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Zartog and Ivan Ooze/The Right Stuff/The 3rd Ham

Meanwhile, on that unnamed planet, there was life filled with butterflies and happy alien beings. Each of these aliens are almost colorful, but the males are light blue and the females are pink. Among with them are eight humanoid pandas, and a little fire-breathing dinosaur. The eight pandas are called Toby, Oscar, Cool, Congo and Bingo; Toby's sister. Next to the pandas are a small native fairy in a floating crystal ball named Yami, Love and Max and the dinosaur called Didi. Strangely, instead of living on their home world called Pandasia, they were enjoying themselves with these with some sports such as soccer.

Max: Pass the ball to me, Cool!

Cool (laughing): You have to be quick enough to catch me first, Max.

And with that, Cool runs off with the ball until Toby gets to the ball and kicks it away from him.

Toby: You need to sense what's coming to you, then evade. Heads up, Oscar! (kicks it to Oscar)

Oscar: Goes double to you, is that right Congo? (kicks it to Congo)

Congo: I'll keep my eye on the ball.

Just as Congo was about to catch the ball, it went into his face like a dart flying towards a dart board. Congo then gets up with the ball's mark on his face as the others ran up to him, and laugh to see how ridiculous he looked.

Toby: You sure had you eye on the ball, Congo. Eye-ball.

Congo (annoyed): That's not nice thing to do. Laughing at some one who is hit in the face with sport equipment.

Max: Come on, it's just a barrel of fun. That's all.

As the male Pandasian pandas continue laughing, Toby turned his head around and sees his girlfriend, Love along with Bingo and Yami looking up into the sky. He walks up to Love to ask her a question.

Toby: What's wrong, Love? Why are you so down.

Love: It's nothing, Toby.

Toby: It doesn't look like nothing to me. Is there something bothering you?

Love: Okay, here comes the truth. I just miss my home including my father.

Toby: Yeah, I know. I miss my home and family, too. Everything has been peaceful and serene after we have defeated King Audie in order to save our home planet Pandasia.

Bingo: Precisely, Toby. But remember yesterday? A bunch of prehistoric reptile-like jerks from space came and destroyed our world!

Toby: Yes, we mean the Saurians; Lord Dragaunus and his henchmen, commander Siege, wizard Wraith and shape-changer Chameleon. Those were the sworn-enemies of the Mighty Ducks whom they got a beating from a lot of times, while attempting to seize control of the Earth, a world where there are humans, animals, insects and formerly some dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals.

Bingo: Uh-huh! To think that we let this Dragau-whatever guy demolish Pandasia with everyone on it, including our families!

Toby: He did destroy it, because we refuse to give up the Seven Bean of Power to him.

Yami: Well, at least we survived to escape in our spaceship, didn't we?

Toby: Yes! I know its miserable to see our planet blown to bits just like Audie wanted right before he died. But look at the bright side, at least we have moved into this planet Malgor and live peacefully with these gentle people like the kids.

Cool: Not all of them, Toby. You know who? Toby: Yes. Zartog, their mean and selfish king. (resuming his talk with love) Someday, the gods of each galaxy will either restore Pandasia back to where it was, or create a new Pandasia. And beyond that, this group of hocky-playing Mighty Ducks will take care of the Saurians. But as for us, as long as we still maintain our beans, we'll never be powerless in fights with other bad guys of the universe.

Love (feeling glad): Why, yes.

Toby: So let's just forget about what happened and get going with our new life here on Malgor, okay?

Love: Toby is right. The past is in the past. and it's time we keep moving forward to a new life.

Toby: Hey, where's Didi? Was he with you?

Yami: Yes, he was.

Bingo: The last time we saw him, he was playing with the little Malgorians who are chasing a butterfly for fun.

Elsewhere on the planet Malgor, Didi and the little Malgorians were still in pursuit of the butterfly.

Didi: Didi! Didi! Didi!

Malgorian Child 1: It's so pretty.

Malgorian Child 2: Ha! Come here, little fluttereye.

Unfortunately, as Didi and these alien children continue to catch the fluttereye, they have stopped and saw a gloomy old house on which it was going to. The Malgorians begin to worry as they realize who's living in there.

Didi: Didi?

Malgorian Child 1: Oh, no!

Malgorian Child 2: Zartog!

Didi: Huh?

Malgorian Child 3 (off-screen): with Ivan Ooze!

When the fluttereye lands on the wall of Zartog's house, then the two not-yet-seen alien figures open the door, slamming the poor alien butterfly from behind and glaring at the children and Didi furiously. Zartog is a large Malgorian who is blue just like the children, but with. Next to Zartog, Ivan Ooze was a purple man with. He was the enemy of a legendary inter-dimensional being named Zordon from the Planet Eltar in another galaxy, and his group of teenage superheroes, known as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who once fought and destroyed him with their Ninja Falcon Megazord fused from six Animal Ninja Zords to protect the Earth long ago. But strangly, Ivan is still alive and is now living with Zartog. Weren't he supposed to be killed by Power Rangers? And more to the point, how did he survived? Both Didi and the Malgorian children become scared as both the alien tyrants confront them.

Ivan Ooze: What's with all this hullabaloo outside?

Everyone gasps again with startle.

Zartog: Can't you brats and that annoying lizard read? Keep away from my house!

Malgorian Child: Oy.

Toby (running up along with Love): What's all the commotion about?

Love: Zartog and Ivan, are you both at it again? What's your problem this edition?

Ivan Ooze: Our problem?

Zartog: Your stinking lizard and those stupid kids have been running into our territory again.

Ivan: Listen, little Pandasians. If you don't keep that reptile of yours on a leash, then we will make a hand bag out of him.

Love: Don't you talk about Didi and the children like that, Ooze! They're just curious, that's all.

Zartog: Well, guess what, Ms. Love. Curiosity killed the cat.

As the children of Malgor and Didi take one step away from him and Ivan, Zartog checked to see what's behind the door. They found the fluttereye that is not crushed after all and is still living.

Zartog: Hmm.

The child-hating Zartog takes it off, showing the Malgorians, Didi, Toby and Love.

Malgorian Child 1: You monster.

Ivan Ooze (mocking the words of Lord Farquaad from Shrek): He's not a monster here, you are!

Instantly, Ivan shoots out a few rays of light at not only the first child, but the rest of the Malgorians to keep them quiet.

Ivan Ooze: Hmmm. Why won't we make this fluttereye a part of your collection of stiffed creatures made with solid Freznar. Shall we, Zartog?

Zartog: Excellent idea, Ivan.

The ruthless Zartog dips the fluttereye into a puddle of frozen carbonate, Freznar, and shows the children, Didi and the Pandasians what they would look like if they go near his house again.

Zartog: If we could catch you punks, I'd dump you in the Freznar too!

Ivan Ooze: And once you are statues, I'll smash you into a million pieces with my powers.

Zartog: Oh, no, Ivan! We can't kill my people. As a matter a fact, the god of my planet Malgor will punish me for what I'm doing wrong.

Ivan Ooze: It's only a figure of speech on your kind, but not on these pandas.

Malgorian Child 1: No wonder everyone in town hates you two.

Didi: Didi! Toby: Now calm down, Didi. Calm down.

Zartog: Just the way we like it.

Ivan Ooze: That is the inspiration of my hatred of Zordon of Eltar and the Power Rangers from Angel Grove on Earth, who supposedly defeated me.

Just then, the space probe arrives, falling from the sky as Ivan, Zartog, the children, Toby, Love and Didi look up.

Zartog: Huh?

Ivan Ooze: Now what?

Didi: Didi?

Toby: Love, look. Up in the sky.

Love: What in the world do you suppose that is, Toby?

Toby: I don't know. But won't the others see this.

Malgorian Child 1: Whoa! Look, it's coming closer!

Malgorian Child 2: It's...

Malgorian Child 3: It's a sky beast!

Toby and Love: A sky beast?

Ivan Ooze: Could it be the Power Rangers and their Megazord, along with the ETO Rangers, the ThunderCats and Team Samurai coming back to oppose me again?

The probe heads towards Zartog and Ivan.

Zartog: Crudlar.

The probe instead crashes and wrecks Zartog's house as the Malgorian children cheered for joy to receive this present.

Malgorian Child 1: A gift from the sky.

Just then, the other Pandasian pandas arrive at the same hill where Toby, Love and Didi are, making sure if they are all right.

Cool: Hey! Are you guys alright?

Love: We're fine, Cool. There isn't anything wrong.

Oscar: What just fell from the sky, a bird? A plane?

Toby: No, just a metal thing. Actually, one of the kids said it's a sky beast.

Bingo: Sky beast? What is that?

Love: It's something they thought of.

Max: Well, I'll be darned.

As the dust clears off, Zartog get up uninjured. Luckily, Ivan Ooze is still standing because he is even more powerful than he was during his difficult time with the Power Rangers, the ETO Rangers, the ThunderCats, and their members of their Mugen Gang. They both see it and Zartog got startled by a strange robotic machine as it opens itself up.

Ivan Ooze: Ahh, what have we here?

Probe: I am the Infinity Probe from the planet Earth.

Congo: Planet Earth?

Toby: Yes, that's the one world I was talking to Love about. When we was little, we study about it in school on Pandasia.

Ivan Ooze (chuckling): Not bad for intelligent animals with a near-bigger brain like you, Toby.

Toby (looking back and thinking to himself): What a pervert.

The infinity probe checks out Zartog and begins scanning him, while Ivan, the Pandasians, Didi and the Malgorian kids watch from the ground.

Probe: We will now perform a full-body examination for purely scientific purposes.

After flipping Zartog many times while taking a good look at him, a voice appeared to give information about Earth on a computer. But only Ivan was watching Zartog's examination.

Zartog: Oh.

Announcer: Since the dawn of time, man's indomitable spirit... has led to great achievements in culture and civilization. He's created wonders in architecture, art, music, engineering. But man isn't all work. He likes to play too!

Zartog (smiling): I would like to live like them.

Ivan Ooze: Yes, but you're not the only one who gets to like the Earth, Zartog. (laughs) I've been ruling this planet for nearly more or less than 6000 years.

Toby: Boy, that was very long.

The infinity probe then uses a camera to take Zartog's picture, blinding him. Zartog get up as the probe opens up into a throne-like base.

Probe: System control interface operational.

Zartog then sees some controls to the probe and pushes a button.

Probe: Manual Override engaging.

Zartog: Help me!

The probe spins around as Ivan, the Malgorians and the Pandasians continue to watch.

Ivan Ooze (feeling embarrassed): Oh, my.

Next, the probe stops and Zartog pushes another button and the probe changes to vehicle mode, making him giggle with amusement. Finally, he sees a lever and takes control of the probe as it unleashes more mechanical arms.

