find ourselves in Domino City, where we meet Yugi Muto and his fellow duelists.

Yugi: Along with my rival, Seto Kaiba, who wants to surpass me, we all defeated him, then the immortal mummy Anubis, and Rita Repulsa's monster Terror Toad who helped the Saurians out to attack...

Joey: As well as Bad Rap, leader of those dinosaur-like monsters called Raptors whom the Saurians also partnered with.

Tristan: There's also Mephilas, Zarab, Yapool, and the other aliens and monsters whom the Ultramen or Ultra Brothers from the Land of Light defeat long ago.

Tea: And even the Chief Weasel and his men in England via teamwork with Badger, Rat, Mole and of course Toad of Toad Hall.

The flashback ends back to our heroes and the kids on Gus' boat.

Agumon: But we haven't seen the Shredder or Krang yet. All we ever encountered were their mutant minions, Bebop and Rocksteady.

Palmon: But don't worry. We'll make sure they and Gnorga won't cause us any more trouble.

Stanley: That is correct.

Gus: Boy, you sure like to dream a lot.

Stanley: Oh, sure. You have to. Anything that's real starts with a dream.

Yugi: Yeah. I dreamt of becoming the world's greatest duelist in all Domino City, and my wish has come true.

Gabumon: My old friend Matt's dream was to become a singer, and his wish came true too.

Patamon: And so did T.K.'s wish for Kari to be his love interest.

Agumon: It's a shame that our enemies' dreams of conquering the whole universe including Earth are disabled to failure temporarily, thanks to us and our other allies.

Gus: Dreams are silly.

Stanley: No! No, they're not! Look, Gus. See this boat? This is no ordinary boat, this is a dream boat. And I'm gonna show you how it work. Look. Look out there.

Gus: I...I don't see anything.

Biyomon (giggling): That's because you're not using your brain properly, silly. You got to keep trying.

Joey: And when you do, Gussy, you'll see how wonderful, fantastic and joyful dreams can really be.

Stanley (giggling): Look again.

Gus: Where?

Gus did what Stanley, Biyomon and Joey told him to do. He then sees a light glowing outside of a cave and gasps with surprise. And then, the boat is going to go down a waterfall. Stanley gasps and runs to the boat's steering wheel as Gus was about to give a warning.

Gus: Whoa! Stanley, watch out! We're gonna crash!

Gatomon: That's how that person from Alfred Hitchcock's film Vertigo felt when he had Acrophobia.

Tristan: I know what you mean, Gatomon, but I don't know what Acrophobia is any case!

Tentomon (panicking): Actually, it's a fear of heights!

Agumon: We've seen that movie two times during our vacation with the Mighty Ducks when it was re-released, and I don't think I should tell Rosie and Gus about it!

Gabumon: Good idea, Agumon! Not all movies are appropriate for children!

The boat goes down the waterfall, but Stanley joyously grabs the steering wheel and makes it go flying as he went laughing.

Stanley: No way. This is my dream, and nobody gets hurt in my dreams.

While driving the boat to another place, Stanley begins to sing another one of his songs.

Stanley: Welcome! Can be new! (giggling) I hope you make yourself at home. It's so nice to have company (laughing) Welcome. Welcome one and all. (laughing)

The Wrong Boating Dream/Taking A Nap/The Shredder and Krang at Technodrome

As Stanley laughs is again heard, Gus then looks around to see such wonderful fantasy.

Gus (confused): How did you do that?

Stanley: Oh, it's easy. But first, you gotta have a dream.

Gus: I haven't got any dreams of my own.

Stanley: Oh, sure you do. Everyone has. Here, take the wheel.

Gus: Me? You want me to steer the boat?

Stanley: Of course. I wanna see you dream.

Gus: How?

Stanley's magic plant lower him back to the floor and disappeared.

Tea: I wonder what Gus will do with it.

Joey: Hey, it's his boat, so we should let him do it.

Stanley: How? It's very simple. (chuckling) Well, first relax. (demonstrates this motion for Gus) Now think of something fun to do.

Gus (preparing to steer): Okay, okay. I'm thinking.

Stanley: Good. Now hold on to that thought.

Patamon: This is going to be good.

Gus steers the boat while thinking, and then light speed appeared as he looks at it with amazement. The boat turns into a hover-boat.

Gus: Hold on, everybody!

Gus teleports himself, Stanley, Rosy and our heroes to his dream. But that dream of his is filled with an black ocean and battleships. And to make things worse, Gus is going very fast.

Yugi: Um, Gus? Do you think we're going a little too fast?

Stanley: Whoa, whoa, hey, hey! Slow down! Don't you know dreams are fragile things?

Not listening to Stanley, Gus is having too much fun.

Gus: I wanna go full speed ahead.

Then a blast came from behind them inside a fog which reveals a ship.

Gatomon: What kind of crazy story are we in? The Pirates of the Caribbean, or Peter Pan?

Tentomon: I don't know, Gatomon, but this is trouble!

Agumon: Gus, behind you!

Gus gasps as he sees the ship firing behind him, Stanley, Rosie and our heroes and turns the boat another way without getting hit by any of the cannons. Gus screams as he steers the boat around, but the battle kept on firing until finally beginning to explode.

Gus: Wow!

Stanley, Rosie, the Digi-Squad and the Duelists gasps as he ship starts to explode and there was so many smoke. The smoke then carries Stanley along with Gus, Rosy, the flowers and our two teams of heroes back to Stanley's hideout in Central Park of New York. The clouds disappear and back on the flower tower, the animals are happy to see them again and climbed onto the platform.

Stanley: Wow!! I hope you get better thoughts on your head than that. (giggling) That was more of a nightmare. (yawning)

Yugi: At least we didn't get hit by that crazy ship, by the way.

Agumon: Not even the Saurians' Raptor.

Gus (getting tired): Don't you think we better get home, Rosie?

Rosie (tired): Home.

Yugi: Don't worry, kids. We'll get you home later.

Joey: If we get out of this cave, our sizes will be changed back to normal magically. You'll see.

Gus: Alright.

The animals huddled up with Stanley, the kids and our heroes and begin to yawn before going to sleep.

Gus (tired): Stanley.

Stanley (tired): Yeah?

Gus (tired): Would you teach me how to have a green thumb?

Stanley(laughing): Okay. Gus: We could make flowers.

Stanley: Right.

Gus (yawning): And blow it all to smithereens.

Stanley takes a quick look at Gus, who is sleeping with Rosie.

Gus: Wouldn't that be cool?

But Stanley is already asleep and our heroes are getting tired also.

Agumon: Well, it looks like we're going to hit they hay for now. (yawning)

Yugi: I agree, Agumon.

Goodnight, guys.

Digi-Squad and Duelists: Goodnight.

The Digi-Squad and the duelists have already fallen asleep, and they along with Stanley and the kids sleep happily while fireflies flutter below them on the flower tower. But meanwhile, in Technodrome, Foot Clan leader, the Shredder, (secretly and formerly known as Oroku Saki) and his partner Krang have been watching our heroes on the monitor screen.



Agumon's Adventures Eyecatch #5

Agumon's Adventures Eyecatch #6

Destination: Central Park/Gus and Rosie Decide to Go Home

Back at the Kingdom of Trolls, Gnorga was reading the newspaper. The front says "Surprisingly Soft Sentence For Stanley" while she read the pages.

Gnorga: "Gnorga and Llort: Laughing Stock? No Authority? Bad Trolls Turning Good for Wrecked Peace?"

In a furious movement, Gnorga puts the newspaper down to see Llort and the Shredder's mutants.

Gnorga: Have you seen this?

Llort: Seen what, sugarshins?

Bebop: Is the Shredder coming here to see us and you two?

Gnorga: No, you idiot! There's something else I'm concerned about.

Rocksteady: Then what's that, your uglyness?

Gnorga: These blasted editorials! They say our power slipping... (tossing the paper behind her) We had no hold on our people! (picking up her hand mirror while starting to worry) Oh! Oh, don't they know bad pressure clears up my exquisite warts?

Rocksteady: Oh, It's always the same thing. Is to think again, think again.

Bebop: The Digi-Squad are still on duty to save the universe from Lord Dragaunus, remember?

Rocksteady: Even their first set of Digi-team members, the duelists will always be with them, and so will other future heroes.

Gnorga: Ha! I see what you mean about the Digi-Squad. But they will not keep defending the universe any longer, as my own objects will learn.

Rocksteady: Aw, yes.

