Amane and Yuuji are in love since their first kiss.

And its a Looney tunes parody.        

Yuuji and Amane in Love


Amane: Been Thinking for a while to something I gotta tell you

Yuuji: Eeehh, I'm kinda Busy

Amane: Been Thinking that our love for each other and grown so very strong

Yuuji: Love, Wait

Amane: It's Plain to see were building our worlds together

Yuuji: Uh, Back up for a Minute

Amane I'm Looking in your eyes right now and I can tell you fell the same

Yuuji: You Choking Me

Chorus: We Are In Love

Amane: I'm so in love today

Chorus: We Are In Love

Yuuji: I think I gonna runaway

Chorus: We Are In Love

Yuuji: Did You Tap My Phone Lines

Chorus: We Are In Love

Amane: Yes, I tap your Phone lines

Yuuji: I won't lie your a very pretty lady

Amane: Thank You

Yuuji: But You're Crazy,Crazy,Crazy You make me wanna move to different places

Amane: I'll go with you

Yuuji: You know I was thinking I should get a restraining order

Amane: Those so hard to enforce

Yuuji: Cause, Your car is packed outside my apartment, Every night this week

Amane: your neighbor's sweet

Yuuji: your the reason that I had to keep my shades drawn

Amane: I'll watching you through the chimney

Yuuji: I've installed the alarm system with motions beam detectors

Amane: I had the code

Chorus: We Are In Love

Yuuji: Gimme Just five minutes

Chorus: We Are In Love

Amane: I think I post five minutes

Chorus: We Are In Love

Yuuji: did you just move in with me

Chorus: We Are in love

Amane: Yes I just move in with you

Chorus: We Are in Love

Yuuji: No Were Nooooooooooooot

Amane: that was our first love song

Yuuji: Uuugh



Amane Suou and Yuuji Kazami (We Are In Love) Looney Tunes Parody

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