Zartog (smiling wickedly): Aha!

Ivan Ooze: Now this is useful, but wait, there is more that we need.

Toby: What else do you and Zartog want, Ooze?

Ivan Ooze (walking a little fare away from the group): You'll see, dear Toby. (turning to the Pandasians and the Malgorians) Malgorians and Pandasians, meet my kids: Oozemen and Tengu Warriors!

Laughing manically, Ivan fires more of his lighting bolts to the ground, creating his minions, the Oozemen and the bird-like Tengu Wariors.

Malgorian Child 1: Huh?

Toby: Uh-oh!

Cool: Those guys again!

Yami: I think they have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Zartog (starts driving his new mechanical vehicle and leaving Ooze and his minions from behind): A new day has come, and that day is Zartog!

Toby: Run for it, guys!

On Toby's commands, the Pandasian pandas begin to run along with the little Malgorians.

Ivan Ooze: Don't go away! You should just enjoy the demonstration of Zartog's newfound infinity probe, and my new Ooze Army. Welcome to our nightmare!

With another maniacal laughter, Ooze raises his arms in the air and summons his same lightning bolts that engulfs him in a bright aura of light. Now in the form of a comet or shooting star, the evil slimy alien overlord start to fly in order to follow Zartog.

Ivan Ooze: Here we come, kiddies!

Oozemen and Tengu Warriors: All hail the Mighty Ooze! Long live Zartog!

The Malgorians and the Pandasians continue to run as Zartog go on a rampage with the probe he is riding, assisted by Ivan in his comet form. The Oozemen were running to catch up with the probe, and even the Tengu Warriors take flight in the air above too. On Earth, and in Florida, the eight Digimon from the once existed Digital World, and members of their Digi-Squad; the Duelists from Domino City and the Piñatas from Piñata Island, having returned from the legendary Treasure Planet through the Digiport, goes on another new adventure. This time, they are on their way into NASA in a motor coach full of passengers, following three black cars with an agent to check out some right stuff here.

Agumon: All right! It feels great to be back here on Earth in this present day, what do you think, Gabumon?


Tristan: Yes, but with no treasure from Treasure Planet.

Yugi (looking out from the window): So this is NASA.

Tentomon: According to my calculations from Izzy, NASA stands for "National Aeronautics and Space Administration". This special company here in America shows the humans details about what discovery of other planets throughout the solar system came to be.

Tea: Okay, Agumon, tell us again why we're doing this?

Agumon: Didn't Gennai tell us yesterday? Our adventurous mission is to join forces with a circus acting primate and some of the others to find an infinity probe that disappeared while it was searching for life in space.







"Quake with Fear!"/Ivan's Offer for Pandasia's Restoration

On Planet Malgor where the space probe landed, the insane alien ruler Zartog and his assistant Ivan Ooze, who was thought to be dead as courtesy of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers long ago, begin their reign of terror towards the Malgorians and the pandas from Pandasia, who are running for their lives. So far, Zartog was still using the stolen infinity probe as his robotic toy, and Ooze, as a purple glowing comet, is flying alongside with him. The Oozemen and Tengu Warriors, all known in one as the Ooze Army, are also in hot pursuit with more roars and shouts.

Zartog: Quake with fear! Lord Zartog is here.

Ivan Ooze: And let's not forget Prime Minister Ivan Ooze! (laughing sinisterly)

Oscar: Damn! Those two guys should be successors to King Audie, don't you think?

Cool: I think so too, Oscar! But less talking and more screaming would be a wise idea for us!

As the two alien villains and the Ooze Army continue chasing the the adult Malgorians and the Pandasians, Zartog pushes one of the buttons on the control panel to raise up the mechanical arms, and continue destroying each and every tree. He takes their victims to the hill where Zartog's house once were. Both the probe and the Ooze Army stop.

Zartog: By now, you are all aware of the insane power I command with my big, shiny driving machine whatchamathingie. And I mean, the Infinity Probe.

Ivan Ooze (landing down next to Zartog and turning back to his previous form): You see, Malgorians and Pandasians? There is no other way you can resist my newly reorganized Ooze Army.

Oozemen and Tengu Warriors: Here, here!

The Malgorians are confused upon seeing the space probe and the Ooze Army for the first time.

Zartog: Are there any among you who oppose our rule? What about you, little Toby?

Toby (angry): Forget it, Zartog! We'll never obey your and Ivan's rule. There are only two of you and more of us. And besides, our beans we have are not just ordinary beans. They're magic beans.

Ivan Ooze: Oh? And how are you gonna stop us with some lentils that would grow into a giant tree just like the one in one of the Grimm Brothers' beloved fairy tales, huh? Jack in the Beanstalk?

Bingo: Actually, they are our main weapons.

Zartog: Oh, I get it. You can command them to attack us, won't you?

Love: No, they change into weapons. And we on the other hand, are the Bean Warriors.

Ivan Ooze: Bean Warriors?

Toby: That's right.

Ivan Ooze (overjoyed a bit): Whoo! Where's my autograph book? Bean Warriors, huh? So, you must be the owners of these beans, or should I say...the Seven Beans of Power? The ones that Lord Dragaunus failed to take from you before blowing up Pandasia?

Toby: Yes, Ooze. Lord Dragaunus done that because he didn't get what he want from us for his purpose of Earth-conquest. That's why we have escaped to... Hey? How do you know what happened yesterday?

Ivan Ooze: How? It's simple; you know everything, but I know more than you do.

Cool: From the looks of it, I think you'd ought to... Oh.

Love (gasping): Are you...? Don't tell us...

Oscar (horrified): No! You can't be...

Ivan Ooze: Oh, but I can. For I now explain my true secrets. I really am Dragaunus' long-lost old friend.

The Bean Warriors gasps with surprise.

Toby: You're friends with Dragaunus?

Ivan Ooze: Correct, Toby! We were both members of Team Omega, a space villain organization established and commanded by Omega Shenron?

Max: Omega Shenron?

Ivan Ooze: Yes. He is the leader of the seven Shadow Dragons found within the Dragon Balls on another Earth, better known as the Dragon World. Before his Team Omega began its foundation, years ago on that Earth where they were seven magic Dragon Balls and a young Saiyan fight named Kakarot or Goku...

As Ivan continue to explain about the origin of himself and Lord Dragaunus, the scene dissolves into a flashback containing footage from the Dragon Ball GT's Shadow Dragons Saga, and more TV series and films, which take place throughout the galaxies.

Ivan Ooze:

The flashback ends to Ivan, Zartog, the Malgorians, and the Bean Warriors as the episode takes CGI form again.

Ivan Ooze: Unfortunately for Scorpitron and Hornitor, at the time we arrive here on Malgor after our resurrection by the Raptor's technology and Wraith's magic, they crash down the wrong direction somewhere in the grounds right here near Zartog's cottage. But now, thanks to Dragaunus, my beautiful creations and I are whole again, even more powerful than we were in our last battle with Zordon's Power Rangers and the Mugen Gang established by twelve ETO Rangers from the Novel Worlds of Mugen and the ThunderCats from Third Earth on the orders of Princess Aura and Jaga. Not only those, I am far too superior and extra-stronger than before! The past may be over, but even though Dragaunus and I were independent from Omega Shenron's presence, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers along with some other different Rangers from different worlds and galaxies defeated as forgotten, our seprate desires for possession of the Earth aren't, not at all. That's why the Saurians send me to Planet Malgor to be Zartog's right-hand man. And that's when we work for them as best buddies.

Zartog (chuckling): Good memory, Oozy.



Congo: But this is ridiculous, Ooze! It's impossible just to become "too superior and extra-stronger", even for you.

Ivan Ooze: Some none believers, huh? Then how about we spar to prove who can win better? Bean Warriors vs. Ivan Ooze and Zartog?

Malgorian: Ah, wait!

Love: Sir, keep out of it. This is a match between us and your masters.

Malgorian: Love, let me handle this. 

Max: Idiot! You're not helping here.

Ivan Ooze: Why getting involved in our competition, Malgorian? What do you want to say to us? Hmm?

Malgorian: Not you, Ooze. Zartog. (talking to Zartog) So, you're saying you're in charge because that thing landed on your hut?

Zartog: Yes, and if you don't obey me or Ooze, I will dunk you in the Freznar.

Ivan Ooze: Just exactly like the same as he did to the dumb fluttereye. However, during our demonstration of our great powers, only the children managed to avoid us. But don't worry, we will not have you being put to death, unless if you are traitorous enough to fight us.

Tengu Warriors: Yeah, like cheese on crackers for Polly!

Ivan Ooze: Settle down, birdbrains!

The Tengue Warriors quieted down.

Malgorian: You wouldn't do that 'cause I'd be frozen forever.

Zartog: Exactly!

Ivan Ooze: Behold our next example!

Under Zartog's control, the infinity probe stretched out one of its mechanical arms and picked up another Malgorian.

Malgorian 2: Not the Freznar!

But despite the Malgorian's plea, Zartog's probe dunks him into the Freznar pit and takes him out as a frozen statue. The others and the Bean Warriors were horrified by this cruelty from Zartog and Ivan, but the stiffed Malgorian is lucky to be still alive.

Malgorian (whimpering): Cold!

Didi: Didi!?

Zartog: Anyone else fancy a dip?

Ivan Ooze: Or before this following our sparring that must be concluded by then, do you Bean Warriors finally see how I am or not?

The Malgorians whimper as they reluctantly agreed with Zartog and Ivan's advice, even the Bean Warriors went realizing how serious and correct Ivan is.

Toby: You're right, you really are the most far too superior and extra-stronger being in the universe.

Congo: Hate to do this, but we're left with no choice. We surrender to you. Uncle!

Zartog: Good. Now get to work! Build me and Ivan a new palace!

Malgorians and Bean Warriors: Yes, Lord Zartog.

The Malgorians went away to the quarry to construct a palace for Zartog and Ivan, and the Bean Warriors are about to follow them when...

Ivan Ooze: Wait, Bean Warriors! Not you!

Bean Warriors: Huh?

Ivan Ooze: You have a different job, this time, as my digging slaves.

Bingo: Really?

Max: Then what do you want us to dig out for you? Treasures including gold, silver, diamonds, Blood Rubies or Chaos Emeralds?

Ivan Ooze: No, you are going to find my missing Ectomorphicon Titans and bring them out of the grounds at Zartog's palace when it was finished. When my monsters are dug out by you, I will have my Oozemen fill them with their bodily energy and use my powers to bring them back to life. Believe me, no other scheme to rule Planet Earth should be complete without my precious Hornitor and Scorpitron. Can you rescue my poor little oversized robots for me?

Toby (now angry again): You want us to find your robots for you? You got it.

Ivan Ooze: And one more thing. After you unburied my Ectomorphicon Titans, please let me have your Seven Beans of Power.

