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Aleu is Balto and Jenna's Daughter in Balto II: Wolf Quest.

Aleu plays Song in Kung Fu Wolf: Legends Of Awesomeness

She is a dancing leopardess

Aleu plays Laura Carrot in FunnyTales and FunnyTales in the Wild, alongside Adult Kiara.

She is a young carrot and the best friend of Junior Asparagus.

Aleu plays Ahsoka Tano in Animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars

She is a Jedi padawan

Aleu plays Mrs. Jumbo in Gurgi (Dumbo)

Aleu plays Violet Parr in The Incredidogs

She is a superhero

Aleu plays Melody in The Little Mer-Husky II: Return To The Sea

She is a princess

Aleu plays Kiara in the The Wolf-Dog King II: Balto's Pack

She is a lioness

Aleu Plays Lin Biefong In The Legend of Princess

She is an Earthbender

Aleu Plays Marie In The Aristowolves

She is a kitten

Aleu plays Grace in Home On The Tundra

She is a cow.

Aleu Plays In Aleulina

Aleu Plays Alice Liddell In Aleu in Wonderland

This is one of the more experimental parody ideas that came about here.  In this parody, Aleu (with Balto as a cameo) falls down the rabbit hole into the madcap world of Wonderland.  While most speculate her casting of the role to be because she's a girl, the decision was made due to several similar personality traits and scenes from her original film.

Aleu Plays Shira In Forest Age 4: Continental Drift

She is a Sabertooth.

Aleu Plays Elsa In Frozen (PrinceBalto Style 2)

She is a Snow queen.

Aleu Plays Queen Gnorga in A Evil Wolf in Central Park

Aleu Plays Nakoma in Dustyhontas

Aleu appears in Dustyrella, Dustyrella 2: Dreams Come True, and Dustyrella 3:A Twist In Time

Aleu Plays Grace Farrell in Hello Kitty

She is a Serectary

Aleu plays Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Dynamite's Cinematic Universe

She is a heroine.


  • In Basilto II: Mice Quests Played By Tanya Mousekewitz
  • In Ericto 2 Played By Melody
  • In Hiccupto II: Viking Quest Played By Merida
  • In Diegoto II: Saber Quest Played By Fox (Skunk Fu)


In Balto

  • Father - Balto
  • Mother - Jenna
  • Brother - Kodi
  • Sister-In-Law - Dusty

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