Aladdin White and the Seven Girls part 25: Aladdin's Death and Funeral

(Just as The Joker leaves the cottage, he sees the girls and animals heading this way. Realizing that they're on to him, he runs off in a hurry. There is a sudden storm brewing as Helga sees The Joker run off into the forest.)

  • Helga: There he goes!

(Led by Helga, the girls and animals chase after The Joker. The hyenas follow them in hopes of finding food. The Joker is running for his life, getting tangled in vines for a bit until he starts climbing up to the mountain. The girls dismount from the animals and begin to go after him.)

  • Helga: After him!

(Helga followed by Eliza, Margo, Wednesday, Dorothy, Cecilia and Boo climb up the mountain after The Joker. The Joker looks down and sees the girls advancing on him with angry faces and clubs and starts climbing higher and higher with the girls in pursuit. When he reaches the top, he realizes he is on a high ledge and can't escape.)

  • The Joker: No! I'm trapped! What'll I do? The meddling little brats! (Shenzi and Banzai sit on a cliff waiting for someone to die. As the girls start climbing nearer and nearer, The Joker starts using a giant stick to loosen a giant boulder on them.)
  • The Joker: I'll fix ya. I'll fix ya. I'll fix ya! I'll crush your bones!

(Helga immediately sees the danger above and yells to the other girls.)

  • Helga: Look out!
  • Joker:

(The Joker lets out an evil laugh and leans on his back as he prepares to drop the boulder on them. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning suddenly shatters the ledge where The Joker is and he lets out a bloodcurdling scream as he falls to his death. Shenzi and Banzai look over with delight as they finally have a dead body to eat while the Seven Girls look on with fright and shock as The Joker/Jafar is finally dead.)

{dissolves to:}

(Back at the cottage, Aladdin, who has fallen victim to the Sleeping Death, lies on his death bed while Helga, Boo, Eliza, Cecilia, Margo, Dorothy, and Wednesday weep and mourn for their fallen street rat. Abu and the other animals are outside, mourning.)

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