Bean Warriors: What?

Max: Do we have too?

Congo: Why, not?

Ivan Ooze: Because Dragaunus still needs them to take over the Earth, and to destroy these special monsters, the Digimon and their Digi-Squad organization who go around the universe on missions, fighting us villains like him and inviting some other different heroes to participate in their team. That's why you must surrender those beans to me, so I can deliver them to the Saurian's Raptor.

Toby (stubborn): No, Lord Ooze. We can't do that. We'd rather be killed by you or Zartog than having our beans surrendered to Dragaunus.

Zartog: Ah-ah-ah-ah. You don't have to say that, Toby. Why don't you be considered lucky?

Ivan Ooze: That's right. For I have a bargain to strike with offer.

Toby: Your offer?

"Three Chairs, Three Chimps, One Digi-Squad"/"He's a Joke."

Is This a Simulator?/Construction of Zartog's Empire

The Final Frontier

Betrayal and Banishment to the Desert/The Bean Warrior's Revenge

As the Bean Warriors, back on Malgor, they along with Lord Zartog, the planet's ruler; and Ivan Ooze, his prime minister, are all looking at the two Ectomorphicon Titans, a pair of robotic kaiju (monster). One is a scorpion-like beast called Scorpitron, and the grasshopper or a cricket monster is Hornitor.

Ivan Ooze:

Toby: Yes, Ivan Ooze. your Ectomorphicons Titans are restored.

Max: When, it's lunch time? We'll starve to death if we don't eat.

Zartog: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on! There's one more thing that we need you to do.

Ivan Ooze: Zartog's palace is not completed yet, but you don't to join the Malgorian slaves. You worked hard enough, so you're done. Now, the Seven Beans of Power, please?

Toby: As you wished. Guys, release your beans.

The other Bean Others took out their beans which can transform into

Ivan Ooze (laughing): At last, the Seven Beans of Power will be Dragaunus'!



Zartog: Well, Oozy. They're serious of what we all overlooked.

Ivan: Bean Warriors of Pandasia! You have completed my Ectomorphicons! You have served your purpose.


Ivan Ooze: Ahh, yes. I almost forgert. But my primary answer is...NO!

Bean Warriors:

Ivan Ooze: Of course, you did. You have served your purpose. But the reason why the Saurians and I cannot restore your puny planet is that, frankly, I'm sick of your ugly faces and your dull personalities. But that's not all, you all might soon be attempting to stop us from taking over the Earth, using the Infinity Probe and my Ectomorphicon Machines. Sorry, but we have no more further use of you, Bean Warriors. Because I, Ivan Ooze, Prime Minister and Judge of the Planet Malgor, fire you from our service and you will be executed immediately

Bean Warriors: NO!

Zartog: YES! Which one should you die by... (points to the Freznar pool with Malgorian statues) ...the Freznar? (points to Ivan) Or Ivan Ooze's powers?

Ivan Ooze: No need to decide the choice. (walks toward the Bean Warriors) This will put on the fireworks show.

The Bean Warriors.

Ivan Ooze: And now, it's time for you to meet your doom.

The evil Ivan

Ivan Ooze: No. I can't do that.

Bean Warriors: Huh?

Malgorian Slaves and Ooze Army: Wha...?

Zartog: Why, not?

Ivan Ooze: I believing killing those who work so hard to serve us is not worth of congratulation, especially little weak creatures like you. Instead, Zartog and I will spare your lives.

Zartog: Mm... (chuckles)


Ivan Ooze: Yes. And to let you live, I've decided to banish you.

Bingo: Banish us? To where?

Cool: Where should we live.

Ivan Ooze: In the desert of Malgor.

Max (outraged): No way! I hate deserts, they're hot!

Zartog: So? You might get used to it.

Ivan Ooze: That's right, try to survive there. Do what's right for you. Well, time's up. Bye-bye.

Life's A Circus

Zartog and Ooze's Commands/Ooze's Communication to Dragaunus

On Planet Malgor, the sinister lord Zartog and his prime minister Ivan Ooze are heard announcing to his Malgorian race and Ivan's Oozemen.

Zartog: As you all know, tomorrow is triple Sunday!

The camera zooms out to show Zartog's complete empire and Ivan Ooze's Ectomorphicon Titans, Hornitor and Scorpitron, both resurrected by the Saurians just like their master and dugged out by the Bean Warriors whom Ivan has exiled in the desert not only to congratulate them, but to prevent them from interfering with his goal to conquer the Earth for Saurian Overlord Dragaunus.

Zartog: Our three suns will come together as one, and the volcano will explode!

Ivan Ooze: Not to mention we will also have an ice sculpture collection down below once you all live with us. In our dungeon, that is.

Zartog: And in honor of this special day, and most importantly, us, we're throwing a celebration. A sort of palace-warming party.

Just then, a Malgorian soldier on the Alien Manta Ray arrive to see his bosses.

Malgorian Soldier: Your overlords!

Zartog (turning to the Manta Ray riding Malgorian): What?

Ivan Ooze: Anything to report about, lieutenant?

Malgorian Lieutenant: Another metal beast fell from the sky!

Zartog: A metal beast? Like this one?

Malgorian Lieutenant: Only bigger! (echoing: Only bigger, only bigger!)

The lieutenant's echo got the other Malgorians and the Oozemen in shock and same for Zartog and Ooze.

Zartog: Only bigger than mine and Ivan's Ectomorphicon Titans?

Malgorian Lieutenant: It's not the size of the beast that matters, it's what you do with it that matters, my lords. But that's not the point, for I assume it must by followed by the Digi-Squad?

Ivan Ooze: Did you say "Digi-Squad"?

Malgorian Lieutenant: Yes, Prime Minister.

The infinity probe's arm get the lieutenant off the alien manta ray and brought him to the angry Zartog and Ivan.

Zartog: Traitor!

Ivan Ooze: Do you want to die?

Malgorian Lieutenant: Uh, I..I'm not a traitor!

Zartog: Then take it back.

Malgorian Lieutenant: Uh, okay, I take it back.

Zartog: You can't take it back, now it's out there. (calling to the other Malgorians) You all heard, right!?

The mistreated Malgorians and the Oozemen did hear the poor lieutenant had said.

Ivan Ooze: Tell us, lieutenant? Are you sure another spaceship that is only bigger than our machines have come here to this planet, supported by the Digi-Squad?

Malgorian Lieutenant: Y..yes, sir.

Ivan Ooze (chuckling): Thank you for your report. See you in the afterlife. Zartog?

Using the probe, Zartog dipped the lieutenant into the Freznar, turning him into a statue. And as we cut to the Malgorians and the Oozemen, they watch calmly as they hear Ivan smash their victim with his laser energy wave, finishing his capital punishment.

Ivan Ooze: Hmph! Looks like the situation is going more desperate, so is my conquest over the Earth. It seems like the weakling solider is right. The Digi-Squad are finally here on your planet, Zartog.

Zartog: I bet they are. I wonder what they're doing here on my planet?

Ivan Ooze: And as for the Bean Warriors, I must look into my mind to see the vision of what they're up to in the desert that I teleport them to as exile.

Closing his eyes, Ivan began to imagine, and this scene dissolves into the vision of the Bean Warriors greeting the Digimon and their Digi-Squad members, the Duelists and the Piñatas and stating their pleas to them.

Ivan Ooze (thinking to himself): What? (groans) Foolish bears! Asking to help these Digital Monsters recover the Infinty Probe and the Seven Beans of Power? And to do so, they're planning to attack on Zartog's palace and foil my right to conquer the Earth for Dragaunus?

The vision ends back to Ivan Ooze and Zartog.

Zartog: Well, Ivan, what is it?

Ivan Ooze: Ah-ha! Just as I thought. Those persistent pandas are going to use the Digital Monsters and their Digi-Squad members as their final hope to come back and interfere with our plan of Earth-conquest. As part of their dirty job, they are to steal back the Infinity Probe and the Seven Beans of Power from us. But no! We cannot allow this to happen. The Saurians want the Digi-Squad to be eliminated once and for all, and I should do it for them as well. And what about the Bean Warriors, I ask? I'm going to give them something they won't forget. The one thing that I should've done in the first their DOOM! But first, I will help you get another spaceship.

Zartog: That's the spirit, Oozy. (talking into a microphone): Splork!?

Splork (coming through the mantas to see his masters): Uh, yes?

Zartog: Congratulations! You're the general. Take a party of warriors, and brings us this sky beast.

Splork: Uh, okay, the tall guy, you with the big belly, guy with the pointed hat and the last one at the back.

Splotchy Malgorian Soldier: I'm always picked last.

Splork: Mount up!

On General Splork's command, four Malgorian soldiers or warriors hopped onto some alien snails to get the spaceship and the Digi-Squad, but they are going very slow.

Zartog (annoyed): Take the Fluvians!

Ivan Ooze: Wait up, Zartog! (calling out for Splork) You and your men can't do it alone, Splork! I will give you an aid.

Splork: Really?

Zartog: You will?

Ivan Ooze: Certainly. Now, it is time for me to call back my Tengu Warriors.

Then with a mighty roar, Ivan raised his arms in the air and unleashed his display of lightning bolts that went floating in the sky and then hitting the ground. When the flash cleared away, the Tengue Warriors appear squawking so loudly.

Ivan Ooze: Shut your beaks!

The Tengue Warriors did what Ooze had said.

Ivan Ooze: Now, my Tengu Warriors? You will fly to the desert, you will find the Digimon and their Digi-Squad, and you will TAKE THEM TO US!

Squawking in response, the Tengus dash off and fly toward the sky with Splork and his warriors on their manta rays, the Fluvians, embarking on a mission to hunt down and seize the Digi-Squad and leaving behind Ivan and Zartog who were laughing while watching the two armies leave.

Ivan Ooze: Finally, the moment of truth! Oozemen, Slaves of Malgor, activate my Titans! Let the ooze flow!

Oozeman 1: Yes, sir!

Oozemen 2: You heard the boss! Go on!

Assembling in a line, the Oozemen power up in bright auras and start to insert some of their energy to Hornitor and Scorpitron, while the Malgorian slaves inject some purple ooze into the two monsters. The bodies of the two giant robotic machines are filling up with the that purple goo as Ivan and Zartog watch

Ivan Ooze: Ooze! Give my creatures life! Life, I tell you! LIFE!

The Oozemen and the Malgorian slaves has finished their energy and ooze injection into Scorpitron and Hornitor, leaving them an awesome maximum level of ooze. And as the final step of the progress, Ivan zapped his purple lightning into his creations. Soon enough, absorbing more energy like this, the giant robots began to move. Hornitor tilted his head a bit and click his jaws as his eyes glow. The Malgorian slaves become scared as Scopitron went next, lighting up his eyes and snapping with his own jaws, stinger and claws. By the time Ivan stopped his bolts of energy, the Ectomorphicon Titans are alive at last, and they each let out a powerful roar.

