List of Completed Spoofs

  1. Mickey Mouse (Shrek)
  2. Ice Age (Amzy Yzma)

Working on:

  1. Toons (Cars)

List of Upcoming Spoofs

  1. Kung Fu Penguin
  2. Ice Age: The Meltdown
  3. Madagascar (Amzy Yzma)
  4. Toon Story (Amzy Yzma)
  5. A Toon's Life
  6. CartoonyTales
  7. Hoodwinked (Amzy Yzma)
  8. The Incredibles (Amzy Yzma)
  9. The Inventor's New Groove
  10. Toons, Inc.
  11. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  12. Toon Story 2 (Amzy Yzma)
  13. The Macaw and The Rooster
  14. Tiago (Dumbo) (Amzy Yzma)
  15. Hotel Transylvania (Amzy Yzma)
  16. Toon Story 3 (Amzy Yzma)
  17. The Rugrats Movie (Amzy Yzma)
  18. The Toon Bully (Amzy Yzma)


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