Gnorga: (picking her dog up to bath it and talking to Llort about Stanley and our heroes): Maybe it's time we told them we drown that pidgeful little freak and those bewildered friends of his. That is what you make sure we did...drown them.

Not listening to Gnorga, Llort kisses his reflection on the crystal shard.

Llort: Good night. See you first thing in the morning.

Insulted by Llort, Gnorga is getting very irritated.

Gnorga (shouting): I told you to make sure they're GOOOOONE!

And with that, Gnorga shoots a beam of energy from her finger as Llort, Bebop and Rocksteady dodges it, hitting the shard and then it went back on with a blur.

Rocksteady: Gee, that was close!

Llort: We don't see them, llamalegs. I mean look.

While Llort and the two mutants were distracted, the shard shows Stanley and our two teams of heroes sleeping with the children, the flowers and the animals. Luckily, Bebop and Rocksteady finally saw this and become a bit horrified.

Llort: Not a hint. Not a trace. Not a clue. (laughs)

Bebop: Oh, no? Then who's behind us?

As an answer to Bebop's question, Llort finally sees the image of Stanley and the Digimon, then he becomes shocked.

Llort: Ohh! Ooh!

Gnorga: What is it?

Llort (stammering in trying not to tell Gnorga about what he saw): Uh, nothing, uh nothing. Nothing to worry your, uh, pleasing plump little head.

Rocksteady (annoyed): Are you out of your mind?

Gnorga (suspicious with Llort): I need you to tell me, Llort. Did I or didn't I put that wretched little creature and his friends out of MY misery?

Llort (finally giving in while stammering): Well, er, well, er, not strictly speaking, uh, bunnybum?

Gnorga (enraged): WHAAAAT!?

Bebop: Is there something you do not want to tell her, pal?

Rocksteady: If you don't it now, we'll all be stone soup.

Llort (trying to repeat what he said in the first place): I said...

Gnorga (cutting off Llort): I heard what you said. What I want to know is WHYYYYY!?

In a rage, Gnorga throws her dog's bone at Llort and the Foot Clan mutants, but the three ducks and the bone hits the crystal shard instead, revealing Stanley and the Digimon then go blurry again.

Gnorga (having a fit): Why won't we do things my way to begin with!?

The hot-headed Gnorga then started to throw more things that she pick up, like a rock.

Llort: Be careful!

Gnorga: Do you know what they're saying about us? (picking up the water tub and throwing it too) Finished, washed up. They're calling me first to RESIGN! They're afraid any troll anywhere can be...GOOD!





Gnorga (picking up her dog): Without warning, think of it. I can't think of it. It's too dreadful. Too horrifying. It can't happen.

In thinking of a new idea to turn Stanley to stone and destroy the Digimon, Gnorga starts patting her dog very rough that it whimpers, then figures it out another strategy.

Gnorga: I'll go there myself, and finish that happy little mutant and his allies...TONIGHT!

Then the voice of the Shredder is heard talking to Gnorga, Llort and the mutants, getting their attention.

Shredder: That you will do, troll queen Gnorga.

As Gnorga, Llort, Rocksteady and Bebop then look to the crystal shard, the image of the Shredder appear to communicate with them.

Bebop and Rocksteady: Shredder!

Gnorga: So you are the Shredder I've heard about last time?

Shredder: Yes, Gnorga.




Rocksteady: Ooh, ooh! Can we come, too? Can we, can we, can we?

Gnorga: Of course, you're coming you imbecilic buffoons! That's why I'm going there by using my magic of misfortune to take us.

Bebop: You hear that? She also called us imbecilic buffoons.

Rocksteady: And you said she is as bad as the toitles?

Shredder (talking to Gnorga): I'll do it.

Gnorga: Huh?

Shredder: It won't be necessary for a lady to do the job herself. You want to turn Stanley to stone, and eliminate the Digimon, Gnorga? Then we shall need to form our team-ship to join forces. First, we'll let you have Stanley, then later on, we will dispose of the Digimon along with the duelists associating with them. And for our last set of targets, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Rocksteady: Hey, boss! We've almost messed up those toitles just as you ordered, you know?

Bebop: And just like crushing stuff that's green, we nearly got the chance to do so.

Rocksteady: But we were beaten again and again.

Shredder: You two will try again to do as you must. But first, I must teleport you back to me and Krang in Central Park.

Gnorga: Ahh, yes. Why didn't you say so?

Rocksteady: Ooh, ooh! Central Park! That's in New York! I remember that joint, boss!

Bebop: Me too, but's that's on Oith (Earth). That means we're going there, and then we're gonna cause some mayhem and havoc with plenty of Foot Soldiers just like you always wanted.

Shredder: Good, my mutants. Now, prepare for teleportation!

Rocksteady: Right! Queen Gnorga?

Bebop: If you let go first.

Gnorga: Very well, you first.

In Technodrome...


Back at the troll kingdom...



Shredder: As you wish, Gnorga. See you in Central Park.

And as soon as the Shredder disappear from the Crystal shard, Gnorga then uses her magic to create a horrible purple tornado to transport herself and Llort to Earth in order to meet up with the Foot Clan.

Llort: No! No, my dear! No! That place is too dangerous. Besides, it's green.

Ignoring Llort's warning, Gnorga went chanting with her magical words to her teleportation spell.

Gnorga: Wind, wind. Howl in the dark, and trash someplace called Central Park.

Llort: Wait! Wait! (whimpering) WAAAAAAIT!

After Gnorga got pulled in the trans-dimensional tornado-like portal, Llort caught up to it, and the same thing happened to him as he too went up screaming. We dissolve to the next scene with Gnorga's laughter, where the portal enters New York and begins to turn everything at Central Park into a total wasteland. Starting with every single patch of green in Central Park like grass, tree leaves, bushes and most importantly flowers. Meanwhile, back Stanley's hideout, everybody were sleeping peacefully until Gus woke up and yawned. He looked around for a bit and then quietly crawled to Rosie.

Gus (whispering): Rosie. Rosie, wake up. We have to go.

Rosie moves a little.

Gus (whispering): Rosie, come on. It's late. We gotta go home.

Rosie (waking up): Home. Troll.

Gus (whispering): He'll be okay and so will the others. Come on. Shhhh. Before they wake up.

The squirrel wakes up to watch Gus and Rosie leave quietly. Gus picks Rosie up and they begin to get going. Rosie, on the other hand, sighs even though she hate to say goodbye to Stanley, the Digi-Squad and the Duelists. And while Gus picks his boat up, Rosie puts her bottle of milk next to Stanley and she sang a little song to her troll friend.

Rosie (singing): Troll. Troll. Troll, Troll, Troll. (kissing Stanley) Troll. Troll. Troll.

Gus (whispering): We have to get home before Mom and Dad.

After Rosie picks her bottle up, she and Gus leave quietly only to get back home while Stanley and our heroes sleep. The two kids climbed out of the cave and out of the hole of the bridge as they head home. Rosie trips a little bit.

Gus: Come on. (looking at the Digimon and the duelists, thinking to herself): Digi-Squad? I'll thank you and the duelists for protecting us. Keep up the fighting spirit, Digimon. Save our world and the rest of the universe from the Saurians, the Raptors, the Foot Clan and more bad guys. We'll meet again soon. Good-bye.

The two siblings then climb up the hill while Stanley then took a big snooze. When they made it up, they were underneath the bride where there was the river. Then they started to walk up around to get on the sidewalk as the animals come out and watch them leave. Unfortunately for Gus and Rosie, they were both surprised to see how spooky Central Park looked due to Gnorga's doing even though it was getting dark.

Gus (looking around): Wow! What happened? I don't like this.

Rosie too is feeling scared, and she started whining.

Gus: It's okay, Rosie. It's okay. (lifting the wagon up) Come on, we better go home now.

And with that, the two kids set off for their journey back to their apartment.

The Villains' New Plan/Chasing the Kids

Meanwhile, on the other part of Central Park, the Shredder, Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady have a meeting while waiting for Gnorga and Llort to show up.

Rocksteady: Oh, I just hate walking miles from far away. I hate it! I hate it!



Rocksteady: Boss? When will Queen Gnorga and King Llort be coming here to see us?


Krang: Oh, yeah? Just look who's finally here.

As the Foot Clan look on, Gnorga, Llort and their dog arrive to see the the evil ninja army and help make things even more miserable. The troll queen was getting exhausted while the troll king comes behind her with the dog biting his leg.