Ivan Ooze: Now my machines are reborn again! (laughing wickedly)

Zartog: Amazing.

Ivan Ooze: Scorpitron, Hornitor! I have orders for you to carry out. You must follow the Malgorian and Tengu warriors to the same desert where the second spaceship, and help them bring it and the Digi-Squad all the way here to Zartog and me. While you're doing so, make sure you also find those meddling Bean Warriors and kill them before they reach the Digi-team first! Now, GOOOO!

The Ectomorphicon Titans went off on the same task as the Tengu and Malgorian warriors to capture the spaceship along with the Digi-Squad and exterminate the Bean Warriors.

Zartog: Well, you seem to like the Digi-Squad so much.

Ivan Ooze (chuckling): Of course, I do.

Zartog: To be honest, what are you going to do with these so-called "Digimon" and their "Digi-Squad" yourself?

Ivan Ooze: I'll explain to you, Zartog. But first, I must go inside your palace and contact the Saurians' Raptor.

Zartog: Okay, Ivan. Save it for later.

And so, Ivan left Zartog on his time off alone while walking back into his palace. Meanwhile in space, and on the Raptor, Saurian commander Siege notice the signal of contact flashing its yellow lights with beeping sounds of the Scouter from the Dragon Ball manga and anime franchise. His master, Lord Dragaunus, notice this too.

Siege: We had incoming communication from Malgor, Lord Dragaunus.

Lord Dragaunus: Prepare to answer, NOW!

The Valley of Bad Things

The Battle with the Malgorians and Ooze Army/The Bean Warriors Rescues the Digi-Squad

The two NASA chimpanzees, Ham and Luitinatet Luna, followed by the Digi-Squad conisisting of eight Digimon including leader Agumon, and their first set of Digi-Squad team members, the Duelists and the Piñatas turn around and see the Malgorian Soldiers with General Splork, the Tengu Warriors and the Ectomorphicon Titans, Scorpitron and Hornitor, charging toward them. Unknown to them, they are sent by Ivan Ooze and Zartog to capture the ship and the Digi-Squad. But while the Tengu and the Malgorian warriors do that job, Hornitor and Scorpitron is on the hunt for the Bean Warriors.

Les: Huh?

Hamm: Okay, I know this sounds crazy, but these guys, some stranger animals and those two big robots are going to be super chilled.

The Digi-Squad looked on to recognize the army.

Agumon: What are they?

Joey: It's those Malgorians.

Tristan: But what are those with them?

Yugi: Tengu Warriors and Ectomorphicon Titans!

Digi-Squad: What?

Cut to the Malgorian and Tengu Warriors.

Splork: Death to strangers and Bean Warriors!

Tengu Warrior 1: Capture of Digi-Squad!

Ham: Ooh, great name for a band.

Agumon (concerned about the Malgorians): Maybe they are friendly.

But three Malgorian warriors throw spears at the Digi-Squad and the NASA chimps.

Joey: They're not friendly!

Gomamon: Hey, guys, we've got trouble.

Agumon: Hurry, run!

The two chimps and our heroes run to the ship with the Tengus and the Malgorians chasing them. But the Tengu Warriors have other ideas.

Tengu Warrior 1: Splork, you chase these strangers and the sky beast.

Tengu Warrior 2: Just leave the Digi-Squad to us!

Splork: Got it!

As soon as the two groups of justice split up, the Tengu Warriors dash toward the land and landed, surrounding the Digi-Squad in an instant.

Tengu Warriors: Hello, Digi-Squad!

Biyomon: What kind of funny birds are you?

Tengu Warrior 1: Not funny birds, Missy! We're the Tengu Warriors.

Franklin: Tengu Warriors?

Yugi: That's them.

Scorpitron and Hornitor blast their way to find the Bean Warriors, not joining in the battle. And as for the chimps, they were dashing on their way back to the ship where Commander Titan is.

Luan: Titan, wake up!

But the Malgorian Soldiers on their Fluvians picked the ship up before the Luna and Hamm could get to it.

Malgorian Soldier: The sky beast is ours!

Ham: Quick, this way!

Luna: But we can't leave the ship or Titan!

Ham: Looks like they're leavings

Some of the Malgorians and their Fluvians retreat with the stolen spaceship, leaving the others, the Tengu Warriors and the Ectomorphicon Titans to continue their attack the Digi-Squad and the chimps.

Malgorian Soldier: Return to Lord Zartog and Prime Minister Ivan Ooze!

Paulie: Lord Zartog?

Tea: And Prime Minister Ivan Ooze?

Tengu Warrior 2: Yeah, they're rulers of Malgor and the conquers of the Earth!

Patamon: Whatever are talking about!

Palmon: We don't understand that!

Tengu Warrior 1: You've seen them before? That's why we're taking you all to them. Ivan has something special to use you for!

Agumon: What does this Ivan guy want with us?

Tengu Warrior 1: You're see! (calling to the other Tengu) Get them!

Toby and Gennai's Explanations

When we last off, the Digi-Squad (aka Team Digimon), the duelists and the piñatas were horrified when Toby, leader of the surviving Pandasian pandas or Bean Warriors is telling them the story about the familiar gang of aliens threatening to take control of the whole universe including Earth. It turns out that these space murderers are none other than the Mighty Ducks' sworn-enemies, better known as...

Digi-Squad, Duelists and Piñatas: The Saurians.

Agumon: Toby, do you know about them too? Especially their master?

Toby: Yes, Agumon. He is called Lord Dragaunus, one of the most deadliest conquerors of outer space.

Cool: That's the name of that wise lizard-like guy who destroyed our planet.

Gabumon: What is your home planet?

Bingo: It's called Pandasia.

Toby: That's why we are called Pandasians just like we told you.

Yami: It looked similar to Earth, but it's shaped like a doughnut.

Fergy: Mmmm, doughnut.

An annoyed Hudson whacks Fergy on the head.

Fergy: Ow! Why did you do that for, Hudson? I'm not ready for bashing!

Hudson: Fergy, this isn't a good time to be Homer Simpson, that's why.

Franklin: And we won't tolerate your smart mouth.

Fergy: Sorry, guys, but I couldn't help it. I like doughnuts, you know?

Hudson: We know what you mean, but you gotta be quiet for now, okay?

Fergy (sighing): Okay. I will.

Franklin (whispering to the Duelists): Keep it in mind, Homer Simpson is one of the fictional characters from The Simpsons.

Yugi: Good comment.

Agumon: Please continue, Toby. When did the Saurians destroyed this Pandasia and how did it happen to you guys by living here on Malgor?

Toby: I remembered it like it was yesterday.

Another traditional animated flashback came, showing Pandasia, the planet of the pandas.

Toby: We Pandasians were living peacefully on our home planet since we defeated our arch enemy, King Audie. His main weapon was the Desira Bean, one of the Seven Beans of Power. Audie was about to rule and take control of our planet by collecting all of them, but we have foiled his plans and destroyed him. Things were going quite well...

The next scene shows the Raptor where Lord Dragaunus and his Saurian minions are planning on conquering Pandasia.

Toby: Until that day, the Saurians arrive to observe our home world.

Inside the Raptor, Siege is studying Pandasia from the window.

Siege: We're in ranged on Pandasia, Lord Dragaunus.

Lord Dragaunus (also looking onto Pandasia): Prepare to de-cloak...NOW!

The Raptor and the other ships that are being controlled by the Saurians de-cloak themselves to go towards Pandasia while the evil Saurian Overlord laughs sinisterly.

Lord Dragaunus: After those last previous years of searching, I, Dragaunus, leader of the Saurian Overlords and Lord of the Koopas, have found the doughnut-shaped planet from which some precious, yet powerful items called the Seven Beans of Power have been located. (pushes the buttons as the screen shows the pandas) Pretty soon, those cursed Bean Warriors, especially their leader Toby who defeat King Audie, shall perish if they don't hand over the beans to me.

Siege (cackling): You ever had Panda before, Chameleon?

Chameleon (shape-shifting into Groucho Marx): Well, now that you've mentioned it, no.

Siege: I hear it tastes like chicken.

Wraith appears in an aura of smoke which then cleared away to reveal his true form.

Chameleon (startled): Don't do that!

Wraith (after finishing his transformation back to his current state): This is a mistake, Lord Dragaunus. If you do not make the Bean Warriors to hand over the Seven Beans of Power, I predict a dismal outcome.

Lord Dragaunus: This disagreement is overruled, Wraith! Technology brought us here to Pandasia with my new gate way generator, and technology will crush this planet...FLAT! (slams the controls causing the screen glass to have statics) Of course, just to impress my brother, King Bowser Koopa who is always take a beating from the Mario Bros. repeatedly before fulfilling his own purposes of claiming Princess Peach Toadstool and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom, we'll capture those foolish bears and take the beans from them...BY FORCE!

On Dragaunus' commands, the ships ignited and flew down to enter the atmosphere of Pandasia as Toby resumes his narration.

Toby: The reason why these Saurian bullies came to our planet, is that Dragaunus wanted our beans so he just could take over the Earth.

The Raptor and its Hunter ships appear in the sky much to the surprise of the Pandasians, including the Bean Warriors. Then they all hear Dragaunus' voice calling out to them from his space-craft to them

Lord Dragaunus:

Toby: My friends and I refused to give our beans to him, but we have left him no choice but to attack our planet.

The Saurians began terrorizing Pandasia with their ships shifting into gigantic robots. Panda guardian statues have fallen onto the ground, and the panda natives ran for their lives.

Toby: We were about to protect our friends and family, but we were too late for they have been captured and are enslaved by Dragaunus' giant robots, the Hunter Drones. As our last resort to save ourselves, we left our home planet by using a spaceship that Cool has made.

Pandasia then exploded, and the flash and beam of light then disappeared after a few seconds.

Toby: Straight after our departure, Pandasia is destroyed.

The flashback ends as the scene dissolves into the next one with our heroes, the Pandasians and the chimps on the same planet, returning back to CGI form.

Toby: And there were no other survivors, but us.

Palmon: Oh, dear. That sounded like the most terrible thing that has ever happened to you.

Patamon: Dragaunus and his goons did the same thing to our planet too.

Agumon: They succeeded to extract their vengeance on us Digimon for disabling their plans of Earth-conquest through teamwork with the Mighty Ducks, as well as the Samurai Pizza Cats whose leaders are and Speedy Cerviche.

Biyomon: But unfortunately, instead of deleting us, he mistakenly teleported us back to Earth.

Joey: And believe us, both the Mighty Ducks and the Saurians are space enemies to each other.

