Akima Kunimoto

Akima is the deuteragonist in Don Bluth's 2000 film Titan A.E..

Akima played Prissy (The Elephant with the Green Headwear) in Cody (Dumbo)

She is an elephant

Akima played Terk in Allazan

She is a young gorilla

Akima played Esmeralda in The Hunchback of New York City

She is a gypsy

Akima played Fortune Teller Robin Hood in Dimitri Hood

She is a fortune teller

Akima played Jasmine in Caleladdin, Caleladdin 2: The Return of Lord Farquaad and Caleladdin 3: The King of Thieves

She is a princess

Akima played Madame Adelaide Bonfamille in The Aristobugs

Akima played Ariel in The Little Space Woman

She is a mermaid

Akima played Amelia Gabble in The AristoHumans (Bruce Hogan Style)

She is a goose

Akima played Jessie in Cartoon Story 2 (Austin A) Style and Cartoon Story 3 (Austin A) Style

She is an Cowgirl Doll

Akima played Nala in The Space Prince King and The Space Human King

She is a lioness

Akima Played Belle In Beauty and The Rooster

She Is a girl

Akima will play Captain Amelia in an upcoming Treasure Planet parody

Akima will play Karen Pomeroy in an upcoming Donnie Darko parody


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