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Alexis the Giraffe is a guest who hails from central Africa, and appears in the fifteenth episode of The Animal Show. She tells Stinky and Jake about giraffes and how they eat the bad leaves off the trees in order for the trees to grow new leaves.


  • "Hello down there. Oh, look. A tree. So nice of you to make dinner."
  • "Alright, Stinky. I won't even nibble."
  • "Eat the trees? Oh, Stinky, we wouldn't do that. We eat just enough trees to survive."
  • "We giraffes have all different ways to nibble at trees. There's the lean-down approach, like this, perfect for trimming the tops of those short bushes."
  • "Giraffes eat back the old growth on trees, so that the tree can grow new stronger branches and leaves."
  • "Right. Giraffes don't destroy trees. Trees provide the food we need to survive."
  • "Here's something you don't see very often. They're going to see which giraffe is stronger. And to do that, they have a contest we giraffes called necking. See? They get themselves all positioned. Then, they link their legs and brace themselves like that."
  • "Two giraffes can do this for a long while. Usually, it's just very playful, but there are times where it can get a little rough. They have to be careful or someone could get hurt."
  • "And I'll say hello to your relatives in Africa, Mr. Tree."

Voice Actress

  • Karen Prell


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