Tristan: So where are Lord Dragaunus and his henchmen? Have they come here to Malgor too.

Love: Not exactly. They were somewhere in space, coming up with new ideas to get rid of the Digimon and control Earth.

Toby: But never mind about them, there is more that we are much concerned about.

Gatomon: Alright, now what is your other reason that you've saved us from these "Ecto"-whatever you called these monsters?

Cool: Well, it's about these two jerks, Zartog and Ivan Ooze.

Gomamon: And just who are Zartog and Ivan Ooze?

Biyomon: Are they Dragaunus' generals?

Bingo: No. They're alien overlords, and just like Dragaunus, they also want to rule the Earth.

Toby: In other words, they are his associates.

Agumon: That explains it. Dragaunus is still plotting to take over the human world even by picking up more villains of the universe to help him try to attack and destroy us. He briefly established his own crew of bad guys.

Gabumon: First the Bad Rap of the Raptors, who has the same desire for world-conquest.

Tentomon: Then Alien Mephilas and his fellow aliens, old enemies of the Ultra Brothers from M78 in the 40th Galaxy.

Joey: Then the Chief Weasel from the Wild Wood in England...

Tea: And even the Shredder of the Foot Clan, their fifth villain party member.

Biyomon: And now, this Ivan, making a total of six bad guys just to form Dragaunus' own team?

Yugi: My friends? We know who Ivan Ooze is.

Agumon: You do?

Yugi: Yes. That brings us duelists memories of what happened back on Earth, thirteen years ago.

Familiar Voice: That I agree with you Duelists.

Gumdrop People/Controlling Fear

"Dance or Dunk?"/Digi-Squad and Bean Warriors versus Ivan Ooze (round 1)

On Planet Malgor and Zartog's palace, he and Ivan Ooze are making their announcement to the Molgorian race and the Ooze Army consisting of Tengu Warriors and Oozemen....

Zartog: Pathetic groveling slaves of Malgor, and Oozemen and Tengu Warriors of Ivan Ooze? Welcome to Triple Sunday! (echoing)

Ivan Ooze (commenting to himself): And the crowd goes wild.

The Malgorians hardly made a sudden sound or cheer, so did the Tengu Warriors and the Oozemen.

Ivan Ooze (making another comment to himself): Ohhh, tough crowd, tough crowd. (shouting his command to Zartog's slaves) SILENCE!

The Malgorian slaves and the Ooze Army did what their second master commanded them to do.

Ivan Ooze: There is more that we want to say to you about.

Zartog: Soon, the suns will align and the volcano will explode. And a lot of you are not gonna live.

Ivan Ooze: What he means is, you will be burned to death by its very, very hottest lava rivers.

The crowd is shocked about what Zartog and Ivan said.

Ivan Ooze: We know. It's unbearable for you to suffer your fates, just as we understand. But...

Zartog (turning to the bad and clears his throat to them): It's your cue.

The female Malgorians start their live music performance and began singing.

Zartog (activating the probe and releasing red lights): Now we party our way.

Ivan Ooze: Let the fun begin!

Do you wanna rock?

Do you wanna rock?

Do you wanna rock right now?


Using another control of the stolen probe, Zartog pulls out an album that has five singers resembling the Beatles.

Zartog: Dance or dunk?

The crowd begins to dance, and the Oozemen and Tengu Warriors did the same. but while all this happen, Ivan notice something not right.

Ivan Ooze: Oh, Zartog? Take a look.

Zartog (looking at one Malgorian dancing incorrectly): You.

Malgorian Slave: Who?

Ivan Ooze: Excuse me? It's you. Who else?

Zartog: You're not dancing.

Malgorian Slave: Yes, I am.

Zartog: No, that's more of a shuffle.

Ivan Ooze: That is against our rules.

Malgorian Slave (disagreeing with Zartog and Ooze) Nope, a dance.

Zartog (getting annoyed): Shuffle.

Malgorian Native (increasing is disrespectful tone): Dance!

Zartog (nearly pissed off): Shuffle!

Ivan Ooze (also furiously): Exactly! When Zartog says so, then it's what he said!

And to punish the Malgorian Native for talking back to him and Ivan, Zartog grabs the dim-witted slave by the legs with the claw of the infinity probe and dips him in the pool of Freznar. Pulling out the slave in statue form, Zartog bring the helpless creature to him and Ooze, and that's when they made one more correction.

Zartog: Shuffle.

Ivan Ooze (smiling): Do you got it now?

Malgorian Slave: Okay. Shuffle.

Up on the top of Zartog palace, the two anthropomorphic chimpanzees from the NASA on Earth, Ham and Lieutenant Luna, and the Bean Warriors from Pandasia, aided by the Digital Monsters and their Digi-Squad members, the Duelists and the Piñatas enter the scene in an effort to rescue Commander Titan and his ship, and steal back the probe from Zartog. These are all part of the Digi-Squad's mission to defend the Earth against forces of many powerful villains, including the Saurians and Lord Dragaunus' long-lost friend Ivan Ooze, the enemy of the legendary Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Ham: Whoa. That's like the second biggest evil lair I've ever seen. And I've seen two.

Joey: They're aliens. Aren't those the ones you've been telling us about?

Love: You bet your hide they are.

Patamon: But which one's Zartog, and for one more person, what does this Ivan Ooze look like?

Yami: Zartog is the blue-yellow-green reptilian pointy-eared Malgorian.

Agumon: And just like Gennai said, Ivan Ooze is the robed alien sorcerer who has the power over some goo of his own.

Bingo: Yes, he's the purple one who is also made of ooze.

Tristan: Wow! You two are more of Sherlock Holmes' assistants! Did you figure that out by yourselves?

The Digital Monsters groan in annoyance.

Tristan: Oh, sorry, guys.

Luna (looking down): Hey, there's the ship. And there's the rover!

Max: Oh, so that's what that metal thing is called.

Gatomon: Have you ever seen a rover before?

Max: Nope!

Gatomon: First time?

Max: Uh-huh!

Agumon: Aw, nuts. Looks like Zartog and Ivan has stolen it just to possess it.

Biyomon: Yeah, Agumon. And more to this point, Ivan thought he was going to have all of us brought to him.

Toby: He was going to make you his zombies slave just like he once did to the parents of Angel Grove on Earth, so you could help him and Zartog conquer your planet for the Saurians. And they'll intend to kill you when it's done.

Yugi: No, way. Not on the Digi-Squad's watch. Besides, these Digimon can fight better against some toughest monsters and villains of the galaxies.

Franklin: Maybe, it's not easy to win.

Back on the ground...

Zartog: Now it is my thrill to present the main attraction. The monkey who showed me and Ooze the way. (talking into the microphone) Here's...Titan!

Zartog activates one of the rover's claws to show Titan to the crowd.

Luna (gasping): Oh, my gosh. Titan.

Ham: Oh, my gosh. He's not asleep.

Hudson: He must've gotten up until he encountered those Malgorians.

Tentomon: Correction, he's only knocked out after a crash here on Planet Malgor, and got captured by Zartog's men and the Ooze Army, including Hornitor and Scorpitron the Ectomorphicon Monsters.

Luna: Oh, if we just had our rocket packs, we could rescue Titan from the air.

But it isn't long before the chimps and our heroes look out to see a Fluvian flying past them.

Luna:  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Ham: Uh, we're not paid to think. As a matter of fact, we're not paid at all. Think about that!

Luna: Uh, wait. Chimps don't leave chimps behind.

Ham (sighing): Luna. I hear ya. I hear ya. I do. But here's what I have to say about it. (whispering) Let's leave him.

Luna (disappointed): Ham.

The Digi-Squad glared at Ham for not thinking properly.

Ham: Fine. We'll save him.

Agumon: That's what we're going to do, Ham. But we have a bigger job to do. While Ham and Luna use these mantas to rescue Titan, we are going to have a challenge with Ivan.

Toby: Don't be insane, Agumon! Ivan is much more powerful than any other villain or hero in the universe.

Agumon: He is, and so are we.

Bean Warriors: Huh?

Gabumon: Back on Earth, every weak before we go on adventures, we've been training to increase our special powers to the next levels.

Patamon: That way, we're going to fight toughest bad guys like Ivan.

Palmon: That's what heroes always do without ever giving up.

Yugi: Don't worry, Bean Warriors. You're coming with us, for we'll get your Seven Beans of Power back from him.

Gatomon: It's all for the sake of the Second Galatic Empire, the Mugen Gang and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Agumon: You need our help, right?

The Bean Warriors gives an uncertain look at the heroes, until they smile only to agree.

Toby: Okay. For us Bean Warriors, it's time for our payback.

Cool: Pandasia must be avenged!

Agumon: Lieutenant Luna and Officer Ham? You first.

Back at Zartog and Ivan Ooze...

Zartog: Begin tortuously slow dunking mechanism.

Ivan Ooze: One frozen primate, coming up.

Tengu Warriors and Oozemen (cheering): YEAH! ELIMINATE HIM!

As Zartog's probe began to lower him down toward the Freznar pool, Titan starts to negotiate.

Titan: Uh, "Zartig" and "Isan"? Now that I've gotten to know you both, you seem like reasonable aliens... which is why I'm willing to offer you a plea bargain.

Zartog (snickering): No.

Ivan Ooze (smiling wickedly): Sorry, Commander Titan. But the plea bargain-styled playtime is over. (giggling childishly)

Back to the chimps and the Digi-Squad...

Ham: Let's go.

While the Digimon, the Bean Warriors, the Duelists and the Piñatas remain from their spot on top of the palace, Ham and Luna jumped off and landed aboard on two Fluvians, waking them up.

Ham: Here we go, ladies.

The two chimps then started to drive the mantas into the sky, while the heroes cheered for them quietly from up on the palace.

Gomamon: Good luck, chimps of NASA!

Palmon: Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Agumon: This is phase 1, guys.

Bean Warriors and Digi-Squad: Mm-hmm.

And back at the incident, Titan is closer moments away from becoming a Freznar statue for Zartog, as the Malgorian slaves look on with silent terror and the Ooze Army cheer with triumph.

Titan: Sure, go ahead. Dunk me. Now you'll never learn how to use the 3-D radar.

Zartog: Huh?

Ivan Ooze: What did you say?

Zartog: 3-D radar?

Titan: Yeah. (feeling the probe's claw pulling him up a bit) Oh, whoa! That's right. 3-D radar.

Back to Lieutenant Luna and Officer Ham on the Fluvians flying around to get ready for a surprise attack...

Ham: Luna, follow me.

Luna: Roger that.

Ham: Who's Roger? Is it serious?

Back at Titan, Ivan and Zartog...

Zartog: Tell us, tell us, tell us, please!

Titan: Flip the bar with the star, not too far to start the radar.

