TheCartoonMan12's TV Specials of America's Kids Remember by ZOOM


Former Kids Worlds and Kids Worlds return to talk about 9/11 and how they felt and about America


the 70's ZOOMers as the Kids Worlds (ZOOMers)

  • Caroline as Aline
  • Tishy as Alisa
  • Red as Buzz
  • Nina as Caroline
  • Kenny as Eric
  • Maura as Kaleigh
  • David (Season 1 (1972)) as Kenny (1999 TV Series)
  • Lori as Rachel


  • Dust of Sectember
  • If I Could Wish Upon a Star
  • Pass it on


  • This is the Last appearances of Tishy, Red, Kenny, Maura, David, and Lori, since they're speical guests after Tishy being fired in Season 2, Red, Kenny, and David's Retirnement in Season 3, and Maura and Lori leaving in Season 4
  • This Marks the Only Speical with Caroline
  • This is the Only Time Caroline, Tishy, Red, Kenny, and David appear together
  • This also marks the Last Kids World Speical
  • This is the Last time Kids World does Something Speical for it's Viewers
  • This is the only time David wears Glasses
  • Tishy is the Only Season 1 Cast Member to appear in this Speical



Red as Buzz

Nina 1

Nina as Caroline


Maura as Kaleigh


Lori as Rachel

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