Shredder: Queen Gnorga

Gnorga: Yes. You said it was big. Yes. You told me it was wide... but you didn't say it was bigger... (hops onto a tree) ...than Troll World, and Gremlin Land, and Goblinville put together! How in the name of "Shartarb" are we ever going to find them.

Bebop: She means Stanley and those Digital Monsters.

Rocksteady: That's what

Llort: Oh, I don't know, cow ears. It was your idea to come here. (Smelling Gnorga's sandals and chuckling) If you don't mind me saying so.

Gnorga: I do mind your saying so. My feet hurt, my warts are getting blisters, and my corns are getting bunions!






Then Gnorga hears the sound of a wagon and gasps with excitement, and so did Krang.

Gnorga: Oh, but wait.

Rocksteady: Could it be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Bebop: Yeah, let us at...

Gnorga shushes Llort, while the Shredder held out his hands to silence the mutants, and the two villain leaders see what's going on down there. Llort, Krang Rocksteady and Bebop also watch the same happening.

Gnorga: What's this? (snickering) A troll boy with a nasty temper?

Shredder (correcting Gnorga): A human boy with a nasty temper.

Bebop: Yup. It's him alright.

Rocksteady: Wait, he's not alone. Look who's behind him.

The trolls and the Foot Clan gaze upon Gus and Rosie who are passing by them on their way home without even noticing them. Despite the Shredder's correction, Gnorga finds Gus very troll-like, but Rosie doesn't look as troll-like as she see the trolls and the Foot Clan.

Llort: And look, that sweet and adorable little baby.

Outraged to hear about what her husband said nicely, Gnorga growls at Llort, making him realize what the two trolls and the Foot Clan must do as part of their scheme to conquer the Earth for the Saurians.

Llort (frustrated): Horrible creature, isn't she?

But then Llort looked a Gnorga who is about to hit him, and her dog bites him again, making him scream in pain. On the other side of the log, the animals spy on what Gnorga and the Foot Clan are planning on Gus and Rosie, and realize that they have the advantage of using them as bait to make a trap for not only Stanley, but the Digi-Squad and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.. They go back to the bridge to warn Stanley and our heroes about the villains' plan. Stanley, the Digimon and the duelists are still sleeping when they arrived. The animals started trying to wake up Stanley and our heores and tell them about Gnorga, Llort and the Foot Clan going after the kids, but it's clear that some of the Digimon have dreams.

Gomamon (dreaming in his mind and mimicking his partner Joe): "No, mom! I don't want to go to school! I want to stay home with you to make some cookies!"

Elsewhere, Gus and Rosie are still walking through the ruined Central Park. They turned around to see how spooky the park looks, and then they turned around to continued their journey. Unbeknownst to the kids, Gnorga peek her head from behind, then disappaers for a quick moment, and she finally come out ridding on a bicycle and holding a sword with deviously snickers. Llort also appear from the same rock and on his bike with shield, and they started following the children. Rocksteady and Bebop came from behind a tree, ready to carry out the orders of the Shredder and Krang to help the trolls.

Rocksteady (snickering): This is better than catching a mouse along with a rabbit and a boar.

Bebop: At least you didn't say warthog. Now which kid should we take. A girl or a boy?

Rocksteady: Krang wants both, that's why we must have them for our plan.

Back at the kids, Gus turned around again and there's still nothing behind him and Rosie. Gus is beginning to become nervous, until he and Rosie again resume their one-way trip back home to their apartment. But far behind, the trolls and the mutants are prepared for a sneak attack.

Gnorga (waving her sword at Llort): AFTER THEM!

Both Llort and Gnorga begin chasing the kids with their bikes, but Rocksteady and Bebop ran on the ground to catch up to them.

Rocksteady: Two captured twoips coming up.

Gnorga starts screaming out a battle cry, then a gust of wind blew behind Gus to fall on his belly, knocking him down. He and Rosie finally saw Gnorga coming after them with a maniacal laughter.

Gus: Hang on, Rosie! Hang on!

Getting on the wagon he was pulling, Gus makes an attempt to get himself and Rosie away from Gnorga. The boy then pulls the wagon over to find out the Gnorga has sneaked up and is now in front of him and Rosie. With a terrified yell, Gus turns the wagon pushing Gnorga off of her bike. Gnorga furiously picks her sword up and then Llort and the mutants unexpectedly push her over making her to go flying past Gus and Rosy and then runs into a rock bumping her head The wagon hits Gnorga causing Gus and rosy to go flying as well.


The wagon lands back on the ground goes sliding down, but the Gnorga uses her breath to blow them. Her breath of wind knocks a stone gate down right in front of the kids.

Gus: Whoa!

Gnorga sucks her breath up to bring the children to her. Gus gasps to see that he and Rosy are going back to Gnorga while she laughs wickedly again getting to them.

Llort: Wait for me, tootsie toes!

Bebop: And make way for Bebop and Rocksteady.

Rocksteady: And away we go!

But the two clumsy mutants, not looking at where they are going instead of following the trolls, bump into a nearby rock and hit the ground. Gus gasps again and Gnorga yells out another laughter until both the kids and the troll queen bumped into each other. Gnorga now has Rosie in her grasp.

Gnorga: Gotcha. (snickering)

Then suddenly, a bell sound came from behind her. Llort was coming down a hill awfully fast and bump into Gnorga from behind, pushing her and Gus back. When Gnorga landed on the ground, she still has Rosie and chuckles sinisterly. the screaming Gus was going backwards really fast and crashed into a merry-go-round. Now uninjured and safe, Gus is glad that he have manage to avoid Gnorga and unexpectedly Bebop and Rocksteady, not realizing that Rosie is still missing.

Gus: I think we've lost them, Rosie. (looks back to finds her gone in confusion) Rosie?

A scream from Rosie is then heard, and Gus realizes that Gnorga has got her.

Gus: Rosie! What am I gonna do? Um, uh, I'll get Stanley, the Digi-Squad and the duelists. They know what to do. Stanley!

Gus comes out from under a merry-go-round horse and his wagon, and then he went back to Stanley and our heroes for help. 

"Phase 1 Done, Phase 2 Next."/The Turtles and Splinter

Back to the trolls and the Foot Clan, they were pleased to have Rosie as their first stage of a planned trap for the Digi-Squad and Stanley. 

Rocksteady: Bosses, we got that goil. 


Bebop: Yeah, but we've failed to catch that boy. 

Shredder: That does not matter! At least, his sister is all that we need for a second phase of our scheme. 

Rosie is sobbing in fright when the Shredder went down to the girl to quiet her down. 

Shredder: Do not cry, my young lady. We have no intention of hurting you at anytime. 

Rocksteady: But we want to, Shredder, this will make her stop... 

Shredder (cutting off Rocksteady): Silence! 

"You're a Coward!"/The Digi-Squad Meets the Turtles and Splinter

Back at Stanley's hideout, the still tired friendly troll is yawning as the animals try to tell him, the Digi-Squad and the Duelists about Gnorga capturing either Gus or Rosie with help from the Foot Clan.

Stanley (tired): What? Wh...what time is it?

Joey (sleep talking): What's for breakfast? I hope it's gonna be waffles, tasty waffles with lots of syrup.

Yugi (sleep talking to Joey): No, Joey. We're dieting with a typical breakfast from Japan.

Joey: Aww...

Tristan (sleep talking): You'll have waffles next time, alright?

Stanley: Oh, night time.

The rabbit and the squirrel explain to Stanley about Gnorga's action and they do an act only to tell him all about it, but Stanley didn't understand them.

Stanley: What? Oh, I'll tell you what. Come back tomorrow when the sun comes up and I'll sit with you. Goodnight.

When Stanley goes back to sleep, the rabbit got so annoyed it won't let him stay lazy any longer. And with a kick from its feet, it pushes him off the tower and onto the balcony. Hitting the ground, Stanley woke up with a startle and heard Gnorga's laugh. As Stanley hears, Gnorga, standing outside the abandoned building, is calling out for him as she holds Rosie captive with Bebop and Rocksteady each by her side.

Gnorga: Oh, Stanley! Wakey, wakey! I've got the little baby! I've got the baby!

Bebop: Victory will soon belong to the Foot Clan and the Saurians! Got that?

Rocksteady: You have a choice, Digimon, give yourselves and the world to us, or kiss that little goil goodbye!

