Ah! You're a Werehog! and Eggman's got Amy! will you help me Cream?

Cream the Rabbit says this to Sonic the Werehog and says about Dr.Eggman got Amy Rose and will Cream the Rabbit help Sonic the Werehog

Ah! You're a Humanoid Frog! and Bowser's got Peach! will you help me Starlow?

Starlow says this to Humanoid Frog Mario and says about Bowser got Peach and will Starlow help Humanoid Frog Mario

Ah! You're a Humanoid Frog! and king Boo's got Daisy! will you help me Toadette?

Toadette says this to Humanoid Frog Luigi and says about king boo got Daisy and will Toadette help Humanoid Frog Luigi

Ah! You're a Humanoid Frog! and Crocker's got Ronnie Anne! will you help me Lola?

Lola Loud says this to Humanoid Frog Lincoln Loud and says about Lord Crocker's got Ronnie Anne Santiago and will Lola Loud help Humanoid Frog Lincoln Loud

Ah! You're a Wooded puppet! and Malefor's got Cynder! will you help me Ember??

Ember says this to Wooden puppet Spyro and says about Malefor's got Cynder will Ember help wooden puppet Spyro

Ah! You're a Emoji Frog! and Black knight's got Linda! will you help me Angel Emoji

Angel Emoji says this to Emoji Frog Gene and says about black knight got Princess Linda/Jailbreak. and will Angel Emoji help Emoji frog Gene

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and La sombra's got Helga! will you help me Lila?

Lila Sawyer says this to Werefrog arnold shortman and says about la sombra got helga Pataki and will lila sawyer help Werefrog Arnold Shortman

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Mojo jojo got's Robin! will you help me Bubbles?

bubbles says this to Werefrog mike believe and says about mojo jojo got robin and will bubbles help Werefrog mike believe

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Chase's got Nina! will you help me Agnes?

Agnes Gru says this to werefrog Miguel Rivera and says about chase young got nina lope and will Agnes Gru help werefrog Miguel Rivera

Ah! You're a Vampire! and Kaos's got Stealth elf! will help me Whisper elf?

Whisper elf says this to vampire flameslinger and says about kaos got vampire stealth elf and will Whisper elf help vampire flameslinger

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Hooded claw's got Penelope! will you help me Judy?

Judy Jetson says this to werefrog peter perfect and says about the Hooded claw got penelope pitstop and will Judy Jetson help werefrog peter perfect

Ah! You're a Werepenguin! and Drake's got Marina! will you help me Petra?

Petra says this to Werepenguin Hubie and says about Drake got Marina and will Petra help Werepenguin Hubie

Ah! you're a Weredog! and Simon's got Polly! will you help me Isabelle?

Isabelle says this to weredog Underdog/ShoeshoeBoy and says about simon bar sinister got sweet polly purebred will Isabelle help weredog Underdog/ShoeshoeBoy

Ah! you're a Robot! and Oogie's got Sally! will you help me shock?

Shock says this to Robot Jack skellington and says about Oogie Boogie got Sally Skellington and will Shock help robot jack skellington

Ah! you're a Wererooster! and Duke's got Goldie! will you help me Peepers?

Peepers says this to Wererooster chanticleer and says about the Grand Duke of Owls got Goldie Pheasant and will Peepers help wererooster chanticleer

Ah! you're a Weremouse! and Pete's got Minnie! will you help me Webby?

Webby Vanderquacksays this to Weremouse mickey mouse and says about pete got minnie mouse and will Webby Vanderquack help weremouse mickey mouse

Ah! you're a WereRabbit! and Elmer's got Lola! will you help me Babs?

Babs Bunny says to WereRabbit Bugs bunny and says about Elmer Fudd got Lola bunny and will Babs Bunny help WereRabbit bugs bunny

Ah! you're a WereGillman! and Wolfgang's got Punk Shock! will you help me Breeze?

Breeze says this to WereGillman Gill Grunt and says this about Wolfgang got punk shock and will breeze help WereGillman Gill Grunt

Ah! you're a Werefrog! and Finbarr's got Cindy! will you help me Libby?

