Aldrin Klordane is Fat Cat''s Owner and Leader of The Human Gang

He Played Dr Octavius Brine In The Animals of Madagascar (Chris1701 Style)

He is Dave's Disguise

He Played Maganacat (Human) In Animal Allergy

He Played Cat R. Waul In An Rodent Tall:2 Dale Goes West

He Played James In Pokemon (1701Movies Human Style)

He Played Moe In An American Tail (DinosaurKingRockz Style)

He Played Himself In Tom and Jaune Tom The Rescue Rangers

He Played Jenner In The Secret of NIMH (Ooglyeye Style)

He Played Sa In 'Ronladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He Played Simba's Evil Uncle In The Spy King

He Played Zircona In Sailor Kim

He Played In Dinosaur King (398Movies Human Style)

He Played Ian Hawke In Basil and The Mic

He Played Shere Khan In TaleSpin (4000Movies Style)

He Played Bellyache In Timon and The Mammals (1983)

He Played Yu In Kimlan

He Played Anibus In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (Chris2015 Style)

He Played Super Monologuing In The Incredibles (Chris1702 Human Style)

He Played Loki In Son of the Mask (1701Movies Style) Ron (Thor) and The Avengers (1701Movies Style)

He Played The Jumanji Hunter In Jumanju (Oogleye Style) and Kids' WB (Ooglyeye Style) Promo - Jumanji The Game

he is a Evil Hunter

He Played J Q Irontail In Here Comes Ron Stoppable

Voice Actors:

  1. Alan Oppenheimer - English



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