Uranimated18 and Ultimateboy13's TV Spoof of "Barney & The Backyard Gang and Barney & Friends" (Barney Home Video).

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The Dinosaurs

Backyard Gang and TV Series

and lots more!

Alvin & The Backyard Gang and Alvin & Friends and other Alvin videos

In order of release date:

  • The Backyard Show
  • Three Wishes
  • A Day at the Beach
  • Waiting for Santa
  • Alvin's Campfire Sing-Along
  • Alvin Goes to School
  • Alvin in Concert
  • Rock with Alvin
  • Alvin's Magical Musical Adventure
  • Love to Read with Alvin
  • Alvin's Imagination Island
  • Alvin Live! In New York City
  • Alvin Songs
  • Alvin Safety
  • Alvin's Talent Show
  • Alvin's Fun & Games
  • Alvin's 1-2-3-4 Seasons
  • Alvin's Once Upon A Time
  • Alvin's Sense-Sational Day
  • Alvin's Musical Scrapbook
  • Alvin's Outdoor Fun aka Alvin's Camp WannaRunnaRound
  • Alvin's Adventure Bus
  • Alvin's Good Day Good Night
  • Alvin's Stu-u-u-u-pendous Puzzle Fun!
  • Alvin It's Time For Counting
  • Alvin In Outer Space
  • Alvin's Big Surprise
  • Alvin's Great Adventure
  • Sing and Dance with Alvin
  • Alvin What a World We Share
  • Walk Around the Block with Alvin
  • Alvin's Let's Play School aka Alvin's ABCs & 123s
  • Alvin's Night Before Christmas
  • More Alvin Songs
  • Alvin's All New Rhyme Time Rhythm
  • Alvin's Super Singing Circus
  • Come On Over To Barney's House
  • Be My Valentine Love Alvin
  • Alvin's Friend Dancing Tunes
  • Alvin's Pajama Party
  • Alvin's Musical Castle Live!
  • Alvin Let's Go To The Zoo
  • Alvin's You Can Be Anything
  • Alvin's Beach Party
  • Alvin's Round and Round We Go
  • Alvin's Christmas Star
  • Alvin Songs From the Park
  • Alvin's Read with Me, Dance with Me
  • Alvin's Best Manners: Your Invitation to Fun!
  • Alvin's Colorful World Live!
  • Alvin Let's Go to the Farm
  • Alvin The Land Of Make-Believe
  • Alvin Can You Sing That Song
  • Alvin Let's Go To The Beach
  • Alvin Let's Make Music
  • Alvin Let's Go to the Firestation
  • Alvin Friend-A-Mite Birthday
  • Alvin Celebrating Around The World
  • Alvin Animal ABC's
  • Alvin Hi I'm Casper
  • Best of Alvin - 20 Years of Sharing, Caring and Imagination
  • Alvin Once Upon A Friend Tales
  • Alvin Top 20 Countdown
  • Alvin Let's Go On Vacation
  • Alvin Jungle Friends
  • Best Fairy Tales
  • Big World Adventure
  • A Very Merry Christmas
  • I Love My Friends List of Alvin & Friends (TV Series) episode by seasons

more coming soon...


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