Libby Folfax says this to Werefrog Jimmy Neutron and says this about Professor Finbarr got Cindy Vortex and will Libby Folfax help werefrog Jimmy Neutron

Ah! you're a Globox! and Mr Dark's got Ly! will you help me Tily?

Tily says this to Globox Rayman and says this about mr dark got ly and will tily help Globox rayman

Ah! you're a Werefrog! and Chester V's got Sam! will you help me Barb?

barb says to Werefrog Flint Lockwood and says this about Chester V got sam sparks and will barb help werefrog Flint Lockwood

Ah! you're a Werefaun! and krankcase's got Splat! will you help me Deja vu?

Deja vu says to Werefaun Buckshot and says this about Dr krankcase got splat and will deja vu help Werefaun Buckshot

Ah! you're a Weremouse! and Ratigan's got Olivia! will you help me Cynthia?

Cynthia Brisby says this to Weremouse Fievel Mousekewitz and says this about Ratigan got Olivia Flaversham and will Cynthia Brisby help Weremouse Fievel Mousekewitz

Ah! You're a Werehog! and Mephiles's got Blaze! will you help me Marine?

Marine the Raccoon says this to Silver the Werehog and says this about Mephiles got Blaze the cat and will Marine the Raccoon help Silver the Werehog

Ah! You're a WereEasternbarredbandicoot! and Neo Cortex's got Tawna! will you help me Coco?

Coco Bandicoot says this to WereEasternbarredbandicoot crash Bandicoot and says this about Dr Neo Cortex got Tawna Bandicoot and will Coco Bandicoot help WereEasternbarredbandicoot crash Bandicoot

Ah! You're a Humanoid frog! and Wily's got Roll! will you help me Alouette?

Alouette says this to Humanoid frog Megaman and says this about Dr Wily got Roll and will Alouette help Humanoid frog Megaman

Ah! You're a WereKong! and K. Rool's got Candy! will you help me, Dixie?

Dixie Kong says this to WereKong Donkey Kong and says this about King K. Rool got Candy Kong and will Dixie Kong help WereKong Donkey Kong

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Bowler Hat Guy's got Penny! will you help me, Vanelope?

Vanelope Von Schweetz says this to werefrog Wilbur Robinson and says this about Bowler Hat Guy got Penny Forrester and will Vanelope Von Schweetz help werefrog Wilbur Robinson

Ah! You're a WereDraconequus! and Tirek's got Fluttershy! will you help me, Sweetie Belle?

Sweetie Belle says this to wereDraconequus Discord and says this about lord Tirek got Fluttershy and will Sweetie Belle help wereDraconequus Discord

Ah! You're a WereMonkey! and Bad boon's got MeeMee! will you help me, YanYan?

YanYan says this to Weremonkey AiAi and says this about Dr Bad boon got MeeMee and will YanYan help Weremonkey AiAi

Ah! You're a WereAnt! and Hopper's got Atta! will you help me, Dot?

Dot says this to WereAnt Flik and says this about Hopper got princess Atta and will Dot help WereAnt Flik

Ah! You're a WereCat! and Tai Lung's got Sawyer! will you help me, Marie?

Marie says this to WereCat Danny and says this about Tai Lung and will Marie help WereCat Danny

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Snidely's got Nell! will you help me Penny?

Penny Peterson says this to Werefrog Dudley Do-Right and says this about snidely whiplash got Nell Fenwick and will Penny Peterson help Werefrog Dudley Do-Right

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Hook's got Wendy! will you help me Tinkerbelle?

Tinkerbelle says this to Werefrog Peter pan and says this about Captain Hook got Wendy Darling and will Tinkerbelle help werefrog Peter pan

Ah! You're a WereCat! and Injurin' Joe's got Becky! will you help me, Amy?

Amy Lawrence says this to WereCat Tom Sawyer and says this about Injurin' Joe got Becky and will Amy Lawrence help WereCat Tom Sawyer

Ah!You're a WereDuck! and Negaduck's got morgana! will you help me, Gosalyn?

Gosalyn Mallard says this to WereDuck Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck and says about Negaduck got Morgana Macawber and will Gosalyn Mallard help WereDuck Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck

Ah! You're a WerePikachu! and Mewtwo's got Buneary! will you help me, Jigglypuff?