Gnorga laughs evilly as she, Bebop and Rocksteady to the abandoned building with Rosie, and back in the cave, the animals got Stanley back up and again try to tell Stanley about Gnorga and the Foot Clan mutants holding the little girl prisoner. The Digi-Squad and the duelists also got up after hearing the villains' voices.

Stanley (groans indistinctly): Who? What?

Tristan: And who is this little girl?

Agumon: Wait a minute! Don't tell us...

Gomamon: No, they don't mean...

Meanwhile, Gus is entering the cave to get help from Stanley, the Digimon and the duelists.

Gus: Stanley! Digimon! Duelists!

Suddenly, Gnorga's laugh caused an earthquake making Gus to fall in and slide down into the cave screaming and lastly made a soft landing on a raccoon.

Gnorga: Stanley?

Rocksteady: What's da matter, cowards?

Bebop: Cats got your tongues?

Much more greater than the mutants' laughter, Gnorga's laugh also made an earthquake to destroy Stanley's hideout too.

Stanley (panicking): Gnorga!

Tentomon: Oh, no! Not now!

Stanley (hiding into the flowers that got scared): Gnorga! Oh.

Gus: She's here! She's got Rosie!

Biyomon: Are you saying that she has your sister, and is holding her for ransom?

Gus: Yes! And she's been assisted by a warthog and rhino, both humanoid!

Yugi: Bebop and Rocksteady! It must be the work of the Shredder, the ninja leader of the Foot Clan.

Joey: But I though the turtles already beat them.

Yugi: No! In our opinion, by sending Rocksteady and Bebop, he and Krang help Gnorga and Llort succeed to take Rosie and are currently planning to use her as a bait just to lure us and Stanley out for them.

Tentomon: You're right, Yugi. And it look like they won't stop until all of us are destroyed, so that rest of the Foot Clan, the Saurians and the other villains could take over your world.

Gomamon: But, Gus, did they almost got you too?

Gus: They did, but I got away from them!

Agumon: Gus, if your sister is in trouble, than I say we help you save her! Right, guys?

Tea: Anything for Gus and his beloved little sister.

Palmon: That means yes!

Gus (picking up Stanley): You gotta help me get her back!

Joey: Great idea! The rescue mission without risking certain death!

Gabumon: Are you coming with us, Stanley?

Stanley (refusing): No, no, no. I can't.

Gus: But you're the only who can help. YOU'VE got the green thumb!

Stanley looks at his now glowing thumb and then hides it behind him with an embarrassing look on his face, then suddenly, the voices of Gnorga, Bebop and Rocksteady are heard shouting out for Stanley, the Digimon and their friends, making the cave vibrate even more and the flowers' light beams goes out with firework-like sparkle dust.




Yugi (growling angrily): Darn that Gnorga and those mutants!

Patamon: They're as bad as VenomMyotismon!

Gomamon: And beyond that, they don't have the right to kill her just because she's just a little kid.

Stanley is starting to get petrified as he stammers indistinctly.

Gus: Oh, come on! Stop being such a scaredy-cat!

With a scream, Stanley jumps out of Gus' hands and hides behind his toy boat.

Stanley: Yeah, but what can I do?

Gus: What about all your powers... (angrily picking up his toy boat) ...Mr. "You Gotta Believe" Green Thumb?

Stanley: Oh, no, no, no. My presentation is no match for Gnorga's magic.

Gus: Oh, sure! You're just saying that, because you're too scared to fight her!

The flowers gasp upon hearing what Gus has said as if he is insulting Stanley, even the Digimon and the duelists could barely understand how serious the boy is.

Gatomon (talking to Stanley): How come you're afraid of the mean queen and king of trolls, are you?

Patamon (outraged at Gatomon): GATOMON!? Gnorga is MUCH MEANER than Llort!

Gatomon: Calm down, Patamon. I know how correct you are, because of his softness on us.

Yugi: You don't have courage and valor inside of you, do you?

Tristan: Why won't you just help us find Gnorga and the Foot Clan, and beat them?

Stanley: I...I..uh, I can't! Gnorga. Oh, you don't know Gnorga. She'll destroy me, she'll marbleize me. Not to mention allow this Saurian Overlord Dragaunus and other villains to hunt down and kill the Digi-Squad, so that he can rule Earth.

Gus: Well, I'm not scared!

As Gus then walks away to save Rosie, the flowers, realizing Gus' determination, become brave and decided to come with the boy. The Digital Monsters and the Duelists did the same thing too.

Stanley: I'll help you if I could, but I can't. She'll turn me into stone and I don't want to be rockinized. GUS! Don't you understand? In the troll world, darkness always triumphs over light!

Gus: You know what, Stanley? You'll never have a dream come true! And you know why? Because you're too scared to fight in what you believe in, you're a COWARD!

Gus furiously throws his toy boat into the water as he and the flowers went out of the cave and back to the surface leaving Stanley behind all by himself. After watching Gus and the anthropomorphic flowers leave, the Digi-Squad and the duelists then look back at Stanley with sad looks on their faces.

Palmon: We tried to help you build up your courage, and this is how we failed.

Tea: I agree with Palmon.

Agumon (feeling sad): We're sorry, Stanley.

Gabumon: Yeah, we wish you could come with us to rescue Rosie. But you left us no choice but to leave you behind because of your cowardice.

Yugi: Just try not to forget about us as we go.

Agumon (angry): Just wait, trolls and Foot Clan, we're coming for you!

Gatomon: If it's us you want, then we'll surrender to you for Dragaunus' sake. But not to include Stanley!

And right after our heroes left, Stanley is all alone and very depressed as he watch Gus' boat floating on the water. Once outside, the Digi-Squad and duelists manage to catch up to Gus and the flowers. They halted him just to think who else will help them fight against the trolls and the Foot Clan.


Yugi: Yes, we're good to be back in our normal selves again.

Gnorga's Violent Beating on Llort/Defeating Bebop and Rocksteady

The next shows shows the city before the camera moves our views to the sight of an abandoned building when a storm is approaching with thunderclap. After finding it which turns out to be a perfect place for Gnorga, Llort and the Foot Clan mutants to make a trap for Stanley, Gus and our heroes are climbing up to it to save Rosie with some help from the flowers, the turtles and Splinter. Among the duelists, Yugi Muto is now Yami Yugi after activating his Millennium Puzzle.

Yami Yugi: Well, any sign of them?

Raphael: There's the bars with light coming out. Let's stop there.

So Gus, the flowers, Splinter, the turtles, the Digi-Squad and the duelists halt by the bars to watch Gnorga, Llort, Bebop and Rocksteady when they hear the troll queen complaining about the villains' one last effort to get Stanley and let her turn him to stone in addition to destroying the Digimon and their friends.

Gnorga (talking to Llort): Why should I listen to you, and send him here? I should have send him to Goblinville!

Inside, Gnorga is getting impatient for Stanley to come as she continue to thunder and scold Llort.

Gnorga (groans): They know how to deal with a smiling happy little troll!

Rocksteady: Oh, anyone can make a mistake.

Bebop: Yeah! (snorting) Especially us.

Gnorga: Shut up! You don't have to remind me.

Bebop: Sorry.

Leonardo (whispering to the Digimon and the duelists): There they are.

Agumon (whispering): So this is Bebop and Rocksteady?

Michelangelo (whispering): That's right, dude. They were among the human gangsters until the Shredder hire them for his dirty work and turn them into mutants just like us.

The image of Yugi appears next to his own body under Yami's possession.

Yugi (whispering): That's weird. Where's the Shredder and Krang?

Splinter: They are returned to Technodrome, where Krang use every technology to do anything for evil.

Joey (whispering): We get it now. But we can't stand by and watch anymore action from the Foot Clan and the trolls.

Tristan (speaking loudly): There's got to be an easier way to make them pay!

Tea (whispering): Keep quiet, Tristan! They'll might hear us!

But it's too late, for back inside the room, Bebop and Rocksteady have overheard only the Digimon and the duelists.

Rocksteady: Hey! Do you hear something?

Bebop: It sounds like we have some trespassers entering our hideout.

Rocksteady: Could it be the Digimon with these duelizt twoips?

Bebop: Yes, they are finally here outside by the bars! (snorts) But with no Stanley.

Our two teams of heroes gasps to hear that the mutants, without even looking up to the bars, have sensed them outside with Gus and the flowers thanks to Tristan as they, along with Splinter and the turtles continue to watch. Then they became starting by Gnorga's louder tone as they listen to her thundering at the mutants.

Gnorga: NO STANLEY!? That's impossible! You two must be dreaming!

