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Anabella is a character in Doki series.


Anabella is the loving little sister of the group, is the most watched and innocent. Always happy and loving, she tends to daydream and can easily get distracted by anything beautiful or unusual. She is deeply sensitive, and she often expresses how she feels by dancing. Anabella has a free spirit, and is open and adventurous. She is original and humanitarian, but does not shy away from emotional expression.

She enjoys having fun with her friends, helping others, having intellectual conversations and being a listener to the dance shows she likes, but she respects the boundaries of the group, does not like broken promises, does not like to feel lonely and everything to stay bored. The beauty of being with Anabella is in her unpredictable and exciting nature, her vision of the world and her understanding of people. Such a good side that she is on an unpredictable and dependable side, not only because she can be happy every time she meets the group, but because sometimes it is impossible to know how she reacts to anything else that other people do.


She played Ruby (The Land Before Time) in The Land Before Time series (Otto Gameplays13 version)


  • She loves dancing and hates worry.
  • Anabella is afraid of the unknown.