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Alejandro is the primary antagonist in Total Drama World Tour.

Alejandro arrived.png

Alejandro played Kocoum in Gwenahontas

He is an Indian

Alejandro played Prince Charming in Yogi (Shrek)

He is a prince

Alejandro played Invader Zim in Invader Alejandro

He is an alien

Alejandro played Gaston in Beauty and the Charizard

He is a Bad Prince

Alejandro played The Duke of Weselton in Frozen (160 Movies Style)

Alejandro played Banzai in The Medieval King

He is a hyena

Alejandro Played Rourke In Atlantis (TheFoxPrince Style) The Lost Empire

He is a

Alejandro played Genie Jafar in Gobyladdin

Alejandro Played In Star Wars (Disney and Crest Animation Studio Style)

He is Sith Lord

Alejandro Played Shan-Yu In Tuptimlan

He is Hun Warold

Alejandro Played Khan In Star Trek The Original Series (160Movies Style)

Alejandro Played Wiggins in KootiePiehontas Remake (Silver Fang Productions Style)

He it is a Settler

Alejandro Played One of Razoul.s guard In Anarioladdin