Back inside...

Rocksteady: Yeah, but we're not dreaming, Queen Gnorga. The Digi-Squad are finally here. Unfortunetly, they didn't even bring Stanley with them.

Bebop: We really sense them outside here without even looking!

While Gnorga and the mutant quarrel among themselves indistinctly, Gus and the flowers with the Digimon, the duelists and the turtles from behind continue watching. Back at the same room, Gnorga's dog also overhear the group, and growls upon seeing them. And as Gus shushes the flowers, it barks loudly at them and the heroes only to get the attention of Gnorga, Llort and the Foot Clan Mutants.

Gnorga: Hush up!

Startled, Gnorga's dog whimpers and settles down.

Bebop: But your dog is trying to warn you too!

Rocksteady: We almost told you, the Digi-Squad and the duelists are still outside!

Bebop: We got to make an emergency call to...

Gnorga: Quiet!

Both the mutants got also started by Gnorga to be told to keep their mouths shut, then they hear Rosie banging on the bars on her cage which is actually a pitch fork and look at her.

Gnorga: Hush up. Hush up! Hush UP!

Rosie: You're a booger.

To take advantage of Gnorga, Rosie pulls on her nose and hurts her with a giggle, making Gnorga very annoyed while she heals her nose. Now that Rosie had done it, Gnorga becomes very pissed with a growl and prepares to make the girl suffer the consequence. Not wanting to let his wife hurt Rosie, Llort tries to calm her down while preventing her from turning her to stone. The Foot Clan mutants also watch from their current spots, and so are the turtles, the Digi-Squad and their friends with Gus and the flowers from outside the bars.

Gnorga (trying to shove Llort aside) Ooh! I'll turn you to stone!

Llort: No!

Gnorga (speaking monstrously): Let me at her.

An angry Gnorga attempted to turn Rosie to stone, but Llort restrained her by holding our, making her fire purple sparks all over the place, prompting the mutants to dodge.

Llort: Wait! She's our bait!

Gnorga (not caring what Llort is saying): Sometime, I want her hurt too!

Llort: NNNO! We need her to attract Stanley and his friends!

As both the troll king and queen kepting power-struggling with each other, Gnorga's dog then bites Llort by pulling him by his sock.

Llort: Stop attacking me! Why do you always attack me? Down!

Gnorga's dog then bites him on the leg.

Llort: Sit...

As the dog then bites even harder, Llort went screaming with panic and then Gnorga slams him to the ground with a judo throw. She then started beating the heck out of him, making her dog flee. Back outside, the Digi-Squad, the duelists and the turtles watch and felt very sorry to see how Llort get an abusive beating from Gnorga.

Biyomon (laughing): Oh, boy! Looks like Gnorga is so abusive on Llort.

Agumon: Yeah, but this is not funny at all. She is too rough on him because he's stopping her from turning Rosie to stone.

Yami Yugi: Then that means we're right about him. He is a different troll, kind and gentle like Stanley.

Gabumon: That is why he is not evil after all.

Gomamon (feeling sorry): Poor Llort.

Joey: It's hard to see the king take the beating from his own queen.

Back inside the room, Bebop and Rocksteady, unable to watch Gnorga and Llort keep fighting, make a communication to the Shredder in Krang's Technodrome.

Bebop: This is Bebop, calling Shredder at Technodrome!

In Technodrome....




Shredder: That's not worse of all. The turtles are also here with them!

Bebop: They are?

Shredder: Yes!

Rocksteady: What should we do about all of them without Stanley, boss?

Shredder: "Find them and destroy them." said Shredder!

Bebop: Gotcha! Bebop and Rocksteady, over and out! All right, it's just you and I alone against those toitles and Digimon.

Rocksteady: Yeah! Looks like we better go outside... (snorting) And take care of them for Shredder and Lord Dragaunus.

Bebop: Yeah! Back to where we're supposed to do.

Tea (angry): Now look you done it, Tristan! We're easy targets for those mutants because of you!

Tristan: Look here! It's not my fault, Tea! I was frustrated.

Tea: Well, you could've lower your voice too!

Michelangelo: Chill down, dudes and dudettes! We'll be the ones they want.

Agumon: You?

Leonardo: Yes, us turtles. We're the special mutants skilled in martial arts. When Rocksteady and Bebop come by over here, then we'll give a signal to attack.

Donatello: What he's saying is that we're still going to help you guys free Rosie.

Back inside the building, Gnorga continue to beat up Llort with her dog still biting him, until the king accidentally kicked the fork down and onto the queen, knocking her into her state of dizziness. This also released Rosie from her small prison and she crawls out, making Llort follow her.

Llort: No!

And while Gnorga lands on the ground,

Gnorga: That mutant little troll and those misfit Digital Monsters has proven themselves to be monstrously more trouble than they're worth!

The still-fuming Gnorga walks toward Llort who started understanding Gnorga's desperate needs to have Stanley and the Digimon defeated for good.

Llort: I know, I quite agree. That's why we truly need the little baby to bring them here so we can finish them. (chuckling) Remember?

Gnorga: Yes, I remember. But where are Bebop and Rocksteady?

Llort: Bebop and Rocksteady? (looking around): Oh, um, I'm afraid they've gone out to find Stanley and the Digi-Squad. They're alternating our trap by us letting them hunt them down and exterminate them.

Gnorga: Ah, good. But at least, they should kill those fools and then bring Stanley to us.

Llort: They will, my dear, just as the Shredder promised for not only you, but for Lord Dragaunus too. But for now, we must need time to relax. Come on, now. Take a deep breath. Inhale. 

As Llort continue to repeat his direction for Gnorga, Gus and the flowers are the first to sneak in and hide behind the crate, waiting for their next move to rescue Rosie. Back outside, the turtles, the Digimon and the duelists sees Gus' signal and decide to go in too.

Patamon: That's a signal for Gus.




But as the three hero teams continue talking quietly, the turtles are also so busy that they all didn't notice Bebop and Rocksteady coming by and seeing them up on the cliff by the bars.

Bebop: Look. Those toitles again.




Back to our heroes and the turtles...

Agumon: Everyone, the coast is clear to go in.

Dotanello: Why not let the Digimon go in, since they're almost in Gus' size? We turtles and duelists will wait here with Splinter.

Tea: Maybe you're right. We're all too big to squeeze through the bars.

Yami Yugi: That's right, you guys go in last. We'll all wait for you, Gus and Rosie to come out.

Tentomon: Don't mind if we do.

Raphael: There goes a good turtle, plus eight hottest Digimon.

Suddenly, Bebop and Rocksteady came up from behind and grabbed only Splinter, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael by the necks, causing the Digimon and the duelists to look back.

Rocksteady (snarling): Well, well, well. Lookey what we found.

Yami Yugi: Rocksteady, Bebop!

Joey: Hey, what's the deal!?

Tristan: Picking up somebody your own size?

Agumon: Are you Bebop and Rocksteady?

Bebop: That's right. We're members of the Foot Clan, under command of the Shredder.

Yami Yugi: Is this how you are working for the Saurians, and now Gnorga as well?


Bebop: You've been foiling the Saurians' and the Raptors' plan for world conquest a lot of time. You've even outsmarted us a few times, concluding with partnership with those toitles.

Rocksteady: For all that, you all must be destroyed! Starting with those ninja toitles.

Agumon: You mutant creeps, let them go! We're your enemies!

Rocksteady: True, true, true. But we must deal with the toitles first!

Bebop (tossing Michelangelo): We've got a score to settle with you next, little twoips!

Rocksteady throws both Raphael and Leonardo right at a wall, making them crash through the trash cans in the process of hitting the wall.

Agumon: Hey! You can't do that you our friends!

Joey: You won't get away with this!

Gabumon: Get them!

Agumon, Gabumon, Joey then charge at the mutants, but Bebop also grabs Joey and Rocksteady knocks the two Digimon down to Leonardo and Raphael with a single strike.

Rocksteady: Aww, did I hurt yous? This will make it better.

Pulling out his gun or rifle, Rocksteady begins firing bullets of red energy at them, but Leonardo, Raphael, Agumon and Gabumon quickly manage to dodge the blasts.

Bebop (holding Splinter and Joey): We don't like rats and wimps in our fair city. (snorts) Maybe I should wring your sticking necks.

Before Bebop could crush both Splinter and Joey, Michelangelo pushes a dumpster behind him, shoving him in.

Michelangelo: Not so fast, homeboy.

