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Alba is a young kitten girl who is Pip’s best friend.


Alba is creative as she enjoys art and photography, carrying her art materials and camera in her backpack at all times. Along with Pip, she is a Sea Sprite Explorer and loves to learn facts about life by the sea and the creatures that live there.

Alba has a very happy personality and is cheerful, kindhearted, and caring. She makes for a good adventure partner and overall good best friend of Pip's as he never adventures without her and is often assisted by her in times of need. Alba is also easy to get along with as she and Pip are able to get along greatly with each other as well as her showing kindness towards him and others.


  • Alba has a plush monkey who peeks out of the top of her backpack.
  • At some angles, Alba looks to be taller than Pip and vice versa. Really though, she and Pip are the same height.