All Todays Megatherium

All Todays Megatherium.png
A possible restoration of a Megatherium.

A Megatherium is an extinct bizarre gigantic semi-biped carnivorous mammal that lived in what is now South America during the Pleistocene and the Holocene. The Megatherium belongs to one of many unusual lineage of mammals that once evolved and inhabited the continent during a period of complete insolation, and that suddenly perished during the Holocene probably for the interchanges from north america and climatic change. This as most of its cousins are characterized by their huge arms that end in a robust hand with very huge claws, the ability to maintain themselves and possibly walk bipedally, and unusual heads with huge nasal openings and the lack of frontal teeth like incisors or canines, for that it is assumed that these could have a type of beak that is believed to be able to develop several ungulates and monotremes, however, this being adapted for a more Carnivora diet. There are few remnants of this animal, including one arm, head, several vertebrae and one hip with the legs. This in scale based of other smaller and more complete specimens have given an estimated size of this monster between 6 to 7 meters long, and reaching a height of almost 4 meters, and a weight of 7 tons, truely one of the largest land mammal predators of all time.


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