Splinter then kicks Bebop in the face, freeing himself and Joey from the mutant warthog's grasp.

Joey: Nice kick, Splinter!

Tristan: Come on, we've got to help our friends.

On the other hand of the fight, Rocksteady kept firing nonstop trying to find not only Leonardo, Raphael, Agumon and Gabumon, but unknowingly the other turtles, the duelists and the Digimon who came to them in their hiding spot.

Rocksteady: Drink blazen electric dents, toitles and Digi-twoips!

Raphael: Well, the boy likes his work.

Yami Yugi: In this case, then it's time for an all-out attack together.

Tentomon: Guys, you better watch out!

As the turtles, the Digimon and the duelists look on, Bebop lifted a red car and throws it at them they were hiding. They quickly dodge the car as it crashed.

Agumon: Everyone, ready?

Other Digimon: Ready!

Gomamon: Bubble Deflector!

Tristan: Way to go, Agumon!

Bebop (groaning): Why, you!

Agumon: Hey, Bebop, you're mine!

Bebop: Bring it on, Digi-dinosaur!

Gomamon: Get 'em, Agumon! Go, go!

Palmon: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Agumon: Claw Uppercut!

Using his upper-cut attack with his claw, Agumon sends Bebop flying up into the air with one blow. Then, jumping up to catch up to Bebop, the leader of the Digimon team from the Digital World give a mid-air counter attack and hammels him back to the ground with his foot.

Agumon: Pepper Breath!

With one small explosion, Agumon's Pepper Breath attack blows Bebop away only for him to hit the ground. And while Rocksteady is distracted from non-stop firing with his energy rifle, Leonardo draws out one of his twin katanas and slashes a nearby traffic lamp post, landing it on Rocksteady's head really hard as his eyes turn into red light/yellow light visions. Gabumon then came by and launched a surprise attack.

Gabumon: Blue Blaster!

With his water-like blast from his mouth, Gabumon pushes away Rocksteady and sends him to where Bebop is after the mutant warthog get a beating from Agumon.

Leonardo: I think their starting to tire.

Joey (impressed with Leonardo's comment): Ha ha ha! I guess these guys should give up now.

Raphael: You heard the kid? Enough is enough, so now you must surrender and go back to Technodrome while you still can.

Bebop (snorting): Never! Why should we surrender?

Rocksteady: Nobody else like you toitles or these Digimon can surpass the might of the Foot Clan.

Gatomon: I'd say that you need to learn a little more about good manners. We're not hurting anything except maybe you mutant klutz.

Agumon: In other words, we're good at fighting tough guys such as you two if we please.

Rocksteady: Oh, yeah? We'll see who's good at tough guys to fight! FOOT SOLDIERS!

On Rocksteady's call, the Foot Soldiers, ninja minions of the Shredder appear from out of nowhere, jumping through the air and landing on the ground in front of Bebop and Rocksteady to face the turtles and our two team of heroes.

Gomamon: Foot Soldiers?

Joey: That's them!

Bebop: Foot Soldiers, those toitles are your targets.

Rocksteady: So are these Digimon and their Digi-Squad members: the Duelists!

Bebop and Rocksteady: Attack them all!

Foot Soldiers: Right!

Agumon: Pepper Breath!

Gabumon: Blue Blaster! Pah!

Biyomon: Spiral Twister! Rah!

Tentomon: Super Shocker!

Palmon: Poison Ivy!

Gomamon: Marching Fishes!

Patamon: Boom Bubble!

Gatomon: Lightning Paw!

Rocksteady: Impossible! The Foot Soldiers are beaten!

Bebop: And we're next.

Leonardo: Now, this is your last chance. Retreat to Technodrome, unless we'll teach you more martial arts lessons!

Agumon: Yeah, just take it from us!

Rocksteady: Oooh, more mortial arts lessons? Than how about we give more driving lessons!? Bebop, get ready!

Bebop: Right!

And to fight back, Rocksteady and Bebop began throwing cars at the turtles, the Digimon and the duelists, forcing them to run away and dodge them.

Tristan: Hey! Not a fair fight!

The turtles and the heroes each hide behind the rocks while the Foot Clan mutants kept throwing more vehicles until they finally start to feel fatigue.

Rocksteady: Oh, nuts! I can't throw another car!

Bebop: Me too.

Raphael: Oh, great, in a few more hours they'll barley throw a car at us.

Yami Yugi: They are sure massive, Raphael, but throwing cars are wrong weapons when it comes to fighting.

Michelangelo (pointing to a fewer trucks nearby): So, why doesn't we throw some trucks at them?

Gomamon: That's it! We'll show them!

Agumon: Patamon, you and Leonardo distract the mutants!

Gabumon: And you, Tentomon. Go with Raphael and pick one truck.

Patamon: Gotcha!

Tentomon: We'll do it!

Raphael: Bingo!

Donatello: Mikey, help them out.

Michelangelo: No sweat!

And while Raphael, Michelangelo and Tentomon ran up to the trucks, Leonardo and Patamon reappeared, pushing the same dumpster at the exhausted Bebop and Rocksteady. But the two mutants grabbed the dumpster, and the four fighters spin it around with everyone but Raphael, Michelangelo and Tentomon watching from their spots. Taking advantage, Rocksteady and Bebop then climb up the top of the dumpster, closing in for one more attack.

Rocksteady: One frickesy toitle and one stupid Digimon, comin' up!

Patamon: Guess again, Rocky!

 Rocksteady and Bebop then crash into some trash, and then they get up, they felt a vibration as if it were carrying them in the air. It was Michelangelo, now returned to a battle, who is picking up the mutants on the dumpster with a truck he is driving.

 Michelangelo (laughing): You jerks just got trashed!

And then the Ninja Turtle in orange then lift the dumpster down, releasing Bebop and Rocksteady into the truck. And then, the truck then release the two mutants with a pile of trash around them, angered by insults from our heroes.

Rocksteady (growling): Those shellheads and nincompoops are dead!

But before they could get out, a cement trucks is heard coming to the mutants, drawing out their attention. They then becomes shocked as the truck poured cement down on them. The drivers of this truck are Raphael and Tentomon.

Raphael (looking back): Sorry, boys! We gotta build a parking lot where you're playin'.

Tentomon: Same goes from me too.

After Tentomon and Raphael got out of the cement truck, Splinter, the Turtles, the Digi-Squad and the Duelists gather up again just to watch the pouring cement stop.

Agumon: Yeah! Way to go!

Yami Yugi: We've won!


Leonardo: Don't forget about Gus and Rosie, fellas.

Yami Yugi: Digi-Squad, you know what to do?

Palmon: Can do.

Agumon: Come on! We gotta get in the building and help Gus save Rosie.

Dotanello: Go Digimon!

Joey: We'll be outside here waiting!

The image of Yugi appears next to himself under Yami's control.

Yugi (thinking to himself): I sure wish Stanley would come.

Yami Yugi: I do too, Yugi. He will eventually.

As Splinter and the ninja turtles, the Digi-Squad and the duelists head back to the abandoned building to resume a rescue mission, the mutants' heads popped out of the cement and got even more angry just to see them running away as they struggle to get out.

Bebop: You little creeps, come back and fight!

At Technodrome, the Shredder and Krang have seen what was happening on the monitor, and they are not pleased with it.





Showdown with the Foot Clan and Gnorga (part 1)/"I'm Going, I'm Going!"

Back at the abandoned building, Gus and the flowers are still waiting for their chance to free Rosie, when the eight Digimon also went inside and join them with the duelists and the turtles watching them from outside the bars, while hearing Llort repeating his calm-down directions to Gnorga.

Llort: Come on now, hoodlykims. Take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Good.

Gnorga is doing what Llort told her to do, and Rosie is overjoyed as she sees her brother and the Digimon coming to her rescue, so she happily whines, almost getting the troll queen's attention.

Gnorga (getting up): What's that?

Gus, the flowers and the Digi-Squad hide as Rosie kept quiet, not wanting to blow their cover. Outside the bars... 

Leonardo (whispering): That was too close. 

Tea (whispering): So it is. 

Back inside the building, Gnorga, not willing to find out which noise came from, brushes it off and resumes her relaxation to calm down. 

Llort: Inhale. 

Rosie resumes whining even more with joy as Gus, the flowers and the Digimon sneaked quietly behind the dog kennel she was in. 

Llort: Exhale. 

Rosie let out a soft giggle until Gus came to the bar door of the kennel. 

