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Alice in Lalaloopsyland is perhaps the most wondrous and imaginative resident of Lalaloopsy Land! She's a curious daydreamer, who loves to explore. Her favorite things are tea parties, playing croquet and painting the roses red.

About Alice


Alice is a fair skinned doll with soft pink cheeks and black eyes. She has long blonde hair worn in pigtails tied with black bows on each pigtail and her bangs are a straight cut.

She has a white and blue striped blouse with a sky blue skirt. On top is a small blue and white apron with the card suits printed on it: A red heart, black club, red diamond, and black spade. She also has black and white striped tights, white tube socks, and black Mary Jane shoes with blue bows on the top.


Her rabbit is white with black eyes and very thin black whiskers. Its nose is shaped like a heart. Cheeks and inner ear coloring are pastel pink. It wears a white ruffled collar and has a red heart-shaped patch on its chest.


Alice spends most of her time at a secluded picnic spot enclosed by many tall green trees. Red and yellow paper lanterns are strung from tree limb to limb. The grass is cut and sectioned into a checkerboard pattern, very reminiscent of chess. The scenery is decorated in a deck of white playing cards with red hearts, a tall pole with an old fashion clock, and a pair of peculiar pink flamingos. A long wooden table with brass knobs at the end of its legs holds Alice's large white porcelain tea pot. The table is covered by a patterned tablecloth and brass candelabra. All of these lovely furnishings make this fantasy location an idea spot for a spectacular tea party.


  • June 12th is National Red Rose Day.
  • She was featured in the 2013 Lalaloopsy commercial which showcased the newest generation of Lalaloopsy characters
  • She is based off of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Her mini is the only one with a big bow in her hair.
  • Her dress is different than her mini.


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