All Todays Bat

A possible restoration of a bat.

Bats are an extinct group of mammals that lived throughout the world except Antarctica during the Holocene. They were most likely insectivorous and fed many on beetles, grubs, flies, and other small invertebrates. They may have used their long fingers with claws to drill through trees to get the grubs and beetle larvae inside much like an aye-aye, another extinct Holocene animal that may have also had a similar lifestyle. However, as one fossil remains of a bat with fur, wing membranes, and large ears suggests, they may not have not had an aye-aye-like lifestyle as once thought and instead were likely flying furry animals with big ears used for hearing in the dark, suggesting a nocturnal activity, but these features may only be limited to some species, including the one discovered with these traits.
All Todays Bat V2

A restoration of a bat recently discovered by paleontologists.


  • The flying All Todays bat with wing membranes and big ears played as Dimorphodon in Holocene Park Series
  • The flightless All Todays bat with long grasping fingers and no ears played as Oviraptor in Disney's MAMMAL
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