Jigglypuff says this to WerePikachu Pikachu and says this about Mewtwo got Buneary and will Jigglypuff help WerePikachu Pikachu

Ah! You're a WereTasmanian Tiger! and Boss Cass's got Shazza! will you help me, Betty?

Betty says this to WereTasmanian Tiger Ty and says this about Boss Cass got Shazza and will help Betty help WereTasmanian Tiger Ty

Ah! You're a WerePinkPuff! and King Dedede's got Ribbon! will you help me, ChuChu?

ChuChu says this to Werepinkpuff Kirby and says this about King Dedede got Ribbon and will ChuChu help Werepinkpuff Kirby

Ah! You're a WereFox! and Wolf's got Krystal! will you help me, Fay?

Fay says this to WereFox Fox McCloud and says this about Wolf O'Donnell got Krystal and will Fay help WereFox Fox McCloud

Ah! You're a WereFox! and John's got Marian! will you help me, Tagalong?

Tagalong Rabbit says this to WereFox Robin Hood and says this about prince john got Maid Marian and will Tagalong Rabbit help WereFox Robin Hood

Ah! You're a WereDog! and Carface's got Sasha! will you help me, Moxie?

Moxie says this to WereDog Charlie B. Barkin and says this about Carface Caruthers got Sasha la Fleur and will Moxie help WereDog Charlie B. Barkin

Ah! You're a WereMouse! and Oil Can Harry's got Pearl! will you help me, Giselle?

Giselle says this to WereMouse Mighty Mouse and says this about Oil Can Harry got Pearl Pureheart and will Giselle help WereMouse Mighty mouse

Ah! You're a WereGelfling! and SkekUng's got Kira! will you help me, Deethra?

Deethra says this to WereGelfling Jen and says this about SkekUng got Kira and will Deethra help WereGelfling Jen

Ah! You're a Lego Frog! and Rex's got Lucy! will you help me, Unikitty?

Unikitty says this to Lego Frog Emmet Brickowski and says this about Rex Dangervest got Wyldstyle/Lucy and will Unikitty help Lego Frog Emmet Brickowski

Ah! You're a WereBlueJay! and Ross's got Margaret! will you help me, Eileen?

Eileen says this to WereBlueJay Mordecai and says this about Mr. Ross got Margaret will Eileen help WereBlueJay Mordecai

Ah! You're a WereBear! and Shere Khan's got Rebecca! will you help me, Molly?

Molly Cunningham says this to WereBear Baloo and says this about Shere Khan got Rebecca Cunningham will Molly Cunningham help WereBear Baloo

Ah! You're a WereAngryBird! and Leonard's got Silver! will you help me, Zoe?

Zoe says this WereAngryBird Red and says this about Leonard got Silver will Zoe help WereAngryBird Red

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Mordroc's got Daphne! will you help me, Thumbelina?

Thumbelina says this to Werefrog Dirk the Daring and says this about Mordroc got Princess Daphne will Thumbelina help Werefrog Dirk the Daring

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Borf's got Kimberly! will you help me, Crysta?

Crysta says this to Werefrog Ace/Dexter and says this about Borf got Kimberly will Crysta help Werefrog Ace/Dexter

Ah! You're a WereChipmunk! and Fat Cat's got Gadget! will you help me, FoxGlove?

FoxGlove says this to WereChipmunk Chip and says about Fat Cat got Gadget Hackwrench will FoxGlove help WereChipmunk Chip

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Jafar's got Jasmine! will you help me, Snow White?

Snow White says this to Werefrog Aladdin and says about Jafar got Jasmine will Snow White help Werefrog Aladdin

Ah! You're a Humanoid Frog! and Bison's got Chun Li! will you help me, Sakura?

Sakura says this to Humanoid Frog Ryu and says about Bison got Chun Li will Sakura help Humanoid Frog Ryu

Ah! You're a WereWolf! and Naraku's got Kagome! will you help me, Rin?

Rin says this to WereWolf InuYasha and says about Naraku got Kagome Higurashi will Rin help WereWolf InuYasha

Ah! You're a Werefrog! and Porky's got Paula! will you help me, Ana?

Ana says this to Werefrog Ness and Porky Minch got Paula will Ana help Werefrog Ness

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