TheCartoonMan12's Musical Spoof Of Dora No More

She Fell Into The Quicksand

and Now She Is No More

She Tangled With A Lion Cub

Now She's Nothing More Than Gore

Her Parachute Didn't Open

She Plumbed To The Ground,Though she thought that she would soar

She Played With Matches

She Was Overcome By Smoke,When she failed to reach the door

She Fell Into The River

and She Never Reached The Shore

She Drank Some Poision

She Lies There On The Floor

She Was Reading and Walking

Broke Her Skull On A Stone,Didn't look where she was goin'

She Was Eating and Talking

She Choked On A Bone Now She Never Leaves Her Home

Crossed A Rotted Rope Bridge

and Fell Into A Gorge

Stuck Her Finger In An Outlet

and Was Grounded Ever More

She Swung On A Vine

The Crocodiles Beneath Her Upon Alisa Did Dine

She Played In The Rain

A Bolt Of Lightning Found Her Out And Laid Poor Alisa Low

She Fell Into A Volcano

And She Sank Into A Core

She Went Into A Jaguar's Den

And Came Out Nevermore

The Desert Was Wide

She Ran Out Of Water The Vultures Found Her Hide

She Sat On A Scorpion

The Venom Dropped Her Swiftly and Alisa's Mouth Did Foam

Though She Tried To Get Away And Jumped

She Was Gored

She Walked On Train Tracks

Never Guessed What Was In Store

She Played With Some Snakes

Red Next To Yellow What Was It She Wasnt Sure

To Rescue A Puppy

She Ran Into Traffic And So Entered Into Lore

Put Her Hand In A Strange Hole

And Found What Is Was For

Attended The World Cup

And Was Trampled By Four Score

She Ran With Scissors

Need I Say More

Ought Have To Be More Careful When She Went Out To Explore

Oh Alisa

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