• H-H-H-H Hit it!
  • Like father, like son
  • You're always number one (Yes!)
  • Best buddies, best pals (Yeah!)
  • You always seem to work things out
  • Can't you see you're two of a kind?
  • Looking for a real good time
  • Real good time
  • (All right!)
  • Report to the Alvin Troop
  • (Alvin Troop)
  • And we'll always stick together
  • (Always stick together)
  • We're the Alvin Troop
  • (Alvin Troop)
  • Best of friends forever
  • Side by side wherever we go
  • We're always ready to roll
  • (Now gimme a beat)
  • We're the Alvin Troop
  • And we always stick together
  • Oh, we're the Alvin Troop
  • Best of friends forever
  • Now we're calling everyone
  • Come along and join the fun!
  • Report to the Alvin Troop!
  • La-doop-a-loo bop boppa doo bop! Yeah!
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