America's Kids Remember is a ZOOM Speical. It will appear on YouTube

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America's Kids Remember


America's Kids Remember

TV Shows Movies and Video Games used

  • Barney and Friends
  • Yours Mine and Ours
  • Peanuts
  • Wee Sing Together
  • Wee Sing in the Big Rock Candy Mountains
  • Little Bill
  • American Girl
  • Thomas the Tank Engine


  • Aline- Kami (Barney and Friends)
  • Alisa- Marissa (Yours Mine and Ours)
  • Buzz- Charlie Brown (Peanuts)
  • Caroline- Patty Farrell (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movies)
  • Eric- Calvin Cambridge
  • Kaleigh- Lisa (Wee Sing in the Big Rock Candy Mountains)
  • Kenny- Little Bill (Little Bill)
  • Rachel- Ruthie Smithens (American Girl)


This Season is Season 5


  • This is the Only Episode where Kami appears with Marissa, Charlie Brown, Calvin Cambridge, and Little Bill
  • Harry (Full House), Murph, Vada, Harry Potter, and Keiko don't appear in this Speical, but they appear in the Photo after it in


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