Gus (moving to the door and hushing his sister) Hush up, Rosie.

Agumon: We'll getting you out of here, kid.

Gus opens the door of the kennel and let's Rosie up. Gnorga's dog wakes up hearing that noise, and discovers that the Digital Monsters, Gus and the flowers are helping Rosie escape. Unfortunately, as the dog growls to get ready for an attack, the flowers tie it up with some ropes and the dog whimpers its dislike of being disabled.

Palmon: Now that's what I call a Poison Ivy tangle.

Rosie (frightened): Gus!

Gnorga hears Rosie's voice, and seeing her about to get away with Gus, she realizes that the Digital Monsters are behind Gus' sneaky trick and becomes infuriated. Outside...

Michelangelo: Holy Guacamole!

Raphael: This means trouble!

Back inside...

Gnorga: After them!

Gus: Let's get out of here!

Agumon: Hurry. Run!

The Digital Monsters, the kids and the flowers ran as fast as they could. Llort is catching up to them, while Gnorga is not seen doing so.

Yami Yugi: Digi-Squad, over here!

Leonardo: Let's go, let's go!

Gus, Rosie and the Digimon climb up and start squeezing through the bars of the windows to meet up with the duelists and the turtles. While the Digital Monsters go first, the flowers pick a rope up and pulled it tight enough to make Gnorga trip over. And as a result, the troll queen screams until she land on a bar of soap and slide down with a splash of some pink-colored liquid. Now that the Digimon has finished their turn, Gus pushes Rosie out and prepares to go next, that is, until Llort grabs him by the leg.

Agumon: Sorry to do this, King Llort, but...

And as Agumon's answer, Gus kicks Llort in the face, making him fall backwards screaming and landed on Gnorga spitting bubbles out of her mouth, turning out that she must have eaten the whole soap bar.

Raphael: Good kick, dude!

The kids, the flowers, the turtles, the Digimon and the duelists resume their getaway.

Agumon: Keep running!

Dotanello: No need to be loud!

But the entire group went into a dead end with no way out, and they looked down.

Agumon: It's got to be a bottomless pit down below.

Tristan: This is madness, we can't go in there!

Biyomon: Now we're trapped like rats between a rock and a hard place.

Gomamon: It's even worse than you thought, Gnorga and Llort are coming out!

Everyone looked back to see Gnorga and Llort, having also got out of the building and running toward them. The Digimon, the Duelists and the Turtles halt the trolls by spearing out together in line to defend the kids.

Yami Yugi:


Agumon's Adventures Eyecatch #7

Agumon's Adventures Eyecatch #8

Showdown with the Foot Clan and Gnorga (part 2)/Stanley Turned to Stone

Back at the abandoned building, the final battle between Gnorga and the three squadrons of our heroes from New York City, Domino City, Japan and the Digital World still continues. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Splinter are combating against Krang and the Shredder.




While the ruthless Foot Clan leaders kept knocking down Splinter and the turtles, the duelists are using their duel monsters to blast away some of the Foot Soldiers while beating the other with Asian martial arts.

Yami Yugi: Dark Magician, use your Black Magic Attack!

The evolved Digimon are much tougher for more of the Foot Soldiers to handle as they also strike them and unleash their special moves.

Greymon: Grand Horns Bash!

Birdramon: Fire Storm!

The animals and flowers are attacking Gnorga, but she is feeling ticklish rather than feeling pain. Llort is annoyed with the others tackling him.

Llort: Oh, stop it!

Rosie screams as Gus turns around.

Gus: Rosie!

Running back to Llort, Gus gets up and attempts to free Rosie from the arms of the troll king. Llort then picks Gus up, but is having a hard time in struggle.

Llort (straining because of Gus): Oh! Ooh! Ow! Be careful!

Hanging upside down, and as his dark thumb glows purple like Gnorga's, Gus accidentally turns Llort's feet into stone. Llort screams in pain and couldn't feel his feet as his helmet fall off his head.

Llort: No!

Because of being half turned to stone, Llort forcibly drops Gus and Rosie back to the ground. Gus becomes confused at what he had done.

Gus: What's happening to me? (snorting as he turns Llort's helmet to stone)

Joey (picking up Rosie): That wicked old witch has turned you into one of her kind, that's what has happened!

Tristan: She can turn anything to stone with her thumb, then you can do it, too.

Michelangelo: Yeah! We have the advantage of winning this battle!

Yami Yugi: Just use your thumb on Gnorga, turn her to stone now!

Gus: No.

Yami Yugi: What?

Gus: I can't, I can't do it!

Birdramon: But you're our only hope, Gus!

Angewomon: Why are you refusing?

Gnorga (now free from the animals' attack having driven them away): Because I say so, you pathetic Dii-Squad imbeciles. If the boy turn me to stone and you all destroy me, the spell I put on him will never be broken and he will remain a troll forever! (laughing)

Greymon: That's a lie, you monster!

And with that, the Digimon and the duel monsters charge to attack Gnorga, but she slammed them back to the ground with her dark force, even the Turtles are soon to be wearing out and losing their fight with the Shredder.

Yami Yugi: Tea, get Rosie somewhere safe!

Krang and the Shredder Flees/The Foot Clan's New General...Injurin' Joe

Gus Is Back to Himself/"Goodbye, Stanley."/♪ Absolutely Green (reprise) ♪

Back at Gus and Rosie's apartment, the troll boy is laying unconscious, and when he woke up, Gus is transformed back into a human boy in an aura of black and purple sparks. After scratching his head, he watch in surprise as the purple glow on his thumb go out as well, revealing that the now-defeated Gnorga's spell has worn off. Gus realizes Rosie's already asleep in her crib as he gets up, picking his toy boat up. Then, he hears the voice of Alan as he and Hillary came home and gets to his own bed as the door opens when the parents went in to check on him and Rosie.

Hillary: Maria said they were so quiet in the afternoon.

Gus then goes to sleep as he sucks his thumb like a baby. As the two parents check on him and Rosie, Alan takes a look at Gus after picking his toy boat up and saw something different about him.

Alan: That is so strange. I haven't seen him suck his thumb in years.

Hillary (tucking Gus in): Hmmm. We have been terribly busy lately. Maybe he's feeling a little insecure.

Hillary kisses Gus and pats his head as she picks Rosie's toy troll up from his bed.

Hillary: Night night, my babies.

Alan and Hillary leave their children's room and close the door behind them while Gus and Rosie slept softly. Back to the Digi-Squad and the duelists outside on the street, they were still unconscious when Splinter and the turtles find them after a confrontation with Krang and the Shredder of the Foot Clan.

Leonardo: There they are.

Michelangelo: Dudes and dudettes, wake up!

The next morning, inside the apartment, Gus' bed was empty. On the front porch, Gus along with our heroes are still sad at the loss of Stanley, now trapped in his lifeless form of a statue and believed to be dead. On top of that, the Digi-Squad and the duelists knew that they may have won the battle with Gnorga and the Shredder thanks to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but lost the war by letting Gnorga turn him stone.

Gomamon: Poor Stanley.

Patamon: He did all his might to help us.

Biyomon: Now he remains a stone statue for the rest of his life.

Tentomon (with tears coming out of his eyes): Oh, I wish this has never happened to Stanley at all.

Palmon: But now that it happened, what will Gennai said if we inform him that we failed our mission?

Agumon: Don't be ashamed, guys. I'm sure he knows what's going on.

Yugi: He even believe it wasn't our fault.

Agumon: Yugi has a point. It wasn't just about saving Stanley, it's about saving the Earth once again. Patamon, do you remember what you told us when we first came here to New York?

Patamon: Huh?

Agumon: If it weren't for us, this beautiful world would've also been lost to the Saurians, the Raptors, and the Foot Clan, our new villain team to fight.

Patamon: Yes, I remember.

Biyomon: Oh, you're right.

Joey: Good telling, Agumon.

Alan, Gus' father, comes out and joins his son and our heroes.

Alan: Morning.

Gus: Hi, dad.

Yugi: Are you Gus' father?

Alan: Yes, sir. I'm Alan.

Yugi: We're Yugi Muto, Tea Gardner, Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor.

Tea: It's nice to see you.

Alan (seeing the stoned Stanley): Ah, who's your friend?

Palmon: His name is Stanley. Well, it used to be Stanley until now.

Tea: He was a friendly troll, in other words.

Alan (to Gus): Your mom send me to tell you that breakfast is ready.

