Leo June Quincy and Annie's hot-air balloon has a big hole in it.

Characters Presenting On Sticky Tape

  • Alex Russo
  • Chip and Dale
  • Smurfwillow
  • Papa Smurf
  • Emmy Max and Enrique
  • Hades
  • Leo June Quincy and Annie
  • Kai-Lan Hoho Wubbzy and Daizy
  • Goldie Locks Robin Locks and Marina Locks


Alex Chip and Dale sees Leo June Quincy and Annie riding their hot air balloon and shouting that they needs sticky tape to fix the hole in their balloon. So, Alex Chip and Dale get some sticky tape out of Alex's smurfwillow and they started racing after Leo June Quincy and Annie's balloon

Places In Episode

  1. Windy River
  2. Slippery Rock
  3. Crocodile Lake


  • This is the first episode where Alex is seen without her smurfwillow.
  • This is one of two episodes where Alex explains her favorite part before Chip and Dale explains their favorite part. This also happened on "Call Me Mr Riddles".
  • This is the third episode in a row they had to find Hades at the end of the episode.
  • Carrie Cavewoman, Calvin Caveman, Jungle Jings, and Jungle Jangs does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode had two bodies of water. (A river and a lake)
  • This is the first of two episodes to be released on videocassette.
  • This is the 14th episode of the show.
  • This is the only episode to feature Crocodile Lake as the destination.
  • Just like with "Hic Boom Ohhh", Alex Chip and Dale do not ask the question "where are we going". Instead, they ask the question "what do we need".
  • This was later adapted into a sticker book at the Disneystyle8 website.


  • During part of the Travel Song for a second time, Smurfwillow's strap was purple and did not have any sticky tape mended on it, because they recycled the animation and forgot to make it have sticky tape.


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