Zartog did what Titan told him and laughs sinisterly.

Ivan Ooze: This is it.

As for the two chimps on the Fluvians, they came in for some action to save Titan from certain doom.

Ham: You take the left. I'll take the right.

Back to the ruthless alien scoundrels...

Ivan Ooze (speaking musically): You're dead!

But before Titan's capital punishment could be carried out, it was interrupted by the probe's computerized voice.

Infinity Probe (taking a shape of a alarm satellite): Alert. Chimpanzees incoming.

Zartog: What?

Ivan Ooze: More chimpanzees? That's impossible!

But Ooze is wrong, for Ham with Luna from behind, is flying down over the Freznar river where the other frozen Malgorians are standing on, thus becoming the first to oppose him and Zartog.

Ham: Yee-hoo-hoo!

Zartog and Ivan Ooze: Huh?

Ham: Fire away!

Ordered by Ham, the Fluvian fired a dart toward, and Zartog and Ivan over-reacts as it hits the white spot. As a result, the machine spins around with Titan in its grasp. While Titan holds on tight grunting, the two evil aliens are freaking out.

Ivan Ooze: Oh, boy! I think I'm gonna hurl!

As the rover continues spinning, Titan is released and Luna manage to catch her commander right behind her on the Fluvian she is driving.

Ham: Luna! Nice!

Titan: Now let's get back to the ship, so I can save you guys and pilot us home.

Ham Whoo-hoo!

The three chimps on the same two Fluvians fly up in the air on their way to the ship, the Digi-Squad on the top of the palace cheered for them again!

Yugi: Yes! Titan is saved!

Tentomon: Rescue mission completed!

Toby: Good work, chimps! We'll catch up with you later!

Agumon: Now it's on to our second phase, a fight with Ooze.

Joey: Wait, guys! Look down there!

The rover stops spinning, and Zartog is feeling dizzy while Ooze is heard from behind his back, vomiting his ooze out of his mouth

Tengu Warriors: Masters!

Oozemen: Are you alright?

Zartog: Where did those chimps go?

Ivan Ooze (groaning): And how has this happened?

Malgorian (smiling with joy): They've escaped. (laughing)

Ivan Ooze (growling): How dare you mock us?

Zartog: Traitor!

Mercilessly, Zartog uses one of the rover's claws to grab the Malgorian after he's done laughing. And the Ooze Army and the other Malgorians gasped with shock as they watch Zartog dunk the traitorous one into the Freznar. When Zartog pulled out the frozen Molgrian...

Ivan Ooze: Death. (firing his lighting bolts from his arms)

On top of the tower, the Digi-Squad are horrified as they see and hear Ivan shattering the frozen Malgorian into pieces with his dark powers, killing him instantly, just like he did to the dim-witted soldier.

Joey: No way. Zartog and Ooze have killed the poor alien.

Tristan: They're going way too far this time.

The Malgorians are even much more scared just to see the statue rubble of the now murdered Malgorian, but the Oozemen and the Tengu Warriors remain calm even though they're also afraid.

Ivan Ooze: You see, slaves of Zartog? Anybody else who betray us will also be executed immediately, just like we have already terminated the Bean Warriors with my Ectomorphicon creations. And that's what I will be wanting nowadays.

Toby (angry): Murderers!

Fergy: It's the same fate as piñatas when we only be destroyed by kids with baseball bats to release the candy we're filled with.

Palmon: We're not going to these two guys kill the rest of these Malgorians, will we?

Gatomon: No, Palmon. We'll put an end to their reign of madness and terror.

Agumon: All right, time for our champion digivolution. Gatomon? You stay in your current form and ride on me as Greymon.

Gatomon: No sweat.

Back to Zartog and Ivan Ooze, they are still threatening to execute the other Malgorians.

Ivan Ooze: Now, who wants to go next.


Ivan Ooze:

The Malgorians remained silent, so the ruthless alien duo decide to push harder to the never level of the worse.

Ivan Ooze: No volunteers? Fine, you can all go ka-boom.

The evil Ivan snaps his fingers, and the Oozemen and Tengu Warriors all come forth, landing on the ground in front of the slaves of Malgor. These kind-hearted people are fightened as they line up and get ready to harm them.

Ivan Ooze: Say cheese!

But suddenly, the voice of Toby is heard shouting out to Ivan and Zartog.


Everyone become started, and they all look around.

Ivan Ooze: That must be Toby and the rest of the Bean Warriors

Zartog: But where are they?

Ivan Ooze:

Toby: Not really! Look up!

Ivan, Zartog, the Ooze Army and the Malgorians look up to see the Digi-Squad and the Bean Warriors coming down from the top of Zartog's Palace. Among, are the eight champion-level Digimon and Yami Yugi.

Malgorian: Who are they?

Ivan Ooze: It's them!

Zartog: Crudlar.

The Oozemen scrammed away a bit as the heroes landed on the ground between them and the Malgorian slaves. Then they stood here, gazing upon the villains on the infinity rover.

Toby: We're back, Zartog and Ooze.

Zartog: My goodness, you're still alive for real.


Toby: But we survived a few times thanks our new allies.

Ivan Ooze: Really? So this how you pandas cheated death!

Yami Yugi:

Greymon: Are you Ivan Ooze and Zartog?

Zartog: No way. I don't believe you strange monsters can talk.

Franklin: They can, so does we Piñatas.

Zartog: Oh, yeah? Just who are they?

Greymon: We're the Digimon.

Zartog: Digimon?


Ivan Ooze:



Greymon: This edition, we've come here to your planet to take back something that you have, the one that you're calling the "sky beast".

Zartog: You're taking this sky beast away from me?


Yami Yugi: As for you, Ooze. Return the Seven Beans of Power back to the Bean Warriors, seal yourself in your hyper-lock chamber and go back to space.

Ivan Ooze:

Zartog: Just because you Digi-whatever you call yourselves got your own crew of your army, it doesn't mean we have to be afraid of you.

"Safe and Goin' Home"/"It's Party Time!"

Back on the other side of Zartog's palace, the three chimps of the NASA, Commander Titan, Lieutenant Luna and Officer Ham are preparing to escape from Malgor.

Luna: Commander, launch control is unresponsive.

Titan: Check the diagnostics.

As the two chimps open the drawer, there was something they haven't notice before.

Titan: Huh?

Luna: It's nothing but bells and whistles.

Just then, the Digiport appears and the Digi-Squad appear to reunite with them, after seemingly defeated Ivan Ooze from their first battle.

Ham: Digi-Squad, you're here!

Toby: We are, Ham. Right on time.

Gabumon: Just so far, we've manage to defeat Ivan Ooze as a favor for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Mugen Gang.

Patamon: But we had a feeling that Zartog is not finished yet.

Joey: We know what you mean, Patamon.

Agumon: How is your space shuttle?

Ham: Apparently it's taking a lot of time before the ignition could start the launch.

Luna: We even find only bells and whistles.

Titan: But why did they teach us all that stuff if the controls weren't even hooked up?

Titan: And why didn't wen the wires?

Ham: This whole thing was a sham. They wanted to see if our brains still worked after going through a wormhole.

Tristan: Oh, man! We're going to be stranded on Malgor for all time.

Oscar: Don't worry! At least you have us on your side.

Luna (sitting down): We're spam in a can.

Hamm: And we weren't even supposed to open the can. Sorry, guys, but we're nothing more than guinea pigs.

Titan: Actually, the guinea pigs are on the Mars mission.

On Mars, two guinea pigs are having fun above the grounds of the red planet.

Guinea Pigs: Whee!

The scene goes back to the chimps and our heroes on Malgor.

Luna: The ship was on autopilot the whole time. We were never really flying it. We were never really astronauts.

Cool: Great! Now what would Flash Gordon, Buzz Lightyear, Han Solo, the Ultra Brothers and the rest of all those space heroes say?

Luna: You were right all along.

Ham: I didn't want to be right. Besides, that's what humans think of us, not what we should think. No offense for you and your friends, Yugi. Or should just call you Pharaoh?

Yami Yugi: We are in one being, no matter who you refer us to as either Pharaoh and Yugi.

Ham: Okay, I get it.

An image of Yugi appear next to his own body under Pharoh's control.

Yugi (chuckling): Looks like you almost don't sound like the Pharaoh that I've ever met.

Yami Yugi/Pharaoh: I agree with you, Yugi. Bean Warriors, do know about these space heroes?

Toby: Yes. Buzz Lightyear is a space man from his base of Star Command at Space Ranger Corps, not to be confussed with another Buzz on Earth, a toy who is the best friend of a cowboy doll named Sheriff Woody.

Agumon: That's right. You must have more knowledge about our allies from space too.

Love: Come to think of it, he, Flash, Han, the Ultra Brothers are responsible for their assistance of the Second Galactic Empire where they helped Bakumaru, Ratchet the Lombax and Goku defeat Omega Shenron and his Team Omega members who tried to rule these peaceful planets like the your Earth, and the Dragon Team's Earth. Ivan is among them as their accomplice.

Titan (moaning): Why wasn't I born a rabbit or a squirrel or an art history major?

Ooze's Past and Universal Domination/Digi-Squad and Bean Warriors versus Ivan Ooze (final round)

Back on Malgor, Zartog and Ivan Ooze are preparing for the execution of the space chimps, the Bean Warriors, the Piñatas, the Duelists and the Digimon. This time, Zartog's rover is holding Commander Titan, Lieutenant Luna and Ham captives to have them dunked in, while Ooze's Ectomorphicon Titans, Scorpitron and Hornitor, carry our heroes in order to have their turns next.

Ham (disappointed at Titan): Great plan.

Zartog: At last! Prepared to be dunked!

Ivan Ooze: Hold on, Zartog. I will do the judgement after I tell these Digital Monsters and their comrades all about myself and my origin. Besides they want to know a lot more about me.

Zartog: Ohh. I get it, now. Only a alien like yourselves wants to have more vengeance than I do.

Our heroes struggle to free themselves,

Ivan Ooze: Stop struggling, you rookie-level Digi-Squad! It's useless, and you'll only wear yourselves out. Hear this out, for I will have to tell you why I am Zartog's prime minister and helper.

Agumon: Then why? Why are you helping Zartog?

Yugi: And before now, how did you survived from your last fight with the Power Rangers?

Ivan Ooze:

A flashback begins with Ooze's memories of his time with Lord Dragaunus as members of Omega Shenron's organization of space villains, Team Omega.

Ivan Ooze:

The flashback ends back at the same area of our heroes' capital punishment.

Ivan Ooze: Now that Dragaunus and I are once again in partnership without the necessary need to restore Team Omega back to life, we have our own plans to take control of the Earth. But you Digimon are seem to be getting in our way just as the Saurian Overlord got defeated again and again. I congratulate you for improving your power and skills in our last fight, but now in doing so, I'll see that you must pay dearly for your so many interferences. Here is my judgement for you to determine your doom.