Gus said nothing as his father looks at him, and then started thinking about the way he refused Gus' demands.

Alan: Still mad at me for yesterday. Well, what about today, huh?

Agumon: Well, Gus? Are you going to accept your dad's promise this time?

Alan: You know, your mother and I... We've, uh, we've thought of view real fun things we can do today.

Gus: Dad, do you think today...maybe we what I wanna do?

Elsewhere, at the destroyed Central Park, the radioman is heard announcing the news about what happened to this once beautiful park. The next scenes then shows a man sleeping on the chair with his newspaper as his small blanket on his head. Next to him, his radio is still playing and the pigeons are wandering around about.

Radioman: And today, park officials are canceling the cause of clearing up as a freak tornado ripped through Central Park. As they tell us the entire area...

At the other side of the park, Rosie, Gus, Alan, Hillary, the Digimon and the duelists put Stanley on an empty spot with sad looks on their faces. As Alan and Hillary starts to leave the two kids and our two hero teams, Rosie and Gatomon begins to cry.

Rosie (crying): Stanley. (kissing him, then starts crying again)

Gatomon (sobbing): Oh, Stanley! If only you could just come back the way you are as always.

Gus has an idea. He flicks his thumb, but he couldn't bring out the green light. He tries again, and his thumb glows green for real this time. He puts his thumb on Stanley, but nothing happened. The camera zooms in toward the still frozen Stanley as Hillary's voice is heard calling Gus.

Hillary: Gusy, let's go!

Tea: I guess he will stay that way forever.

Yugi: Stanley, we thank you for your bravely and courage.

Agumon: May you rest in peace.

Gus (sighing sadly): Bye, Stanley.

Rosie: Bye, Stanley.

Gus and Rosie starts to walk away, and our heroes are still sad catch up to them as they watch the kids leave. While walking back to their parents, however, Gus, Rosie and even the duelists and the Digimon turned around and then got surprised as they see that Stanley isn't on the spot anymore.

Agumon: Huh? I wonder how that happened.

Gabumon: I guess it was magic.

Patamon (looking up and then smiling): It's magic alright. Look up at the tree! Guess who's on its branch along with the flowers we know?

Palmon (stammering): Is it...?

Yugi (smiling): It is. It's him

The two kids then hear a whistle and looked up. They won't believe their eyes who they saw on a tree.

Gus: Stanley?

It was Stanley, now back to normal, along with the flowers. Gus and Rosie are so happy to see him normal again.

Stanley (singing as he uses his green thumb to restore Central Park back to normal the way it was): ♪ I like to close my eyes

Gus: Stanley? Stanley!

Stanley (singing): ♪ So my heart can plainly see

The kids and our heroes jumped with joy.

Rosie: Stanley!

Gus: Stanley, yes!

Stanley (singing): ♪ Right to the way things are

Clear to the way they ought to be

To somewhere that's safe

And sunlit and serene

Oh, and absolutely green

Gus and Rosie, along with the Digital Monsters and the duelists, went back to their parents as Stanley wiggles his ears and laughs joyfully.

Stanley and Chorus (singing): ♪ Picture a perfect place

Turning around, Alan and Hillary smile as they pick Gus and Rosie up, and as they go home while waving Stanley and the Digi-Squad organization goodbye.

Where there is no doom and gloom

Birds singing happy songs

And flowers bursting into bloom

After while the children and their parents walk on their way home, the tree branches starts to grow some flowers.

There's somewhere like nowhere else

You've ever seen

That's absolutely green

The next scene shows the damaged Central Park gaining more green plants through Stanley's magic, making it more beautiful and normal again.

That's how the world can be

If we just want it

Why isn't it that way

Do you suppose?

Plans to Go to Planet Montressor/"Queen of Posies"

After the song, the next scene where we saw the Digimon and the duelists were still looking at how beautiful all of New York were with lots of green plants and flowers.

Agumon: That is so wonderful! I sure love the way Stanley makes all of the stuff in the Big Apple green.

Palmon: Speaking of green, I wonder if the turtles and Splinter, since they still live in the sewer here, would like to check out a place like this.

Biyomon: We thank them for helping us defeat Gnorga, the Shredder and Krang.

Gomamon: Hey, Agumon, didn't you ask the turtles to participate in our Digi-Squad for more adventures and fights?

Agumon: No, Gomamon. They don't need to, but I'm sure they will appear again to help us whenever we're in much more trouble.

Gabumon: Just as Splinter promised without a word to say.

Tea: Even Stanley will be amused with that.

Joey: Someday, I'm sure going to miss the little troll.

Tristan: And those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Yugi: Yeah, guys. Me too.

Tentomon: Well, Agumon, where to next?

Agumon: Gennai said to me that our next mission is to go to the Planet Monstressor in a galaxy far, far away from Earth. There, we must help a cabin boy find the legendary Treasure Planet.

Yugi: Alright! Monstressor, it is!

Joey: But what about Llort, the troll king. Is he plotting to avenge his queen?

Patamon: And will he learn to do what Gnorga does, getting his own dark thumb and turning anything or anybody to stone?

Yugi: I don't think so. He would never hurt us, remember? We believe he's had enough of being abused by his ex-queen.

Agumon: Yeah. It looks like he's changed his ways to become a peaceful and good troll...just like Stanley.

Both Agumon and Yugi are right, for back at the Kingdom of Trolls, Llort has a change of heart indeed, and is now a kind and good ruler. He is reading the newspaper with the image of Gnorga still trapped in a bush of flowers and Stanley who is surprised. Having learned that the section said that Stanley's case is dropped and Gnorga is now the queen of the posies, the king is very pleased, not caring about how much unbearable his former queen would take this embarrassment.

Llort: Hmm. (snickering) "Gnorga. Queen of the Posies". (chuckling)

But as he started to laugh, Llort is too late to hear Gnorga's dog growling, and it went biting him once again. Llort then screams in pain and starts ordering the dog to release him as the scene ends to let the credits roll while he still hear his voice.

Llort (annoyed): Stop attacking me. Why do you always attack me? Down! Sit, stay, sit!

Closing Credits

The film's closing credits began to roll on a background which took form of colored plants and flowers and change from one color to another.

Special Thanks to the Cast and Crew of Saban Entertainment, 4Kids Entertainment, Mirage Studios, Surge Licensing, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corportation and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for presenting these special editions of Agumon's Adventures of A Troll in Central Park

After the credits have finished, an image of Stanley appears and his green thumb glows, making the words "A Don Bluth Presentation" appear next to it and vanish with a show of green sparkling dust. And that's when the film ends to a black background where more words are added.

In Loving Memory of Dom Deluise (1933 - 2009)

Post-Credits-Scene: Injurin' Joe Frees Rocksteady and Bebop

Back at the site of an abandoned building where the battle with Gnorga and the Foot Clan is won by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and our heroes, Rocksteady and Bebop are still stuck in the cement pile. They were struggling to get free in an effort to have revenge on them, but they became exhausted.

Rocksteady: Oh, we've been stuck in this darn stinking pile for hours!

Bebop: I'm so hungry, I could eat an oithworm! (Earthworm)


Injurin' Joe:


Injurin' Joe, sent back in time to our presen time by the Saurians and still under service of the Foot Clan as another commander, appears and broke the mutants free from the pile with his scrapple and sledge hammer. Rocksteady and Bebop finally got out of the pile, but have no idea why did the bear save them.

Bebop: What brings a bear like you here?

Injurin' Joe: I am Injurin' Joe.

Bebop: Injurin' Joe?

Injurin' Joe: Yes. Your masters, the Shredder and Krang have hired me to work for them, Lord Dragaunus, Bad Rap and their races after teleporting me in time to your period. Now as Foot Clan commander, I'm sent here to free you, and I have a job for the two of you, just as the Shredder suggested as part of their plan for world-conquest.

Bebop: Really!? Will you help us find those Digimon, the duelists and those mutant ninja toitles, and kick them in the butt?

Injurin' Joe: NO! First things first, I have a scheme of my own. And you can share it with me.

Rocksteady: Err, you wouldn't at least put us back in that pile there, would you?

With no time to answer, Injurin' Joe takes Rocksteady and Bebop along with him. What kind of scheme is he cooking to get them involved with? Will he still help the Foot Clan, the Saurians or the Raptors hunt down and terminate the Digi-Squad even if they have to terrorize other worlds and time periods?

Agumon's Adventures Next Episode Preview - Treasure Planet (Uncut Workprint Version)