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Alex vs. the World (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World; 2010) Poster.jpg

PeanutsRockz and Alex&Addie's Channel's Movie-Spoof of Universal Pictures's 2010 Romantic Comedy Action Movie Film "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World".


  • Scott Pilgrim - Alex (The Emoji Movie)
  • Ramona Flowers - Addie McAllister (The Emoji Movie)
  • Wallace Wells - Eggs (The Boxtrolls)
  • Gordon Gideon Graves - Mr. Chairman (Looney Tunes: Back In Action)
  • Matthew Patel - Agent James Suggs (Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip)
  • Lucas Lee - Marluxia (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)
  • Kim Pine - Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)
  • Todd Ingram - Black Shadow (F-Zero GX)
  • Stephen Stills - The Luminary (Dragon Quest)
  • "Young" Neil Nordegraf - Chris Thorndyke (Sonic X)
  • Knives Chau - Princess Sofia (Sofia the First)
  • Stacey Pilgrim - Cora (Astro Boy)
  • Envy Adams - Andrea Davenport (The Ghost and Molly McGee)
  • Roxanne Richter - Gwen Grande (Polly Pocket (2018))
  • Kyle and Ken Katayanagi - Doktor Frogg and Red Menace (League of Super Evil)
  • Nega Scott - Dark Pit (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • Lynette Guycott - Frieda (Happily N'Ever After)