Agumon: What kind of a judgement is it?

Ivan Ooze: Before we'll do away with these chimps, we must get rid of you Digimon first, along with your so-called Digi-Squad associates. I will use Scorpitron and Hornitor to dunk you into the Freznar, trapping you in stone. Then, I'll smash you all into countless pieces, and finally use my magic to turn you all into ashes and blow you away for good. And as for you Bean Warriors of Pandasia, especially you, Toby! For your persistent challenge against us even by helping these Digimon and their Digi-Squad members just to repay us for what we've done to you, you'll suffer their same fate as them, as well as those talking chimpanzees. However, I must take those Seven Bean of Powers from you again first, and make sure you can never use them to help you.

Using his powers, Ivan strips the Bean Warriors of the Seven Beans of Power again, and this time, he put them in his robes.

Max: You fiend! Those are our beans!

Ivan Ooze: Yes, but they are your beans no longer yours. They will be the perfect gifts for Dragaunus. And here's more what I have to save about your fates. Once you are all dead permanently, Zartog and I will go to space to meet up with the Saurians on their Raptor to bring these beans to them. Once Dragaunus finally take possession of the Seven Beans of Power, together, we shall expand our own not-yet-named independent villain organization of other space conquers in order to share our power over the whole universe. This edition, we'll start our domination with my former home...Planet Earth.

Love: No way! Not the Earth!

Bingo: That's not gonna happen!

Toby (angry): You are not going to get away with this. Not even Dragaunus!

Ivan Ooze: Too late! We already have! There is no other way you and your allies can win against us or him! We are all far too superior and extra-stronger than before! Remember? Now that my story time is over, here's something I shall do what I must succeed as a favor of Dragaunus. (clearing his throat and mimicking Prince John from Robin Hood) "I sentence you to sudden, instant and even...immediate DEATH!"

Zartog: That's right! Like I said in the first place, prepared to be dunked!

Titan: Lieutenant Luna?

Luna: Yes, commander?

Titan: You should've asked Ham to come up with the plan.

Agumon (thinking to himself): Ham's advice? (gasps) Of course! (turning to Yugi) Do you hear that?

Yugi: Yes, Agumon. With his help and true leadership, we'll hopefully get out of this mess, get the rover and head back to Earth in no time.

Paulie: That is a good idea, except for one problem. We're all trapped in the claws of the rover and those two giant robot bugs.

Agumon: Don't worry, we'll still have to defeat Ivan and Zartog, even if we have to destroy these Ectomorphicon Titans first.

Cool: Now you tell us.

Ivan Ooze: I don't think so, you fools. There will be no plans to steal back back the infinity rover from Zartog and me, no ideas on how to do so, no more efforts to fight us and more Ectomorphicon Titans. Now, in the name of the Saurian Overlord Dragaunus, it's finally time for you...TO DIE!

Patamon (thinking to himself sadly): Gennai, we are unable to defeat Ooze. (shedding tears) He and Zartog have beaten us, and the Earth will be theirs and the Saurians'. We've failed our mission, and we're sorry!

Zartog: Three chimps, three coats, and one Digi-Squad. Not to include eight Bean Warriors with one fire-breathing lizard! (laughs) Which ones first?

Ivan Ooze: Let's try it and find out with a game of "eeny, meeny, miny, moe".

Zartog: Is it you?

Using the rover, Zartog lowers down Ham to the Freznar.

Ivan Ooze: Digimon and Bean Warriors?

Hornitor did the same to the Digimon and the Bean Warriors.

Ivan Ooze: Duelists and Piñatas?

Scorpitron also lower down the Duelists and the Piñatas without even laying them a single touch of the Freznar.

Joey: Hey, what's wrong with Ooze and Zartog?

Congo: They're negotiating on which one of us to be turned into statues, and then be destroyed first!

Ivan Ooze: Good explanation. Now what about...

Zartog: The big one?

Ham: What?

Zartog: Or will it be you, the adorable one? Or all 29 at once?

Ivan Ooze: Yes! Now let the death penalty be carried out...NOW!

Both Zartog's rover and Ooze's Ectomorphicon Titans are about to dunk everyone into the Freznar, but are starting very slowly.

Tentomon: This is it! We're history anyway!

Fergy: Oh, fudge! I don't want to be shattered yet. I'm not even filled with more toys or candy yet! I'm too young to die!

Hudson: We all are!

Ivan Ooze (mockingly): Oh, my! Looks like almost all of you are begging for mercy? Very well, do you have any last words before your doom awaits?

Fergy: Yes, we do! Don't you think so, Titan?

Titan: Well, as commander, the least I can do is make sure..."Zelbaum" and "Ivan Goo" here doesn't dunk you guys.

Zartog: How would you do that?

Titan: Because I will teach you two the rover's secret to universal domination.

Zartog: Huh?

Digimon, Duelists, Piñatas and Bean Warriors: Universal domination!?

Zartog: The entire universe? That's big, right?

Titan: But first, let my crew go. And while you're at it, don't do the Digi-Squad and their current team members, even the Bean Warriors.

Gomamon: Are you crazy?

Ham: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What?

Zartog: Tell us.

Ivan Ooze: Yes, go on. We're still listening to you.

Ham: No, don't.

Luna: Titan, don't!

Love: You'll be their slave forever!

Ivan Ooze: Silence, you loudmouths! You'll still be dealt with next soon, while the chimps are to be spared.

Zartog (moving Ham and Luna over with his rover while the Ectomorphicon Titans brings our heroes to him and Ivan): Tell us, tell us, tell us, please, please, please?

Tristan: I know what Titan's doing, he's turning against us.

Biyomon: How could you do something to betray us like that, Titan? We've trusted you!

Ivan Ooze (annoyed with only the Digi-Squad): I thought I told you all to be quiet, didn't I?

And with that, Ooze fired his purple-colored lighting bolts from his arm at our heroes to silence them. They scream with pain as Ivan laughs until eventually, they quieted down after a few soft groans.

Ivan Ooze: That's better. Now where were we?

Zartog: Please, tell us, tell us, please? Tell us, tell us. We'll let you live, but not these Digimon, Bean Warriors and the others.

Ivan Ooze: Besides, they must all die by demands of Lord Dragaunus except you chimps, and the Beans of Powers must be delivered to him, that's the way the rules are. How do we dominate the universe?

Titan (laughing): So, to dominate the universe, hit the yellow button first, turn the blue nob and then the green...

The two chimps and the hero groups are confused as Zartog and Ivan Ooze do what Titan is telling them what to do with the rover.

Titan: And pull the lever in reverse.

Les speaks quietly to Tentomon his gibberish language.

Tentomon (whispering): Beats me, Les. I just don't know what Titan is telling them to do with the rover either.

Agumon (thinking): Wait! Looks like Titan is deceiving Ooze and Zartog. What else is he lying to them about?

Zartog: Oh, his one?

Titan: That's right.

After Zartog pulls the lever, he grabs Ham and Luna again with the rover. Ivan orders his titans to seize the Digi-Squad, the Duelists, the Piñatas and the Bean Warriors again.

Ham: Whoa! Hey! Whoa!

Zartog: Wow. You really are stupid.

Ivan Ooze: Such a foolish animal.

Titan (chuckling): Yeah.

Zartog: And a really bad poet.

As Zartog activates the rover, it ejects and sends him and Ivan Ooze flying into the sky

Titan: Oops! Did I say reverse?

Agumon: Yes, you did, Commander!

Yugi: That's how we have our advantage of them all long together by using you.

Oscar (smiling): Actually, you tricked them!

Patamon: We guess you are not really a traitor after all.

Back to Zartog and Ivan Ooze...

Zartog (screaming until he and Ivan Ooze stop): Oh, crudlar!

Ivan Ooze: No! How could we've been made fools!?

Then the Seven Beans of Powers slip from Ivan's robes and came falling down.

Ivan Ooze: Aargh! Not the beans, too!

Toby: Sorry, the Seven Beans of Powers can only be held by the chosen ones with the pure hearts.

Titan (laughing as he sees the two aliens falling back down): It was a joke.

Zartog: TRAITOR!


While Zartog falls into the Freznar, Ivan lands hard onto the ground, seemingly killing him instantly. As a result, Hornitor and Scorpitron went stiff, losing grip on the heroes. The Digital Monsters, heir Digi-Squad members and the Bean Warriors also land on the ground, so did the Seven Beans of Power. Even the Malgorians gasped with joy.

Gomamon: Yes! We are finally safe!

Palmon: Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Toby: And on top of that, our beans are back.

The heroes then walked toward Ivan Ooze just to see if he's dead, while the Bean Warriors went to the dropped beans so they can pick them up.

Joey: Well, well, well. Looks like Ooze has finally met his match.

Tristan: Now his dreams of his so-called "universal domination are backfired.

Gatomon: Now the Earth is safe from him, even with Zordon and his Power Rangers.

Yugi: Even the ETO Rangers, the ThunderCats and the rest of their Mugen Gang members will be pleased.

Piñatas: Hm-hmm!

Love: So are the space allies of the Second Galactic Republic who helped Bakumaru defeat Team Omega.

The Bean Warriors hold out their seven beans of power, and made sure that they didn't lose to him.

Toby (thinking sadly to himself while looking at Ivan): Ivan Ooze, master of darkness. May you rest peacefully in the next world. The Saurians will remember you.

Just then, a familiar scream appears, and it turned out to be Kilowatt who escapes from the Flesh-Devouring Beast. The three chimps, still hanging on the rover's claw, and our heroes are surprised to see her alive.

Kilowatt: Wowsers! (laughing)

Luna: Kilowatt! But how?

Ham: Kilowatt! You're alive! We saw the Flesh-Devouring Beast swallow you.

Hudson: Yeah! We were scared to lose you!

Kilowatt (laughing): He..he's not big on chewing.

Ham: But how did you get out?

Palmon: Yeah, Kilowat, how did you manage to escape?

Kilowat thinks of something as a flashback shows her escaping the monster out of its rear.

Kilowatt (shuddering): Um, don't make me go there.

Everyone: Eeew!

Tea: That's gross!

Titan: What?

Kilowatt (activating the switches to release Ham and Luna): You guys need a hand?

While Kilowatt set Ham and Luna free, Titan pulls out Zartog, now frozen in Feznar, using one of the rover's claws)

Titan: Does anyone want this Zellix statue? 'Cause I'll take it.

The Malgorians smile, and Splork, who now quits being Zartog's minion, puts a party hat on him and the group cheers for the chimps and our heroes. But Agumon senses something that is not through yet. The dinosaur-type Digimon look back at Ivan Ooze, and then he saw the smiley alien twitching. He gasped in shock to realize that he is still alive, and he calls out everyone to be quiet.

Agumon: Everyone, quiet!

The Malgorian did what Agumon told them to do.

Agumon: It's not over yet, Ooze hasn't died!

Digimon, Duelists, Piñatas and Bean Warriors: That's right! He's still alive!

Gatomon: He's only unconscious, and he is the only one still standing.

Agumon: We'll have to finish our score with him!

Gabumon: All right, Agumon. We'll do it!

Toby: Yeah!

Yugi: Everyone! Zartog's former citizens! Stay where you are, it's dangerous!

While all of the Malgorians and the other heroes stood their ground, Ivan got up and finds the Digital Monsters and the Bean Warriors facing him.

Ivan Ooze: You insolent runts! Where is Zartog? What have you done to him?

Agumon (pointing to where the frozen Zartog is): He's right there! We trapped him in his own Fenzar statue prison. Now that Zartog is done, we can all do what we're supposed to do just like earlier.

Toby: Here is our rematch, "Lord" Ooze. Listen to our judgement for you. For letting the Saurians destroy our planet Pandasia, for helping Zartog enslave and murder his own kind, and for nearly bringing our Seven Beans of Powers to Dragaunus, we're going to defeat you.

Gabumon: This time, victory will go to us Digimon as long as we are called the Digi-Squad with our allies for team members!

Agumon: And failure will go to the Saurians and you!

Ivan Ooze: You think you have won? Haven't you re-noticed my Ooze Army, including my Ectomorphicon Machines?

The Oozemen and the Tengu Warriors re-assemble to support Ivan and confront the two hero groups. Even Hornitor and Scorpitron appear from behind with a snarl, now alive again because of their master's magic.

Yami Yugi: Oh, great! Talk about a bad monster mash.

Biyomon: We're all surprised now! It'll take longer time to beat up your whole army.

Ivan Ooze: Correct! Like I warned you and those stupid pandas, you won't be any match for me or the Saurians. And so, let this final match began. But this time, it will conclude with your doom. And from this point on, you'll never stop me from conquering the Earth for Dragaunus! Not even with your BARE HANDS!

Toby: You're certainly right, but we have more than bare hands to stop you with. (taking out his bean) Watch this, our old gifts that I once surprise King Audie with. Valor Sword, arise!

The Bean turns into the might Valor Sword, and Toby wields it, giving a few swings..

The other Bean Warriors are also ready for battle.

Ivan growls in surprise.

Agumon: And here's ours...Ultimate, plus Mega Digivolutions!

The Digivices appear in the sky, and the Digital Monsters' transformation began. The CGI sequence shows Agumon and Gabumon as they are the first to digivolve.

Agumon: Agumon...

Gabumon: Gabumon...

Agumon and Gabumon: Warp digivolve to...

Shooting beams of light from their mouths after flipping upside down, the two Digimon meta-morph through their champion and ultimate levels


MetalGarurumon: MetalGarurumon!

In the next sequence in traditional anime form, the rest of the Digi-gang digivolve next, starting with Biyomon.

Biyomon: Biyomon ultimate digivolve to...

The bird rookie-level Digimon transforms into Birdramon, and then to her ultimate form, known as...

Garudamon: Garudamon!

The other Digimon also went through the same transformation.

Tentomon: Tentomon...:

Palmon: Palmon...

Tentomon and Palmon: Ultimate digivolve to...

Lillymon: Lillymon!

Gomamon: Gomamon...

Patamon: Patamon...

Gomamon and Patamon: Ultimate digivolve to...

Zudomon: Zudomon!

MagnaAngemon: MagnaAngemon.

And Gatomon is the last to digivolve.

Gatomon: Gatomon digivolve to...

Angewomon: Angewomon!

And finally, the Duelists joined in.

Yami Yuigi: Dark Magician, I summon you!

Tea: Go help Dark Magician, Petit Angel!

Joey: You too, Baby Dragon!

Tristan: Time to fight, Lightning Dragon!

The Duelists' monsters appeared and stood alongside with the Digimon and the Bean Warriors.

Ivan Ooze: Nice. Ooze Army, destroy the Digi-Squad!

Zudomon: Vulcan's Hammer!

MegaKabuterimon: Horn Buster!

Lillymon: Flower Cannon!

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

Garudamon: Wing Blade!

Ivan Ooze (growling angrily): My machines, be my last trump card! Disable those brutes...AND TEAR THEM APART!

WarGreymon: Terra Force!

The gigantic ball of fire strike Hornitor, and the poor robotic cricket is blown to smithereens as Ivan looked on with furry. As for Scorpitron, he was struggling to free himself from Garudamon and MetalGarurumon. The scorpion-like monster swat the two Digimon away, but not before MetalGarurumon rips off the stinger with his teeth, causing him to squirt out nearly all of the ooze from his body through his damaged tail. Toby sees a chance and dashed toward the metal kaiju.

Toby (jumping into the air): HEY, SCORPITRON!

Scorpitron (looking over at Toby): Huh?

Toby (mimicking the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland): OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

With a single slash, Toby beheads Scorpitron. Ivan growls with horror as his monster's head slams and rolls on the ground. Then the headless body of Scorpitro collaspses and exploded, marking the end of the Ectomorphicon Titans.

Ivan Ooze (outraged): NO! My creations, destroyed once again!

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon: Hey! Remember us?

Ivan glared at WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon as they bothe appear in front of him after demolishing Hornitor.

MetalGarurumon: Your game of world domination is done!

WarGreymon: And as its end, you're the one who's doomed, Ooze!

Ivan Ooze: We'll see about that, you foolish Digimon!

WarGreymon: Now, MagnaAngemon!

MetalGreymon: You're on!

MagnaAngemon: Gate of Destiny.

Using the holy sword Excalibur, MagnaAngemon creates a golden gate to sent Ivan back to his dimension of obliteration. But as the Gate of Destiny opens up after spinning and begin to suck the evil morphological being, Ivan hold on to the ground much tighter to shout out not only his last words to the Digi-Squad, but his warning about what is to come for the hero team.

Ivan Ooze:

His final speech done, Ivan Ooze let out a maniacal, but sinister laughter as he finally let himself get caught in the wind of MagnaAngemon's Gate of Destiny, disappearing into the gate which then close itself and disappear, shutting up the villain's last laugh. The Digi-Squad, the Bean Warriors and the Malgorians all stared at the Gate of Destiny's former sight in concern and a little agreement.

Toby (thinking to himself): Thanks for your warning, Ooze. But we'll make sure they will be no beginnings for evil, especially in the future.

"Let's Chimp this Ride!"/"Welcome Back!"

Envelope Pusher/"Off to Middle Aged Wales!"

Gennai's Voice: Well, you all have done it again for good.

And instantly, the image of Gennai appears before the Digi-Squad and their members.

Agumon: Gennai!

Yugi: You came back.

Gennai: That is correct, Agumon and Yugi. But I'm not the only one who is here. Guess who else is or should I say are with me?

Familiar Fairy: Hi, everyone!

Toby: Mi!

Love: King Panno!

Oscar: And Queen Laila?

Yami: What are you guys doing here?

Queen Laila: We have been watching you and your new friends helping the chimps out with their mission to recover the probe from Zartog.

Toby: How did you see us do it, your majesties?

King Panno: It's simple, my boy. We can see everything from our fairy planet.

Mi: And now that you guys have helped the Digital Monsters from the Digital World, the Duelists from Domino City, Japan and the Piñatas from Piñata Island defeat Ivan Ooze, and foil his and Lord Dragaunus' plan of world-conquest, we and Gennai should think you should join them in their adventures.

Agumon: She has a point there. You see? With me as leader, we are not just Digimon. We are called the Digi-Squad. Do you guys and Didi feel like joining us and our other allies as Digi-Squad members.

Toby: I say we should take "yes" for an answer, right guys?

Bean Warriors: Right!

Didi: Didi! Didi! Didi!

Palmon: Oh, Gennai, wait! We almost forgot. What would our next adventure and mission be?

Gennai (chuckling): Nice question, Palmon. As your next mission, you will all go to the kingdom of Wales in the Middle Ages where it is being under attack by a group of ruthless goblins led by their King and Queen with their son Prince Froglip. You must help the Welsh people including Princess Irene and peasant Curdie save their home by defeating the goblins.

Joey: Yes, that was a fairy tale called The Princess and the Goblin, written in 1872 by English author George MacDonald.


King Panno: Right. In addition to that, you will even find a Mogwai called Gizmo who would be in assistance for you. He was a friend of a human boy named

Patamon: That is exactly what we need to do.

Gennai: Good, but be careful. Because since you got rid of Ooze, for his next attempt to seize control of the Earth even without risking himself just to destroy you Digimon, Lord Dragaunus is making a suggestion to hire another villain to help him out; Kirby's arch-enemy, Nightmare of the Nightmare Enterprises and his army of air-riding monsters.

Tristan: Kirby? And Nightmare of Nightmare Enterprises?

Agumon: Yes, Tristan. I remember what Tai told me before. Back in Japan, he and Kari once played Kirby's Adventure on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), where Tai controls Kirby as this little pink guy use the power of his Star Rod to defeat Nightmare before returning that wand back on top of the Fountain of Dreams to restore peace back to Dream Land.

King Panno: Kirby did destroy Nightmare with help from King Dedede, but unbeknownst to him, the Saurians teleport to another galaxy with Dream Land is located and take his ashes back to their Raptor. They restored him back to his former self, even more stronger than Kirby thought.

Gennai: And from this point on, Dragaunus orders him to support the goblins on their cruel mission to cause total chaos on the Welsh kingdom, and also warns him to be aware of your incoming to outsmart these two villains of the universe.

Gomamon: Won't Kirby go to Wales and fight this Nightmare guy again?

Gennai: No. But as a secret favor of Kirby, you Digimon will defeat Nightmare for him. Can you do that?

Agumon: Of course, Gennai. We'll do it for him at any cost.

Hudson: Hey, Franklin, where are you, Fergy and Paulie going? You're all going the wrong direction.

Paulie: Oh, we thought we might stay here and enjoy a nice relaxing vacation of our own, in more of Florida.

Franklin: Besides, there are some waves at an ocean for me to do some surfing.

Fergy: But don't you guys worry. We'll reunite with you on another mission.

Agumon: Okay, do what you want. Alright, guys. We'll be off to Middle Aged Wales! Our next bad guys to fight: the Goblins and Nightmare Enterprises.

Digi-Squad, Duelists, Bean Warriors and Piñatas: Yeah!

Agumon: But let's go home back to Domino City to rest. We're exhausted and hungry after all this time.

Digi-Squad, Duelists, Bean Warriors and Piñatas: Okay, time to relax until our next adventure!

End Titles

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